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Home Fashion

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(UPDATED: March 28, 2012)

Since first introducing fashion to my variety of topics, I have talked about all kinds of fashions. Well now, I will introduce a different kind of fashion that many don't usually mention- home fashion. You know- furniture, decorations, and things like that. There are people who think that being stylish also means being stylish at home. Not so much wearing sleeping clothes, but in having stylish pieces of furniture and other furnishings for your home. If you are one who feels this way, then I hope this blog post will be to your liking. This may appeal to you interior design types as well.

"John's Blog Space" (JBS) is dedicated to providing a variety of topics based on topics that will interest many audiences who read the material here. Sometimes, I post material to express a different side of something. It is a journalism tactic to help others understand the full scope of something. I am not completely confident posting this, but I am hopeful you will still find something to enjoy here. Most of what you will see here is mostly a digest of info rather than a seriously detailed blog post.

About the Label: "Home and Garden"

Topics relating to home and garden issues fall under the "Home and Garden" label. They primarily concern decorating homes, rooms, and gardens. I do NOT specialize in home improvement, so don't expect to see many blog posts from me in this department on that topic.

--- Home Fashion at a Glance ---

home fashion
^ from: - Does your love of style even pertain to having a stylish home?

As much as clothes allow us to express ourselves, our own rooms and homes can be an expression of ourselves away from what we wear. We only care about fashion (as in clothes) because the clothes we wear are an expression of ourselves that we readily share with the outside world. However, home furnishings and furniture help express ourselves when at home. Not all of us are so open to expression of our style at home. Many simply don't really care about having stylish homes and rooms. We simply just (first of all) be thankful we have homes and rooms to live in with items to help us live life lovingly. Some who just want to take the home fashion experience further dress up rooms and homes with all sorts of items.

These home fashions and furnishings can range from fashions for your room to fashion for your home. From dorm rooms to actual living spaces, many of us think of items we can use to dress up our homes and rooms. You especially have to think of furniture when moving into a new house. You want your home to be YOUR home by supplying it with various items to help bring life to your home. What if you already have a nice room or home? Maybe you want to buy some furnishings to help dress up your home. Especially for most females, being able to have things like stylish pillows, blankets, and bed sheets (among other things) are enough to fuel one's style. There are also items like lamps, trash bins, and more that also help dress up space as well as serve as functional parts of home.

Therefore, home fashion can be just as stylish and expressive as the fashions we wear. Our rooms and homes can be just as much a reflection of our style as any clothing outfits we wear.

--- Home Fashion in Pictures ---

So what are we talking about? These things. See what a few unique furniture choices and some creative visions can create for rooms and homes:

classy bedroom
^ from: - a classy bedroom.

Because your bedroom is your personal space, why not make it presentable? A nicely-arranged bed, lovely furniture, and some various accents will help make the bedroom a lovely place to call your own.

boy bedroom
^ from: - The little fellow wants a room as cool as he is!

Those into novelty will want their bedroom to be stylish. Give the little guy his cool bedroom! The right furniture and touches will make a boy proud. Whether a boy loves superheroes, cars, dinosaurs, or whatever; a good bedroom a boy can appreciate will make him happy and cheery.

girly bedroom
^ from: - If a man's home is his castle, then a man's daughter would love to be the princess of the castle with a lovely, girly bedroom. At least... for the girly-girl.

Some girls like dressing up their rooms to be girly and fun. Some little girls even enjoy the princess experience and have a princess-worthy room. Teen girls love fun rooms where they can feel happy and free. Girls in college may even like having a girly dorm room with all kinds of fun items and accents. Some such rooms are dressed up with stuff like accent pillows, fun girly designs, and more. Even some quality furniture also plays a role in a girl having a lovely bedroom.

home decor
^ from: - The right decor can make a room come alive.

Whatever the room and whatever the case, the right decor and touches will make any room come alive. How much you are willing to express yourself depends on how much money you plan on spending as well as the scope of your imagination.

More pictures may be added to spice up this post a bit more.

--- Home Fashion: Furniture ---

As much as you love being around the house and being in your house, you need to have some furniture to help dress up your home space and even express yourself a bit. That's especially if you care so much as to find furniture to help make your home lively.

There are many different reasons people buy furniture for their homes. The biggest reason is usually because they want something to make life at home enjoyable. A lot of people look for furniture mostly on necessity. People do not, however, simply look for any sort of run-down items just to add to their home furniture. People want furniture for around the house. They want sofas to relax on watching movies or inviting friends/family over. They want dinner tables that are stylish and functional for when it's dinner time, and they also want stylish chairs to sit in while enjoying dinner. They want dressers to store their clothes in. They want to sleep in stylish beds with comfortable mattresses. So when it comes to living at home, stylish furniture helps make living at home fun and relaxing.

Furniture can be rather expensive, but the price of living happily with great furniture is priceless. For many people, there is no better place for unique furniture than the lovely folks at IKEA. There are also other furniture retailers (at least among national chains) such as Ashley Furniture, Rooms to Go, and the like.

