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Many people love to shop. Many more are addicted to shopping. There's nothing wrong with someone who loves shopping. But just like certain things in life, it is possible to be addicted to shopping. So much so, that one risks getting into debt by continually spending and shopping. Being a shopaholic involves being constantly influenced and intrigued to keep spending away until every last bit of money is gone. You know- maxing out credit cards, consistently spending... all of this adds up to you being out of money after spending every last bit of currency.

If you follow certain fashion bloggers, some mention putting spending limits and even implementing set budgets on shopping. Some fashion lovers feel like they MUST have certain garments and accessories. You know- "I GOT to have those pumps." "Those sandals are cute!" "I need those jeans!" The key problem here is in being addicted to spend. It's a combination of a shopping addiction along with a spending addiction. Two wrongs don't make a right.

This blog post is a commentary piece on compulsive shopping.

Compulsive Shopping.

This blog post was not inspired by the famous "Confessions of a Shopaholic" novels, but this video provides a little insight on being a shopaholic. This is the trailer to the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie:

This is a more comedic take on being a shopaholic. However, the same principles apply. Compulsive shoppers feel the need to keep buying and buying and buying until their money has all been exhausted. I remember watching one show on the Style Network years ago where some shopaholics were getting some financial experts on their side to help cut their spending habits. Can you imagine having so much a love of shopping and spending that you have to have a financial expert to help you? Imagine going crazy using your credit card to where you start getting into debt.

In coming up with this blog post, I've heard of how some just shop for anything. You know... clothes you're not going to wear, electronic goods that just collect dust, and stuff like that. Some basically buy things just to say they bought them. These are shoppers who feel like buying new things helps them feel better and give them power. While that may be true, think of what happens when you have to pay the bills eventually. You can't have everything. And I quote:

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"

-George Carlin
So learn to shop and spend in moderation.

Final Thoughts (and Resources).

You don't need to consistently buy and shop. You do want to have money left over for... countless other things, don't you? It is purely understandable that buying something can help you to feel good. However, you have to practice moderation. You shouldn't have to keep spending and spending until you ultimately become strapped for cash. If you don't NEED it, don't buy it. Why continually feel the need to shop and spend like crazy? You are just simply wasting your money if you feel you have to continually shop and spend to feel satisfied. You must WANT to be in financial trouble if you lack financial responsibility. Set budgets. Impose shopping bans. Do whatever it takes to prevent from being out of money (or falling into debt).

There are services available if you are a compulsive shopper. If so, here are some resources to help you battle your shopping urges:

Shopaholic No More
Shopaholics Anonymous

I may add extra links if I find more resources to help curb compulsive shopping.

Thank you for reading! One note before I share with you my usual closing- let me provide a warning for any would-be spammers. I know I've mentioned debt and other similar material. I am always careful of whatever comments come my way. I am also careful of whatever topics I choose to post about. Therefore... If you even SOUND like a potential spammer, somehow post on this topic through a spam search, or provide links to some questionable websites (I monitor my own traffic, so I can tell) based on this topic... I will immediately shoot down the comment and perform any other needed actions. It just doesn't add up for the majority of my commenting audience mostly have would-be spammers make up the majority of my commenters. That's especially if I've worked to make my material to be as accessible as possible to mostly have spammers speak up. Still- it just doesn't add up.

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Michelle said...

Great post, john. Recently I had to apply a limit to my own spending limit. Its always the worse when clothes are on sale!! Aagghh, I just want to buy everything.... it doesn't help seeing these pretty bloggers with their goodies also... :P

John B. Marine said...

ah...that's deff about me. I should think about it...
Nice post!thnx)

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