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Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset

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Logitech's ClearChat USB headset is a headset to consider if you want a USB headset. I got it for Christmas in 2010. The Swiss electronics giant has made some quality products for what I've owned from them. Having said this, is the ClearChat Comfort USB one of those quality products, or is it a disappointing Logitech product? This blog post will let you in on my thoughts on the Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset.

A Blogging Note:

I had initially planned on doing one blog post on multiple Logitech products, including this item I will review; but I have canceled those plans. So enjoy this review of this headset.

--- Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset ---
Here is the ClearChat Comfort USB Headset from Logitech:

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB headset
^ from: - the ClearChat Comfort Headset from Logitech.


This USB headset allows you to enjoy voice chatting, making audio recordings, and even just simply listening to audio on your computer or laptop. The left side of the headset features the microphone portion. Pull it down to be able to speak into the microphone comfortably. The right-hand side features a bunch of controls. If you do not want the microphone to be engaged, you can press a button that disengages the microphone. You will know that the microphone is disengaged if you see a red light shining on the microphone part. There is also a part of the right-hand side that has three different listening settings. The right-hand side also has its own volume control. Press on the top side or the bottom side to adjust the volume. All of this comes with an 8-foot long cable to connect to the PC via a USB port (either 1.1 or 2.0 USB).

Not only is this good for your PC/laptop, you can also engage in voice chatting on other devices. For example, I've played "Test Drive Unlimited 2" on my PlayStation 3 and used my ClearChat Comfort USB headset to engage in voice chat. My voice was projected clearly, and I was able to even intercept a few voice chat sessions while playing. I could clearly hear other players. If you do use this for gaming devices that allow for USB connections, make sure to set up everything to effectively use the headset. In fact, when I saw something online asking whether to go with a Bluetooth headset or a USB headset, the hands-down winner was the use of a USB headset.

It can also be a good headset for those of you who use Skype or any other voice chatting application. So there are a number of different usese for this headset, but it all begins with


Vocal projection is clear and crisp when speaking. A video on YouTube I've one seen said that the ClearChat Comfort USB offers podcast-quality audio. I once considered podcasting. So when hearing that phrase, I was pretty pleased that vocal quality can be THAT crisp.

Overall Review.

Priced between $30 US Dollars and $50 US Dollars at most stores (like Wal-Mart), the ClearChat USB Headset is pretty capable and rather inexpensive to enjoy voice chatting. It is a great way to enjoy voice chatting as well as casually listening to media on your PC. Recording input and output are both solid. I had owned an older USB headset that had only one ear to it. It was great because you could set up the microphone to be on either ear. This one, unfortunately has only left-side microphone output. That's really the only deterrent to this headset. Otherwise, you can not go wrong with this headset if you want to do any voice chatting.

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