--- Home Fashions: Furnishings and Home Decor ---

What I mean by furnishings and home decor are for various items to dress up your room other than furniture. You may already have a room or a house stocked with furniture. All you need now are some furnishings to help dress up rooms and homes any way you please. This section was not meant to be very detailed. Instead, it's just a digest of data.

Whatever furnishings are provided depend mostly on what you want to express and how you want to express yourself with a nice room. Especially for my female readers, there are some of you who love expressing your home style with fun items to dress up your room. A number of girly girls would enjoy a number of accent pillows to dress up their beds. Equally expressive are a set of bed sheets, blankets, comforters, and more to help make our rooms more stylish while also helping us live happily at home. Here are a few examples of furnishings (more pictures may be added to enhance the explanation of what I am trying to discuss):

Accent Pillows.

accent pillows
^ from: - Accent pillows on a bed.

A quick way to dress up a sofa or a bed is to have accent pillows. These simply add some flair to a sofa or bed. Many of these accent pillows can range from simple designs to more unique novelty designs. They are an effective way to dress up any home space.

Bed Sheets and Others.

More than just to sleep comfortably in, bed sheets and other arrangements (such as blankets and comforters) help supplement some character to your beauty rest. A simple comforter can dress up a bed. If you prefer more interesting designs, then there are some designers that make a variety of fun bedding options to dress up your otherwise boring bed.


A good way to dress up a room is to go with some quality flooring. Whether going with carpet or with wood, it all has to come together to make a lovely impact on a room. One of the most popular kinds of rugs are usually Persian rugs. Those who opt for wood floors either have hardwood floors or even some sort of wood installed.


A table can be dressed up with any number of items, ranging from table cloths to various other touches. Some table cloths are suited for certain holidays. Lots of tableware can be stylish to compliment dinner tables.


The kitchen doesn't have to be boring. If you choose to dress it up and add your own style, then many different options are available to you. Some things to dress up a kitchen include knife blocks, oven mitts, wine racks, mugs, and more.


For many people, style should even pertain to the bathroom. That even pertains to that huge soda you drank at the movies or those chicken quesadillas that gave your stomach quite the sickening sensation. At least your bathroom can be stylish with the right sort of accessories to dress it up.

Other Decorations.

There are also other ways to dress up homes- vases, stand-up lamps, creative trash cans, and things like that to dress up homes and rooms. It all depends on how much you want to add some more style to your home or room(s).

Furnishings can be just as expressive as furniture or as any clothes we wear. How will YOU make your style statement for your house?

--- Furniture and Home Decor Shopping ---

Don't know how to get started with dressing up rooms or your home? Here are a number of links you can visit so you can order furniture or other home furnishings. Feel free to have a look around as my thanks to you for reading this blog post.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not paid or endorsed in any way in describing any of these locations the way I will.

The premier Scandinavian retailer of unique furniture is IKEA. IKEA is one of the most well-respected and most unique retailers of furniture. The furniture offered by them are very unique and stylish. You can find something a bit out of the ordinary when you see items offered from IKEA stores.

Rooms to Go and Rooms to Go Kids
Rooms to Go has entire room packages offered to dress up a room. Rooms to Go Kids offers the same unique experience, but with options to jazz up rooms for children.

Ashley Furniture
A national (American) chain offering affordable and stylish furniture for various options for home and office.

The Dump
The Dump is a national chain specializing in offering beautiful furniture and furnishings marked ridiculously low. Open only on weekends (Friday through Sunday), The Dump is able to stock some of the loveliest furniture from major designers and retailers and offer them for much cheaper.

LoveSac Alternative Furniture
Alternative and contemporary furniture and furnishing options are offered by LoveSac. Get comfy with these wonderful home fashions.

Z-Line Designs
If you are a racing fan, you might have been introduced to Z-Line Designs. This company specializes in uniquely-designed furniture. See their lovely designs for home and office and even meet the Z-Line Designs racing team.

Tommy Bahama (Home Decor link)
Tommy Bahama furniture is offered with the link above. Everything is all beach-inspired and beautiful.

Saks Fifth Avenue (Home and Gourmet link)
Too good to shop at regular stores, moneybags? Well, try Saks Fifth Avenue for some super high-end items to dress up your home. This takes you to their Home and Gourmet link.

Bernadette Livingston
Bernadette Livingston Furniture specializes in high-end luxury furniture. Have you the money, some incredibly unique home fashions can be had. Be sure you got the money to pay for these exquisite furniture pieces. They don't come cheap!

--- National Chains Offering Furniture and Furnishings ---
Walmart (or Wal-Mart) (Furniture link)
Furniture and furnishings offered at Walmart (or Wal-Mart) stores. Many of which, are offered at affordable prices.

JCPenney (Home Store)
JCPenney Home is the separate store devoted to home furnishings ranging from furniture to various furnishing options. Homes and dorm rooms can be adorned with many unique items from JCPenney's Home Store.

Target (Home link)
If you prefer Target's home furniture, make yourself welcome to check out the furniture and furnishings offered at Target stores. Check out the many options to dress up your home and its rooms.

Sears (Furniture link)
Sears offers many different items at many of their stores, and this link takes you to furniture offered by Sears. Furniture options for home and office are offered by Sears.

