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Feminine Blazers

John Marine | 8/29/2011 04:40:00 PM |
(UPDATED: October 2, 2011)

It's safe to say that the blazer is "in." Not just "in" for formal and semi-formal styles, but even in casual wear. Dressy blazers can actually dress up a casual look or add some class to a casual look. And with Fall/Autumn coming up in the United States, having a blazer is not a bad thing to have in your collection. The fashionable lady will find blazers to be quite chic. It doesn't matter if you have any career blazers or casual blazers, they are not a bad piece of outerwear to have in your collection, and many different ladies have found many ways to take a blazer and dramatically change up their looks. That's the impact these blazers can have with any sort of outfit.

This blog post is a look at blazers in fashion. It is primarily about blazers for females.


OCT 2 2011 - added more inspirations

--- Feminine Blazers ---
What are blazers like for females? Check out these pictures and media:

blazer women
^ from: - Blazers. They aren't just for formal outfits anymore!

boyfriend blazer
^ from: - If you've read my blog post on Boyfriend Fashion, boyfriend blazers are certainly "in" for those into the whole boyfriend look.

blazer and rompers
^ from: - Rompers/Playsuits can be cute. Now try wearing a blazer with rompers/playsuits! The end result is what this young lady is wearing.

A blazer can drastically add a different character to a look as a whole. They can either add a new character to a look, or enhance one's outfit. I have to admit that blazers (especially in the context of feminine blazers) have been to my liking in recent times. Here is a video of how one girl styles one blazer in two different ways:

Inspired, much?

--- Blazers Around the Blogosphere ---
Here are some ladies proudly wearing their blazers. You are free to visit any or all of the following blogs mentioned here. These links are all provided for educational purposes from various bloggers online, mostly those on Blogger/Blogspot.

If any of the bloggers themselves are reading this post, I salute all of you. Welcome to John's Blog Space!

Blazer Inspiration: My Silk Fairytale.

No one is a bigger fan of blazers than Alina of "My Silk Fairytale." The Romanian fairytale fashion princess is ready to share some of her style with all of you. And really, I could go with almost ANY of her outfit posts because she wears blazers quite often in her pictures. I will feature a few to showcase the beauty of blazers as well as how blazers can make a casual look a dressy one.

Alina demonstrates the beauty of blazers in "Pink Lady" on My Silk Fairytale, and she makes a casual look classy in "On the Edge" on My Silk Fairytale.

Blazer Inspiration: Extra Petite.

Extra Petite is a petite fashion blog mostly pertaining to formal and semi-formal fashions. The blog's creator is a lady named Jean, and she's very much about classy fashions for the workplace for petites. You can imagine that a blazer is very much a key fashion piece for semi-formal and formal-type fashions. For this inspiration, however, Jean shares some Summer casual looks with a blazer. Take a look at "Summertime Business Casual" on Extra Petite.

Blazer Inspiration: Really Petite.

Let's go from one beautiful petite to another. Meet Annie of "Really Petite." This sweet petite is eye candy sporting a camel-colored blazer. What I like about this post is that she wears her blazer both semi-formally and formally. See Annie wear this camel blazer in two ways in "Lookbook: LOFT Camel blazer" on Really Petite.

Blazer Inspiration: Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

The blazer worn by Dee of "Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles" compliments a sexy dress for this inspiration. A chic dress is worn with a blazer and some pretty fierce heels. Let this Irish beauty show you what a blazer can do when one wears a dress and some fierce shoes can do when you check out "ootd: coral crush" on Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

Blazer Inspiration: Principessa Gabriella.

The pretty plus-size Principessa Gabirella shown off one look in a pink blazer she wore in an older blog post. One of the 17 looks in this featured blog posts features Gabriella in a pink blazer. Look down to about look #7 to see Gabriella in a blazer in "Spring 2011 Fashion/Outfits So Far" on Principessa Gabriella.

Blazer Inspiration: tuolomee.

In her recent vacation to Chicago, Tiffany of tuolomee shows some classy chic going with a nice shirt and an animal print skirt. Most relevant to this blog post is the nice blazer she wears along with her chic heels. Check out "chicago." on tuolomee.

Blazer Inspiration: Glisters and Blisters.

