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Kitchen Jokes

John Marine | 9/06/2011 02:43:00 AM | |
(UPDATED: November 22, 2011)

I hate these sexist kitchen jokes regarding females. This is gender discrimination whereas some males think most women should be better suited for cooking meals in the kitchen and taking care of the kids, rather than perform certain out-of-home duties and jobs. Speaking as a male, this sickens me like you won't believe. I hate how in this day and age, there are still certain males out there who live in the present while being stuck in the past. Almost as if events like the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 and the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution (among many other significant feminine accomplishments/moments) don't mean anything in women having any sort of freedom. This blog post is a personal one involving my thoughts on these pathetic jokes.

WARNING: The following blog post contains some bad language. Not by me, but from material I've found online.

Due to spam concerns and suspicious comments posted, this post may have comments disabled. I welcome feedback on my posts. However, if the majority of comments that get through are of a spam nature, I won't allow my posts to be poisoined any longer thanks to people who care more about posting suspicious links to my posts than anything actually useful or worth discussing. Any spammers (or suspicious commenters) will have their comments shot down if I get ANY more suspicious comments to this post. Comments may even be disabled for this post if I don't get more non-suspicious comments to my posts.

NOV 22 2011 - edited post and included a new commentary piece section (in the final section)

--- Basic Thoughts on Kitchen Jokes ---

^ from: www.houseremodelideas.com - Some people think/joke females belong in one location- the kitchen, and not doing certain other tasks or jobs away from the kitchen. NOTE: This is NOT my kitchen! It's a random image I found online to represent this blog post.

As I said earlier, it pains me how there are males who talk about women like they shouldn't be doing certain jobs. I would sometimes see these comments on YouTube when I've viewed certain videos involving women or girls playing sports. I know there are people out there who (for example) absolutely hate women's basketball. You don't, however, have to go to the level of saying they should be in the kitchen rather than play certain male-dominated sports.

Kitchen Jokes: A Snapshot.

I mentioned YouTube videos in regards to kitchen jokes. What do people say in comments? I have used a tactic most YouTube haters use- watching videos of a specific theme. From my own look at comments people post, here is one thing about YouTube: the Highest Rated Comments aren't exactly the smartest or best comments regarding a video.

Here are some of the many comments posted that have something to do with kitchen jokes. The name of the video is in BOLD letters. (NOTE: The screen names of people whom have made the following comments are undisclosed to protect privacy.)

"the fuck is she in a hurry for the kitchen wasnt ready yet"
posted to: "Pam Ward disrespects injured Marshall player live"

"does anyone else find it funny that a woman commentator makes a kitchen analogy?" and "why was she ever allowed out of the kitchen?"
posted to: "Crazy Female Announcer"

"that dunk is fine and dandy,but can she make a good sandwhich?"
posted to: "Parker Becomes 2nd Player to Dunk in WNBA Game"

"We all know this is obviously fake given the fact that women can't survive outside of the kitchen"
posted to: "WNBA Fight - Detroit v. Los Angeles Brawl (HD Quality)"

(indirect quote) "Who put a basketball court in the kitchen?"
posted to: (a video whose title I forgot)
Great comments, right? Please...

Kitchen Jokes: A Snapshot - Counterattack!

Some people have countered with interesting statements of their own. Check these out:

"I'm a man, I'm a Rugby player, but I bet that everyone making fun of them, or asking to get them back to the kitchen, can't make a tackle like this." and "It's not a mystery why all the male chauvinists have to leave their insecure comments here; you wouldn't dare say that to their faces. I'll bet that hit made your undersized testicles shrivel a bit. Go figure out how to cook your own dinner, and please don't breed.

Support sport!"

posted to: "Nicole Beck's awesome try saving tackle on Fiona Pocock"
Terrible shame that such people would post such pathetic comments online in regards to females.

--- Kitchen Jokes as a Whole ---

Nothing upsets me like when such people make such cruel, sexist jokes about women. I actually considered expanding this post to include other sexist jokes I can't stand in regards to females, but I focused only on kitchen jokes for this post. Some people make it seem like women are only good for around the house work than doing other jobs. That is what I hate most about people who make these disgusting kitchen jokes. I don't even find it remotely funny to make fun of females by making these kitchen jokes. In fact, most sexist jokes regarding women aren't even funny to me. It's like when some men poke fun at how bad women drive, despite the fact there are male drivers who are just as bad (if not worse) than the female drivers they make fun of.

It's sad we have come to this point and still have males who see females only being good for around the kitchen rather than doing any proper jobs. It's okay not to like certain females or certain activities/jobs/hobbies females do, but NEVER should it come to the point of saying that females are only good for being in the kitchen. Some of these sexist losers make it sound like women shouldn't be allowed do things like these:

• serve on the police force, serve as a firefighter, perform any sort of medical jobs, or serve as an active soldier in any level of military.
• hold a position as any sort of politician or political leader.
• play certain male-dominated sports.
• be involved in dangerous (or potentially dangerous) occupations, like construction working or mining.

It's a terrible shame that we live in the present while our minds are stuck in the past. I thought we've reached an age where females have certain liberties and privileges today than what they otherwise wouldn't have previously. Apparently not to some males. Some have to talk about females like they only belong at home in the kitchen rather than perform any other jobs away from home. I've had female friends of mine serve in the military. Hey- your mother gave birth to you. Would you tell your own mother that she should be in the kitchen than doing certain jobs? If not, then why would you make such jokes about females that they should be doing kitchen work than playing certain sports or doing certain jobs.

If any female wanted to do a certain job or play a certain sport, that is up to her to take part in these tasks rather than be belittled with kitchen jokes. Such insults are absolutely uncalled for and unnecessary. Some people just simply don't care about females and don't want to support any ambitions intimate to their hearts. Yet, these same people feel it is absolutely necessary to assert themselves by posting such comments on YouTube. If that's not bad enough, there are people who actually give these pathetic kitchen jokes thumbs up for posting them. Only thing worse than stupidity is people who accept and reward stupidity. Just goes to show how deficient some people can be.

Now about the whole "sandwich" thing...

"Make Me a Sandwich (or "Sammich")"... REALLY?

So that's all women are good for according to some males- better off making sandwiches for her man rather than... getting a job and making a decent living? This equally disgusts me more than kitchen jokes themselves. Want a sandwich so bad? Make your own! There's PLENTY of reason to hate kitchen jokes.

"Make me a sandwich" is an attack by guys basically saying "you (as a female) have much better things to do than piss me off." There may be females I have problems with or whom I don't particularly like, but NEVER would I go to any sexist overtone like "make me a sandwich" or use any kitchen jokes in regards to females. It is just crossing the line and really classless. Some see it as a joke (which is understandable), but I'm not like that at all.

I am just disgusted as a whole that people would make these kitchen jokes about females. Like most people who make these insensitive and sexist jokes, they fail to consider (or regard) the potentially damaging impact people make in making these jokes about females. What do you all make of these insensitive kitchen jokes people make about women? Comment away (no spam or personal attacks allowed!). Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

Hey John, (in my opinion) a majority of the people who make these jokes do it for fun. I do realize that some folks are still very sexist, or just believe a lady has no place to work than the kitchen, but on a whole many discriminant jokes are simply banter,as there is no greater rivalry than that between the sexes.  

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