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My Salute to the LGBT Audience

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This post is my salute to LGBT readers who visit John's Blog Space. For those unsure of what LGBT stands for, LGBT relates to those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and people like that. Many topics in this category have been posted by me. I don't know who all visits my blog, but I do want to salute this audience for those who are interested in my content and content under this label. Also, I've never given a proper introduction to this label. This post, then, is a dual-purpose blog post. I will salute the LGBT audience who reads my blog and also provide insight on discussing topics under this category.

--- My Salute to the LGBT Community ---
Having an audience follow and respect your work is always what any publisher of any quality content want. I have to be mindful of various audiences who visit and share my material.

So I would like to honor anyone and everyone lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, genderqueer... whatever terminology within this category that defines you. I hope my material in this category is to your liking. None of the material I post is of any taboo. Part of my own influence has been in actually meeting such people. I can honestly say I've gotten to know at least one of each- a gay male, a lesbian female, (maybe) I've met someone bisexual, and I've eventually gotten to know a transvestite. So after teaching myself about certain issues facing LGBT folk and even gaining insight from certain LGBT folk I've contacted (mostly online), I was able to offer my comments and posts online to contribute to this category.

I do not release a label or a blog post if I don't feel able to generate some sort of following or gain some sort of respect from others. Not as many people actually comment (NOTE: I said people; not spammers) on my posts, so I don't know if my material has actually struck a chord with the LGBT community. I do know a significant amount of my audience has been interested in my blog post regarding androgyny in fashion and art. However, I want to know if my work actually has resonated with the LGBT audience in any such way. And if so, how many actually care about my work?

Regardless, I want to honor and thank all of you LGBT folk who support my work. This is more about transparency than anything else.

--- Why Post These LGBT-Themed Topics? ---
You could ask this question for almost every topic and every label I've introduced to this blog. I've actually introduced the LGBT Issues blog label in my blog post about Kim Petras. There are many people who have their own preoccupations and thoughts on people among the LGBT crowd. I have two options as someone who posts about various topics- either tune out a certain audience (and subsequently lose out on expanding my audience), or offer some topics with LGBT themes for those interested in this topic. Guess which one I obviously went with.

Everything I post for "John's Blog Space" is with the intent of providing content that is educational, entertaining, inspiring, informative, or any combination of these items. That even includes LGBT issues. I don't post anything until I feel I can comfortably discuss them. That ultimately leads me into discussing LGBT topics on John's Blog Space. I post these topics because I know there is an audience who has even remote interest in these topics. My general rule of thumb is to never release anything online unless you are completely confident and comfortable in what you post. And I'll be honest- some topics I post on are some that I am not comfortable putting in my blog or discussing. However, I post these topics anyway with a good degree of confidence because I have things to discuss, and people want to know what I think about certain things. Remember that I am responsible for myself. I am not posting material just because someone is watching over me or hoping for me to mention something. I am also not posting anything and trying to word everything in a certain way so I can make somebody happy.

Most of my posts in this category simply feature worthy elements related to or featuring LGBT issues. For example, I may make mention to some sort of same-sex elements or something along the lines of kissing someone of the same sex or something along the lines of crossdressing. Whatever I post is with the intent of being opinionated and factual; NOT along the lines of posting taboo. As an important element of discussing issues, I have to mention "the other side" of things. It adds credibility to posts and comments. I am not saying that taboo and just-for-fun material is bad; I am just saying that it's sometimes refreshing and different to look at things from a different perspective.

--- Final Thoughts ---
As important as any audience, I am always honored to meet new people and receive new support from others. That even includes

For the purpose of this blog post, I want to thank all of you LGBT folk whom have supported my work and read John's Blog Space. I want to post more content in this category/label to further interest the LGBT audience. But again- I don't know how much of my audience is that of LGBT folk. But for the gay/lesbian audience reading this blog and its posts, I salute all of you in this blog post.

You may be a male who prefers the company of other males. You may be a female who prefers the company of other females. You may be male or female and equally love males and females. You may be an androgynous person. Perhaps you are one person, but enjoy crossdressing; or you may be a permanent member of your non-birth gender. Perhaps you are intersexed, genderqueer, or whatever. Whatever the case, if you are proudly among the LGBT audience, and if you read/love "John's Blog Space" or any of my other online material; I salute you and thank you for your support!

Of course, I salute all of my readers for reading my post; but I wanted to take some time and salute the LGBT audience who reads my blog for this post here. Thanks to all of you for reading! If you're an LGBT blogger and want me to shout out to you, feel free to contact me. I'll be sure to make a mention to you. I actually wanted to create a section in this blog post where I salute certain bloggers in the LGBT realm who love my work. But since I don't get too many loyal readers (meaning anyone who doesn't post suspicious material and links to my blog in comments), I don't really know where my audience is that really supports my work. So PLEASE support me if you love my work!

Thank you for reading!

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