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Sony MDR-V150

John Marine | 8/08/2011 12:26:00 AM | |
(UPDATED: April 12, 2012)

Allow me to take some time to recognize a pair of headphones I use and still use. The Sony MDR-V150 model headphones are headphones I have bought and used before (including right now). I've owned about two or three of these total. Should you consider getting these headphones? Before going any further, here is a picture of the headphones I will discuss in this post:

Sony MDR-V150.

Sony MDR-V150
^ from: - The Sony MDR-V150 headphones deliver studio-quality sound for much less than most other headphones.

Now back to the original question- should you (yes, you) consider getting these headphones? The answer I'd give you is... yes! Why? Among other reasons, the sound quality is superb for headphones that cost as much as they do. They cost about $25 US Dollars (give or take) at many stores. Three feet of cord allows you to listen to anything from a good distance. A shielded adapter is included for larger headphone jack ports. The ear cups are reversible, so you can listen to something from just one ear comfortably. Speaking of comfortable, they are comfortable to wear and adjust on the head and on your ears. I can't think of many reasons why you SHOULDN'T get these headphones.

What I love most is that these headphones deliver great sound quality while also being very durable. They deliver amazing sound quality for a pair of headphones that cost about $25 US Dollars or less from Wal-Mart. I've been notorious for messing up headphones back when I was going to my community college. These held their weight pretty well. In my view, why waste money on a super high-end pair of headphones when these do the job just fine for much less?

If you are looking for a pair of headphones, you can plunk down the money for a pair of flashy headphones with cool graphics or hyper-realistic sound quality. Or... you can purchase these fairly inexpensive and durable headphones that will last you at least a year or two. Trust me. Each pair of this model headphones have lasted me at least a year for the two or three I've owned. It is really worth the buy. They may not look flashy or have super impressive sound quality, but these do more than enough to hold themselves up for quite some time.

This is all just a recommendation for you music listeners out there. I hope you enjoyed my quasi-review of the Sony MDR-V150 headphones. Would you like your own pair (if my review has convinced you)? If so, you can find them at just about any electronics store, just about any electronics department of stores, and of course... Amazon. Have a look at these headphones on Amazon to learn more about their specifications and to buy them (I would appreciate your business if you buy from Amazon):

^ Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Cups.

Again, I would appreciate it if you loved my review and want to buy these. I don't know if my blog posts mean anything to you if you don't comment back after reading. So PLEASE let me know if my posts mean anything to you. If my presence online means anything to you, please Follow and/or subscribe to my blog(s), "Like" me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter... just show me you care in a way you are most comfortable doing so. That's all I ask. Just show me you care. Make my day just 0.01% better so I can live happier each day. Thank you for reading!

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