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Grid Girls

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(UPDATED: July 29, 2012)

No matter what they are called in any motorsport, grid girls are the ladies who walk the race track. They are living billboards and advertisements of the teams and sponsors they represent. They promote the team and even help to provide am umbrella to put over the head of drivers/riders when on the grid. These are the beautiful ladies that provide a sweet distraction from the actual race. They are referred to as many things depending on the motorsport or motorsport culture- grid girls, paddock girls, umbrella girls, F1 babes, race queens... the list goes on and on. Regardless, they are the beautiful ladies who heat up the action even before and after the race. They can be on the front stretch, in the paddock, perched on cars, and places like that. My personal favorite grid girls are the Japanese Race Queens you'd normally see in various Japanese racing series. I couldn't find a general name to use for this blog entry, so I just called it "Grid Girls." Hope you like this blog entry!

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JUN 29 2012 - made some edits

--- Grid Girls in General ---

Grid girls promote a variety of things, ranging from the race itself, the series, sponsors, and race teams. Many of them can be found on the grid with their umbrellas over a race car or bike. The umbrella is obviously to help shield the driver from sun rays or maybe some rain. Teams usually have laptops or something to share data with drivers/riders, and so the umbrella helps the driver/rider see better while on the grid. In addition to races themselves, grid girls can also be found at automotive conventions and other events.

Most grid girls are of adolescent age to about maybe 30. Many of them go on to other aspirations after being a grid girl, like acting, modeling, school/college, and things like that. Some grid girls are even girlfriends, wives, or whatever with certain riders or team personnel.

--- Grid Girls: Outfit Focus ---

Grid girls are usually scantily clad, mostly wearing short shorts, bikinis, and things like that. They are meant to be eye-catching and beautiful, just like cheerleaders.

Tops (and One-Piece Outfits) Worn by Grid Girls.

Most grid girls usually wear belly-baring tops or even some bikini tops. Some grid girls even wear dresses as their outfits. Jackets and boleros are also worn by some grid girls. Some grid girls wear these one-piece outfits, somewhat like a bodysuit or a one-piece swimsuit. Jumpsuits are also worn. Tank tops are also common grid girl wardrobe. You may even see catsuits worn by grid girls. So there are lots of tops worn by grid girls... including the most basic top- a T-shirt.

Bottoms Worn by Grid Girls.

The kinds of bottoms worn by grid girls vary. Seeing girl girls in mini skirts is nothing uncommon. A lot of grid girls wear boyshorts or even bikini bottoms. Some of the skirts are mostly like tennis skirts, in which you have this flirty mini skirt with attached shorts or briefs underneath. On a few occasions, you may even see grid girls wearing pants. Some may even wear chaps.

Footwear Worn by Grid Girls.

The most common kinds of footwear are usually boots. However, you do see some grid girls wearing pumps, sandals, and even sneakers. A lot of Japan's grid girls wear platform sneakers, sandals, pumps, and boots. Knee-high boots are usually common, but you do sometimes see boots that go up to mid-calf.

Accessories Worn by Grid Girls.

Many grid girls wear certain items as part of their overall outfit. A few items can include arm braces, chokers, fishnet stockings and tights, hats, umbrellas, and more. There are also flared leg warmers which serve as stylish boot covers. Especially with some of Japan's lovely grid girls and the ever-famous Race Queens, you'll see a girl in a mini skirt paired with some flared legwarmer pants as part of her look. There may also be some special earrings to go with the outfit.

The next section features examples of the kinds of clothing discussed in this section.

--- Grid Girls in Pictures ---

I cannot find a proper name for these models. What you're going to see are various pictures from around the Internet featuring all kinds of grid girls, paddock girls, umbrella girls, and the like. This section features certain famous grid girl models in various motorsports.

The Hawaiian Tropic Girls.

Hawaiian tropic girls
^ from: - the Hawaiian Tropic girls. They are usually dressed in red cropped tops, red bikini bottoms (or white short-shorts) and white sneakers.

