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Attention to Booty :)

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(UPDATED: October 21, 2011)

Bootylicious appeal- that's the topic of perhaps my most ambitious blog posts to date. This is a classy blog post post about having a good-looking booty (or whatever term you use to mean someone's butt) and how to look good from the rear. Just because a guy like myself posting this doesn't mean that I will talk about this in any classless manner. Anything I discuss is discussed with class and respect; not in anything derogatory or anything that oversteps the boundaries of my blog. So therefore, I hope you enjoy this fun post I've put together.

WARNING: This blog post has some mild elements that may not be suitable for all audiences. Feel free to read at your own discretion.

--- Attention to Booty: Introduction ---

You look great up front... how about from the back? What is the fashion psychology of having a good-looking backside? Think about it like this. When a girl comes towards you, she presents her immediate audience with an impression of her style up front. When she passes by, she leaves behind a lasting impression. Providing a lasting impression is just as powerful as providing a first impression. How do you provide that lasting impression you want to leave behind from a style perspective? It's all about being and feeling good-looking both up front and from the back. That's the point of having a nice-looking booty.

So this is the best way to explain having a nice backside. If you look good up front, why not offer some appeal to your rear? A hot pair of jeans (for example) that look and feel good looks even better on those who have such a nice booty. Trust me- I know. :) The same goes for any sort of bottoms or anything like that. Having such charm with a charming backside is a nice way to have some attention to the booty. Wearing such bottoms that offer attention-grabbing detail can help. Having a good-looking butt also helps besides wearing such appealing bottoms. Of course, having a nice butt while also wearing some appealing bottoms is twice as nice.

Why Bother?

Why go through all the trouble? Well, for many, "if you got it, flaunt it." I always regard three B's in regards to feminine style- breasts, belly, and butt. These three features usually give most females their charm. How one expresses any of these three B's determines their appeal as a whole. Some females who lack having a nice butt sometimes seek ways to enhance their backside whether through wearing certain bottoms or through exercise.

When wanting to wear certain appealing bottoms or seeking a bikini body, these are only a few items to help awaken the goddess in all females. When you look good, you feel good. Not every female has the confidence to wear a flirty bikini bottom or some short shorts. Not every female can confidently and comfortably wear bottoms that have such interesting details on the butt, whether they are sequin pockets, rhinestone lettering, overpowering graphics, or things like that. The ones who do have the confidence to wear such bottoms dare test the attention-grabbing waters of onlookers.

So why bother going with these measures to go for a great-looking butt? Simple, in the eyes of most females- looking and feeling sexy is the biggest reason. It's all about bringing a level of charm and swagger to feel better about yourself. And in the case of having a nice-looking butt, these thoughts hold true to this end as well.

Guilty [Pleasure] as Charged!

Okay, I admit... looking at butts is a guilty pleasure of mine. Good-looking and eye-catching bottoms can do that for you. I'm not obsessed or addicted or anything. Happy now?

--- Attention to Booty: Inspiration ---

Here is one of my first inspirations to do this blog post:

Kelly Nishimoto Cute Booty rear
Kelly Nishimoto Cute Booty front
^ both pictures from: (best I could find) - The popular "Cute Booty" pants from Kelly Nishimoto. These are very popular lounging pants that are super-comfortable while also giving an attractive rear view with the pockets.

Back in 2004, a Georgia-born (as in Georgia of the United States, for my international readers) designer named Kelly Nishimoto came along with a stylish pair of lounge-type pants. These pants were called the "Cute Booty" pants because of how cute one's backside looked while wearing these. These were lounge-style pants that were worn on a multitude of celebrities, including the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicolette Sheridan, Karina Smirnoff, and Kim Kardashian among others. These are pants that are made of jersey (a super-comfortable fabric) and feature a silk ribbon tie to accentuate the front. The back pockets are ruched to make your butt look fabulous while wearing these lounge pants. The appeal of these pants were in being a cute and comfortable pair of pants to wear... while also making your butt look cute. :)

Here's a quote about the Cute Booty pants from a not-very-good singer (to me, because I've heard her music and didn't really like her):

"If a pair of pants can make my ass look good... I'm sold."

...and this is a video of Kelly Nishimoto herself from her Cute Booty party in 2008. Remember I told you that I don't really like Meiko's singing? Well, judge for yourself since her music is in this video (WARNING: some bad language featured):

To learn more about the "Cute Booty" pants from Kelly Nishimoto (or any of her other fashions), visit To view specifically the My Cute Booty collection, visit the Cute Booty Pants collection.

--- Attention to Booty: Getting Your Attention ---

There are a number of ways to give your booty some attention. Some of the many ways will be expressed in this section. They are all based on my own ideas on improving your rear view rather so much than looking on fashion websites. So have a look:

Flap Pocket Bottoms.

flap pocket rear
^ from: (best I could find) - Flap pockets can be quick attention-grabbers. Bottoms with detailed flap pockets (such as studs or certain sparkly details) add more attention to the butt.