Big Lots (Furniture link)
Furniture sold at Big Lots stores are sold for much less than even dedicated furniture showrooms. Look around for some stylish home furniture offered for less than most furniture stores and furniture retailers.

In addition to electronics and more, Aaron's allows you to lease furniture. This can be a cost-effective place to visit if you don't want to pay a lot for quality furniture.

Rent-to-own is what Rent-a-Center is all about. Relevant to this blog post, you can rent to own furniture (among other items).

The Mexican-based retailer FAMSA provides many different items, including furniture ("muebles" is "furniture" in Spanish/Español). The material is still in Spanish, but you can choose between FAMSA Mexico and FAMSA USA. The link takes you to FAMSA's main page.

--- Houston/Galveston Area ---
This section is reserved for all of my own Houston/Galveston area readers. I have to service to and connect to my Houston/Galveston-area blog readers, because while I still enjoy a national and international audience, I can't forget about my own people in my own part of the world. So here's to all of you Houston/Galveston area people:

Gallery Furniture
Gallery Furniture is Houston's premier furniture store. It was founded in by Mississippi-born Jim McIngvale, better known as "Mattress Mack," back in 1981. So as of this blog post, Gallery Furniture is celebrating 30 years of existence. who is an avid sports fan and a real staple to the Houston area. Furniture offered from Gallery Furniture are meant to dress up homes and offices. That even includes if you have (or are considering) a home theater setup. Also, many quality mattresses are also offered by Gallery Furniture. See the many options to furnish your home with quality furniture by visiting Gallery Furniture's website. There are two locations in the Houston area for Gallery Furniture- North Freeway and at Post Oak. As an added bonus, Mattress Mack has his own blog... using Blogger/Blogspot! More info on the Gallery Furniture home page.

Finger Furniture
A long-standing furniture store for decades, Finger Furniture. Their main showroom is only minutes away from downtown Houston in Southeastern Houston. I have actually visited that main showroom once. What was very cool was seeing the Houston Sports Museum there where loads of sports memorabilia in Houston and Texas sports are situated in one location within the main Finger Showroom. Besides this, you can find some wonderful fashions spread all about the main showroom's multiple floors.

Star Furniture
I almost completely forgot to mention Star Furniture in this initial blog post. Star Furniture features 10 showrooms across Southeast Texas and Central Texas. There is no shortage to the many lavish and stylish furniture offered at Star Furniture. If looking to dress up a room, this is a great place to look. There are even clearance items that can be had for those looking for stylish furniture on the cheap.

BEL Furniture
With stores across Texas (including here in Houston), BEL Furniture is one of many different furniture retailers in the state. Quality furniture for home and office can be had from BEL Furniture. Check out any of their showrooms or shop online for some of the furniture they offer.

Hilton Furniture and Mattress
With their catchphrase, "That's a Fact, Jack!", Hilton Furniture is one of the most popular furniture stores in the Houston area. They offer both furniture and mattresses to customers who visit their showrooms.

Exclusive Furniture
Homes and offices can be decorated lavishly with some of Exclusive Furniture's many different items. Learn more about Exclusive Furniture by visiting their website.

The Dump (Houston location)
The Dump is a national chain specializing in offering beautiful furniture and furnishings marked ridiculously low. Open only on weekends (Friday through Sunday), The Dump is able to stock some of the loveliest furniture from major designers and retailers and offer them for much cheaper. This link takes you to the Houston location of The Dump and gives you directions to the Houston Dump store.

--- Others ---
Do national chains and specific stores not spur your interest? If you still prefer to shop online, here are some extra links for you to visit to do your furniture or home furnishing shopping:

Furniture on Amazon
Furniture on Amazon. Search for a variety of furniture options to dress up your home, your room(s), or your office. Feel free to look around on Amazon.

Furniture on eBay
If you prefer eBay, the link will take you to showcase furniture offered on eBay. Look for a great variety of home furnishings and furniture to dress up home or the office.

More links may be offered in future edits to better service my audience. I may also consider adding a related blog post on "John's Shop Space" depending on traffic and interest from other readers. JSS is my alternative blog post devoted entirely to offering items based on relevant blog posts you read here on John's Blog Space. If I do create a different post, you will see a graphic for John's Shop Space below. If not, that's all for this blog post.

[~~~ potential "John's Shop Space" blog entry on this topic? ~~~]

Things may change based on this initial blog post.

--- Final Thoughts... ---

Many people into fashion do not think about home fashion. As much as we try to express ourselves and dress ourselves, not many of us think about dressing up our homes with fashions as stylish and as expressive as we are. I am not saying that you should care as much about having a stylish home as you do in looking stylish; I am just presenting all of this to express another side of fashion. Fashion is art. Those who want their personal space to be dressed up as lavishly as the clothes we wear have a variety of options from various companies and specialists. You have to credit designers for coming up with these options to make home more stylish.

How do you feel about home fashion? Do you think home fashion should be highlighted more than with fashion we all wear? Let me know by posting some comments. I may update this post from time to time to ensure further reading pleasure from my audience. Thank you for reading!

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