Maybe the most famous of grid girls are the Hawaiian Tropic models. Since Hawaiian Tropic girls walked the grid starting at the 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Hawaiian Tropic girls have probably been some of the most famous groups of grid girls for a race or racing series. These girls wear red tops, red bikini bottoms, and white (or mostly white) athletic-type sneakers. The tops have the Hawaiian Tropic logo at the front. The bikini bottoms have the Hawaiian Tropic logo on the rear side. Alternatively, instead of bikini bottoms, they sometimes wear red short-shorts or white short-shorts with red fanny packs. Instead of bikini tops, they sometimes wear cropped red T-shirts bearing the Hawaiian Tropic logo.

F1 Babes.

Toyota F1 girls
^ from: - the F1 babes for the underachieving Toyota F1 team.

Before and after the madness of a Formula One race, you have the F1 babes. These are the ladies who rev up the action in an F1 race before the real race happens. Or for most who think F1 is boring, most feel that they'd rather watch the F1 babes than see (in the minds of F1 haters) follow-the-leader racing.

British Superbike Babe.

British superbike girl
^ from: - This is a grid girl in British Superbike. Note the tight-fitting cropped top as part of this lady's outfit.

Japan's Race Queens.

Japanese race queens
^ from: - Japanese race queens can be just as popular and well-loved as the racing series they are spotted in!

I honestly couldn't find any better pictures to use. Race Queens are often times more popular than the racing teams and drivers themselves! These ladies wear a variety of different outfits to promote their teams and sponsors. And as I mentioned earlier, Japan's Race Queens are my personal favorite grid girls.

--- Grid Girls in Videos ---

Time to rely on YouTube to show you grid girls in action. Because I love Japanese Race Queens the most, get ready to see Race Queens first before various other grid girls.

^ I'm doing my male blog readers a great favor by featuring these super-kawaii Japanese race queens. I don't have any favorites... I love them all! And that's even if I'm terrible with Japanese! :D Japanese girls waving and making peace signs are always cute.

^ This is Tomomi Okada, sporting a one-piece swimsuit. The high sides of these swimsuit-like garments are very popular with fans of Race Queens.

^ I tried to find a video that isn't a slideshow. This is a good video featuring F1's ladies. Because, let's face it... the only thing hotter than an F1 car are the babes who are on the grid and in the paddock! Lot of booty in this video. :)

^ These are the Hawaiian Tropic girls as they were at the 2008 24 Hours of Le Mans. Maybe some of the most popular grid girls of any motorsport.

^ This is a video collection of many umbrella girls.

--- Some Grid Girls, Paddock Girls, Race Queens, etc. ---

I only know of a few grid girls, mostly Race Queens of Japan. I'll name a few that I've heard of before.

Yuki Nishino.

Yuki Nishino
^ from: - Yuki Nishino was a Race Queen I first loved as part of the Denso Sard JGTC (now Super GT) team. She wore the red and white colors of Denso beautifully.

Mayumi Dietrich.

^ from: (best picture I could find) - the beautiful Mayumi (picture taken in 2005). Now, the Osaka, Japan native is no longer a model or race queen.

No longer a grid girl, Mayumi first caught my eye when seeing pictures of GT Live! from the (then) JGTC All-Star Race at California Superspeedway (now Auto Club Speedway). The native of Osaka, Japan is one of the most beautiful grid girls/models from Japan. She caught my eye even more with regular appearances in "Street Fury" during one season of G4 TV's televised version of "Street Fury." I really wish her the best life has to offer away from modeling.

More about this beauty can be read here: "IGN Babes Interview: Mayumi" -

--- Other Race Queens ---
Here are just a lot more that I've heard of and/or seen in pictures. No pictures are available for the names I'll pass out in this area. I'm deeply sorry if you were expecting to see some pictures of the names below (you can always look around elsewhere online!):

Toshimi Horiguchi.