From one website I read, those who don't have such copious backsides can add appeal to the rear by wearing flap-pocket bottoms. The most common flap pocket bottoms worn are flap pocket jeans and flap pocket shorts. Of course, there are also flap pocket skirts.

Bottoms With Unique Back Pocket Designs.

True Religion back pockets
^ from: (best I could find) - Certain designers, such as these True Religion jeans for women, are known for uniquely-designed pockets. The back pockets of these jeans are certainly attention-grabbing.

Certain bottoms with attention-grabbing pockets instantly adds attention. Embellishments, embroideries, and such can add some instant attention to one's backside. More intricate designs, especially on the butt or back pockets can be instantly appealing.

Graphics on the Butt.

Juicy Couture butt graphics
^ from: (best I could find) - Bottoms with graphics on the butt can instantly add attention as people try to read what the back says.

If you've seen words on the butt of bottoms, those usually add some appeal instantly. For example, a pair of sweatpants or other athletic bottoms that have graphics or words on the back usually add rear appeal as people try to read what's on the back of the bottoms. The most common of these rear graphics are usually sporty cute bottoms (like sweatpants and running shorts) that have cute little words or messages on the back.

Active Bottoms.

[~~~ couldn't find a good picture... :( ~~~]

I have noted in my popular "Sporty Cute!" blog post of mine notes that some athletic bottoms make your butt look good. These are functional bottoms for the most part, tailored to athletic activity. The amount of comfort and form to some athletic bottoms are enough to make backsides look cute. The most common sorts of athletic bottoms are usually sweatpants, active capri pants, retro running shorts, yoga pants, and certain other fashion active bottoms with graphics or words on the butt.

Yoga pants are still relatively trendy. The most common ones you will see are yoga pants with bootcut legs. Their primary appeal lies in being a pair of pants that are both functional as well as sporty. Those who dare wear them usually either have come from a workout or just wear them to look cute.

Spandex or Knit Bottoms.

AmiClubWear gaucho pants
^ from:, by way of - Gaucho pants have been notorious for making truly unflattering rear views. However, a fabulous backside (as well as their comfort) is what makes such pants so stylish.

Spandex is usually a way to nicely showcase the curvatures of one's backside. Such bottoms conforming to the butt and legs often provide both comfort and style. These bottoms mentioned here range from active bottoms to more chic and stylish pants.

And... there's one more way to add some bootylicious appeal that does not require fashion:


When all else fails in looking hot from the rear, there's always exercise! You can always exercise to help tone up your body and look more attractive. This even applies to those females who have a flat booty and want to enhance their backside. So get up and get some exercise going! A number of different exercises and routines can be found online with these resources if you're planning on working out to tone up your butt. If you want some examples on exercise to enhance your butt, here are some resources for you (more may be added in future edits):
Butt Exercises from Fitness Magazine - from Fitness Magazine
8 Dynamic Booty Exercises on - FitSugar
Butt Exercises from Seventeen Magazine - for my teen girl (Junior) audience
"butt exercise" search results on YouTube

--- Attention to Booty: Final Thoughts ---

For a majority of my blog posts, I simply make mention to things because there are those who usually have interest in such topics. It is something I always consider when doing any sort of fashion-themed blog post or anything like that. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. Not just feminine beauty, but all of us. Just because I've only made mention to the butt for this blog post doesn't mean I poke fun at someone just because they have a flat booty. I am not a guy who only likes a female for one specific body part. It doesn't mean I've praised those who have or are blessed with having a nice butt with this blog post. On the same end (and to express another blog post of mine), I was not saluting just ladies who have a lovely belly from my Belly Dancing post.

Everything expressed in this blog post was expressed with both education and entertainment in mind. I try to present everything with class, respect, and dignity; and I hope my efforts have paid off. One female shouldn't feel bad just because you don't have a backside worthy of drawing attention from onlookers. You are still beautiful and attractive regardless. Maybe you're not Jennifer Lopez or Inez Sainz (famous for their butts)... you don't have to be. You just have to be yourself. Be charming. Be unique. Develop your own swagger and charm. Look and feel your best in all you do and in all that you wear.

Another thing... don't get caught up with peers in society poking fun at you just because you don't have a full and copious backside. That's what makes John's Blog Space different- most other sites will poke fun at someone or something that [usually] mainstream society dislikes, while I try to offer some encouragement and some help. Some other website would probably try to mention this post's topic in a distasteful and disrespectful way while I've tried to discuss this same topic on a more acceptable level to many more people. Such sites would probably even make their own fake motivational pictures further belittling others. So I hope my blog post was a tasteful and fun way of talking about this topic. Hope you enjoyed it!

Having said all of this, I'm hopeful that you got to enjoy this blog post. I could have taken this to a different level, but I am not like that. I have tried my best to make this as world-friendly (my version of "safe for work") as possible. I present my material in a classy manner while also having fun with what I do.

Thank you for reading!

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