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This blog post is for my readers to know what is going on with John's Blog Space. I feel the need to properly inform my audience on this blog and its forward progress. It is also imperative I try to have better communication with my audience. So I have prepared this post to discuss what all is going on with JBS as well as welcome any new visitors/readers.

An Introduction to John's Blog Space (if you're new here)

First of all... hello!

While it may not help me overall, "John's Blog Space" (JBS) is not a blog that belongs in any category. If anything, JBS is a personal blog concerning multiple topics. I don't like focusing on just one theme or just one topic unless I feel I can truly devote to it. There are some topics I focus on more than others, but I try to excel in multiple topics that I can confidently post topics about. I am more focused on content rather than trying to concentrate on a specific niche.

The officially-recognized colors of John's Blog Space are blue and gold. The official color names are:

• Sapphire Blue (dark blue color)
• True Blue (light blue color, formerly "Royal Blue")
• Pure Gold (gold color)

Why the "Space" namesake? I have always been fascinated with nighttime and stars. I'm from Texas- the Lone Star State. I have always enjoyed the ability to stand out and shine. Because space is infinite, so are the range of topics I cover. One would think that because my blog is about anything and everything, that there's no excuse why I shouldn't post more often on all kinds of topics. However, that's not true. I don't post anything out of randomness because EVERYTHING I post is of some sort of value to my readers. I am classy and respectful in my material, even when posting commentary pieces. I will NOT post anything just to attack someone/something or belittle something. I also don't believe in posting on an individual schedule. I post whenever I'm ready and whenever the post is done. I am not in any hurry to post any topic.

The selling points of JBS are in the variety of topics, but also the sort of surprise factor. I often try to surprise people with topics and at different times. I usually don't announce exactly what topic I'll work on next. The most I'll do is post material to Facebook or Twitter giving people an idea on what I'm working on next. After that, it all comes down to what I'll actually post. Sometimes, what I make mention to may be blog posts I eventually just don't release. But how will you actually KNOW if I'll actually post a topic on whatever I make mention to, and how will you know if I may actually complete what I say I'll release in the near future? It's just that element of surprise to get you riled up. :)

I noted earlier that this blog not being of a specific topic or theme isn't going to help me much. What I mean by that is how blogs do better because of a certain theme or field of specialization. As a result, my audience is mostly diverse. The really devoted are the ones who will commonly and consistently visit JBS to see my latest blog posts. I don't have one circle of friends because my goal is try to meet as many people as possible. Specializing in various topics means I meet many more people. A disadvantage, though, is that I don't have a seriously concrete audience for my work except for those who bothered to subscribe and follow my work.

Over time, however, I felt the need to create separate blogs. I established "John's Shop Space" (JSS) in fears that most people think I am posting material in my blog for money rather than blogging for fun. To decrease the workload of building these blog posts, I set up JSS in case my readers were interested in shopping for relevant items based on material featured in my blog posts. Later, I had established "John's Gran Turismo Space" (JGTS). This was my blog devoted to Gran Turismo fans featuring unique content from me in regards to the GT franchise. It's my first "niche" blog I've created. Who knows? I may create more individual blogs in the future. Already considering making one just to practice newer features or as a springboard for making newer templates. I may also create my own blogs devoted to fashion or even my own blog (and I'll need to be careful with this idea) where I'm not the star- GUEST BLOGGERS would be the stars of my blog. I don't have a fashion-themed blog because I'm not qualified to discuss fashion in any professional manner. Also, I am not as trained as fashion to discuss fashion properly.

And THAT is a look at John's Blog Space!

Under Construction.

The key thing for me to discuss is that my blog is under construction. Often times, you have to try new things to try to get ahead. I have used a combination of learning HTML and CSS as well as taking inspiration from other blogs to help my own better. That is how I have been able to try new things to enhance my own blog- taking inspiration from other blogs to help shape my own. I have even practiced HTML and [recently] CSS coding to further enhance my material. The ultimate goal? Simple- I'm not trying to have the best blog online; I am trying to have the best blog for you. I feel I am the one best equipped to push this blog in the most favorable direction. Since I feel the burden is mostly on my shoulders to make this blog relevant, all the pressure is really on me to deliver solid blog posts. Everything else relies on the general public-at-large who visits my blog from around the world.

Life is a Work in Progress, and so is my blog. I am not in any quest of perfection. I don't care about perfection; I care more about blogging for the love of it and profiting from my work. I have a professional mindset about blogging while also treating it like a hobby. So over time, I continually work to enhance my blog and its content.

Use the "Get Social With Me! :)" section in my blog's header to see my other links as well as to contact me.

Is There Anything YOU Want to See Here?

In my fashion-themed blog posts, I often post other peoples' blog posts to demonstrate certain looks. Even though I do all the posting and everything, I am always interested in knowing what other people would want to see out of my blog. Some people visit my blog for the first time after I comment on their own and post comments to me. While some of them are not relevant to the post they reply to, I do appreciate their comments. You can actually contact me via Email. I've set up a link at the top where you can chat with me via Email. You can also visit my Blogger profile to send me an Email.

What do you want to see me blog about next? If you have something interesting that I should look into, there are two ways (among many others) you can do so:

• "like" my Facebook Fan Page and post some ideas to my Fan Page's Wall.
contact me on Twitter and tell me about what you want to see me discuss next.
• send me an Email sharing your comments/questions as well as suggestions.

If I like your idea, I'll consider working on a blog post for that topic. I just want my readers to get more involved in my content. I also want to establish transparency in my work. So do not be afraid to speak up!

To all of my loyal readers and supporters, thank you so much for supporting my work! Share my material with others. My Fan Page can use more Facebook fans! I can use some more subscribers! So please share my work with others. More posts (and other stuff) to come in the future! Thank you for reading!

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