Toshimi Horiguchi
^ from: - Toshimi Horiguchi for YeLLOW CORN.

Ayumi Nishikawa.

Ayumi Nishikawa
^ from: - Ayumi Nishikawa, but not in a racing suit (because I couldn't find a decent Race Queen picture to use).

Aya Danbara.

Aya Danbara
^ from: - Aya Danbara (left) for WOODONE.

Ayumi Tabata.

Ayumi Tabata
^ from: - Ayumi Tabata for Privée. Flash Gallery of Ayumi Tabata

Hatsuno Sugaya.

^ from: - Hatsuno Sugaya.

Misaki Ohara.

A former race queen who is also a graphics designer. This is all I could find on her: "IGN Babes Interview: Misaki Ohara" -

Nicole, Cute Grid Girl.

Nicole Haboush is one brutally honest grid girl- she's a cute grid girl! In fact, she's the Cute Grid Girl of the girls. You'd brag too if you were this sweet-faced young grid girl who resides in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. She also has own YouTube show called "Living in South Florida with Nicole Haboush and Friends." You can see these episodes on YouTube at Here is a preview of the delightfully cute Nicole:

They are really the only grid girls I try to follow and know.

--- Grid Girl Resources ---

Do you want to become a grid girl? Here are some online resources that I found online. If I find more resources for you all to see, I'll update this blog entry accordingly.

NOTE: Because of abounding interest in becoming a grid girl, I will be updating this blog entry to include more resources to help you to become a grid girl. Please feel free to comment if my blog entry was of interest to you and if you found something you liked.

Here are some resources I've found for any of you who want to become grid girls. Click on the headings to each section to visit the websites in question. (Last update: June 12, 2012):

Umbrella Girls (United States only).

• If you live in the United States, there is a way for you to become your own motorsports model. Please visit Umbrella Girls USA's website. Umbrella Girls USA is based in San Rafael, California, USA. Be sure to read the website to learn how to become an umbrella girl for a variety of motorsports.

Miss Sprint Cup (United States Only).

• If you want to be the most beautiful lady to grace the paddock of a NASCAR race weekend, try out this competition. Do YOU have what it takes to be Miss Sprint Cup? You can even "like" Miss Sprint Cup on Facebook if you want to.

Grid Girls (United Kingdom only).

• If you live in the United Kingdom and want to either hire promotional girls (not just for racing) or shop for clothes grid girls wear (actual models only, please!) from Bespoke Clothing, visit Those in the United Kingdom who want to become promotional models for Grid Girls can do so by reading and following the information at and visit "Be a Promo Model for Grid Girls".

DTM Grid Girls (Germany only).

Promotional Models Australia (Australia only).

Time to give you Australian women some love! :) If you are an Australian lady who wants to become a promotional model for various racing events in Australia (and maybe even New Zealand as well), if you are as sexy as a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon FG, Promotional Models Australia is a good site to check out so you can become a grid girl in Australian motorsport. They mostly provide promotional talent and models in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth. Begin your path to becoming an Australian grid girl by visiting Grid Girls, Australia and use the resources available on this page.

Miss V8 Supermodel Search and V8 Supermodel Calendar (Australia only).

(Link edited on February 24, 2012)
Nothing can be more beautiful than watching Australian V8 Supercars rip up the track. Of course, only thing better would be a beautiful lady that is as beautiful as V8 Supercar racing. To get involved, please visit the Miss V8 Supercar homepage by clicking on the header above. There is even information on auditions as well as online voting for current contestants in this competition.

fans of German Grid Girls...
• Get your fill of grid girl goodness here. But be warned- the site is ONLY in German (and it may or may not be safe for work!): Grid Girl aus aller Welt.

fans of Japanese Race Queens...
• A garden variety of race queens can be found at

If any of these resources helped you to become a promotional model or grid girl, please let me know by sending me comments to this blog entry.

I salute all of you grid girls, paddock girls, umbrella girls, F1 babes, Race Queens... whatever you're called! Thank you for reading!

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