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Issues Regarding MTV's "My Super Sweet 16"

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Sometimes, sixteen ain't so sweet. Anyone who's seen this MTV series know what this is all about- social status, turning a new leaf, and more boastfully... being spoiled... and arguing. This blog entry focuses more about some of the issues and themes of people featured in these episodes rather than retrospective on the series itself.

--- "My Super Sweet 16" Synopsis ---

^ from: - My Super Sweet 16- both a reality TV series and a reality check.

There are understandably people who cannot stand MTV programming. In case you don't know what this series was about, let me provide you a synopsis of this series.

The series mostly features girls in their mid or late teen years of (usually) rich families having these lavish birthday parties for their little birthday girl (or boy). The majority of teens featured are usually very spoiled and have an attitude of "gimme, gimme, gimme!" There are some issues that tend to deter the progress of a party going great. In some episodes, I can remember a girl's credit card being canceled, some girls needing to make good grades just to have a party, and things like that. It's all about the birthday boys/girls, but the parents are playing a serious role in making sure the kids have their heads straight. The parties themselves have this kind of theme: plan a party, type of party, bring in a musical guest, high-dollar birthday gift. Those music guests are usually big-name artists and groups. They vary from pop stars, hip-hop stars, even some rock groups. The only one I can readily remember are Bow Wow, Lucas Prata, and that's about it (maybe Texas' own Ciara as well).

So that's this show in its most basic sense.

--- The Issues of "My Super Sweet 16" ---

^ from: - "It's MY party, and I'll _____ if I want to!"

This section focuses on all of the various issues from episodes I've seen of "My Super Sweet 16." All areas come with my own commentary. So let's go!


^ from: - "I get what I want because I'm so blessed and special! Don't be jealous!"

I'm not going to admit to being spoiled, but some of the ones that are on this show are treated almost like royalty. A great majority of the (especially females on the show) are basically spoiled. And for them, it's nothing because they love having things their way even if hissy fits are thrown.

I Get What I Want!
One episode of "My Super Sweet 16" featured one teen girl getting a [2006 or 2007] Lexus SC430 (a $67K USD car!), and turned it down. Spending $67K USD for a new car as a present would warrant happiness and devotion for most people. Sadly, an expensive Lexus wasn't good enough for this girl. What if she got a Bugatti Veyron? Would she turn THAT down too, even if it was painted pink?

I'm the Princess!/Prince!
Princes and princesses are associated mostly with royalty. They are associated with importance and power. You are not a true prince or princess unless born into a royal family. It's okay to be seen like a prince or princess, but you are still a human, and you still have to provide for your family and yourself. You still play an important role in this world.

Grown Too Fast?
Sweet Sixteen is usually seen as that transition from being a young girl to a maturing woman. Some such parties, however, features acts and themes that make someone feel they are much older than their young age implies. You're grown... just not THAT grown. At least, not yet.

--- The Issues of "My Super Sweet 16" in Videos ---
Here is a video reaction from a bloke named Charlie Brooker about this series (WARNING: bad language!):

--- From Sweet Sixteen to Sweet Reality Check ---
Once, MTV aired a series called "Exiled" in which some of the most memorable "My Super Sweet 16" princes and princesses had to learn tough lessons in love and in being responsible and respectful people by going to places around the world. These weren't glamourous cities. In fact, many of them are places devoid of any kind of glamourous cities or areas. One teen girl named Sierra was sent to Vanuatu, one girl had to go up to Norway, one boy went to Morocco... all in a lesson of learning responsibility and working for status. Some of the people these teens met were other teens. So in essence, it was a learning experience as well as a crash course with reality.

"My Super Sweet 16" was still a show I watched often. Trouble is, I really tend to feel for the parents more than their children. I admit I've been spoiled, but I never take advantage of it or feel entirely blessed. There will come a point where I'll have to fend for myself. There's still a number of things I can't do- cook, drive a car (even at my old age), pay bills, dress properly, conduct myself in an objectionable way. I'd feel crushed and on my lonesome. If I can feel this way at my current age of 27 (as of the date of this blog post), I can only imagine how teens at least ten years younger than me feel. "My Super Sweet 16," if anything, is a mere reality check that there are some who parents see their children as royalty, and then those who are BASICALLY royalty. So much so that they don't really do chores or do any kind of dirty work to show some character and hardness.

That was my blog entry concerning certain issues involving "My Super Sweet 16." How do you feel about these issues? PLEASE comment!
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