Time to take you to Indonesia and an awesome blogger named Michelle. For this inspiration, Michelle goes with an ethnic print blazer to compliment an olive green top and some navy blue high-waist shorts. Without the blazer, it would be a dull look. See how much of a difference adding this colorful blazer is by checking out "IKAT" on Glisters and Blisters.

Blazer Inspiration: KARLA'S CLOSET.

I almost feel completely sorry for not mentioning certain other blogs I follow. I don't want to feature only the ones I commonly make mention to. I sometimes want to try to mention others to show my vast array of Blogger/Blogspot blogs I follow. Anyhow... KARLA'S CLOSET is not a blog I visit often, but I do respect the young blogger for her fine work. Did you know that blue is my favorite color? Of course, you do. Well, Karla goes with a dark gray blazer to compliment her lovely blue dress, black tights, and unusual high-heel wedge pumps. The end result can be seen with "Cerulean" on KARLA'S CLOSET.

Blazer Inspiration: suki pooki.

suki pooki is a cute name for a blog. Two of her blog posts feature her in a blazer. You will see two posts to show off two different blazers from the Canadian-based Japanese blogger. First, she goes with a very cute scalloped blazer in ~ small reveal & ootd ~ on suki pooki. The other post I will feature is Suki in a more traditional blazer. While her outfit is casual, the blazer instantly adds chic and classy appeal. See for yourself in "~ make up ~" on suki pooki.

Blazer Inspirations: Modemoiselle.

Though her blog is mostly in Italian, Myriam's blazer beauty translates well in any language. It's a mix of chic and casual as she wears a white blazer to compliment her top, shorts, and boots. Say "Ciao!" to Myriam and her style by checking out "Something New" on Modemoiselle.

Blazer Inspiration: Miss Kwong

(ADDED: September 6, 2011) Miss Kwong schools you in style as she wears a lovely dress paired with some cute peep-toe booties. The highlight of the entire outfit is her scarf, but she also wears a blazer. It's blazer style from a stylish teacher as you check out "Purple x Scarf" on Miss Kwong.

Blazer Inspirtaion: the autumn castle.

(ADDED: October 2, 2011) Have you come across Aelie of "the autumn castle?" If not, the young Australian blogger showcases black and white (and studs) pretty well. A classy blazer compliments an otherwise very casual look in "blazers" on the autumn castle.

If I find any more interesting blog posts featuring females wearing blazers, I'll update this post as need be. You may contact me via E-Mail or send me a Twitter message if you have a relevant blog post you think I should add to this post.

I have featured only so many just to provide blogging inspiration. Do you want me to feature one of your blog posts relevant to the blog topic in question? If so... contact me via Email, post to my Facebook fan page's wall, or tweet to me on Twitter. If I like your post, I may edit posts like this one with a link to your own blog!

What do you think about feminine blazers? Do you (my female readers) wear blazers yourself? Feel free to comment. If you're interested in getting some blazers online, allow me to help! Use and search through these widgets to find blazers on Amazon. I would appreciate your business if you buy anything that interests you based on material you see here or in any of my other blogs. Please support my work any way you can if you enjoy my material.

Here are some blazers to help you get started. All sizes are US Women's sizes or US Juniors sizes unless otherwise noted:

(from left to right)
• My Michelle long sleeve suiting jacket for Juniors. X-Small to X-Large offered.
• XOXO double waistband suit jacket for Juniors. Offered sizes range from Small to Large.
• Calvin Klein single button suit jacket for Women. Four colors and multiple sizes offered
• Ivy Velvet blazer for Women from Lucky Brand. Two colors offered in sizes ranging from Small to Large.
• This denim blazer from Eddie Bauer is only for petites. Sizes range from X-Small Petite to Medium Petite.

Those were just samples. Here are more:

For Blazers (Juniors sizes):

For Blazers (Women's sizes):

Thanks for reading!

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I love blazers! This is a great post! Great inspiration!

John B. Marine said...

The pink dress above is so adorable. It is simple yet stylish and it is my favorite color. Now I think I'm planning to go to the mall right now and buy one :)

John B. Marine said...

hey john! i really enjoy reading your posts! i love wearing blazers too! keep up the good work!

John B. Marine said...

I love blazers, I can't wait for fall so I can start wearing them again. So much cute fashion inspiration, thanks! :)  

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