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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection features some 40 Genesis (or the Megadrive in Japan) games encompassing gaming goodness between 1989 and 1996. Those who have never played Genesis/Megadrive games will have a chance to play classics on either the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360. The games can be played in standard resolution or up to 720p high-definition. This blog post is my look at this game released back in 2009.

--- Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection ---
Here is a look at this game:

Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3 version)
^ from: - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3 version).

This game features MANY games to choose from to play. What makes this collection unique is that you are playing complete Genesis/Megadrive games, not just ports of arcade games like some of the other classic collection games I've reviewed before on John's Blog Space. You are also able to make Save States of games so you don't have to worry about starting from scratch all the time. Considering how lengthy many of these titles can be, that's a good thing to be able to use Save States. In case you don't know what a Save State is, it's a popular thing for emulators since you're able to save any emulated game at an exact point and be able to go back to it as many times as you like to better your chances of beating a level or the entire game. Each game can be customized to your liking.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has Genesis/Megadrive titles in alphabetical order from "Alex Kidd: In the Enchanted Castle" to "Vectorman 2." Extras (including other games) can be unlocked by playing through certain games. You can even see some bonus videos highlighting on certain past games. There are even some facts and figures on games as well as some art you can see for each regular game. Each game features the full range and scope of design in maximizing the Genesis/Megadrive and its power.

The Genesis Games.

So you know that this package features MANY games? Which ones, though? What "classics" are featured? Well, look at these:

• Alex Kidd - see if Alex Kidd's father is still alive.
• Alien Storm - save the world from an alien infestation.
• Altered Beast - after being awakened by Zeus, power up into a beast and rescue Athena from evil.
• Beyond Oasis - an interesting action RPG with fun gameplay.
• Bonanza Brothers - stir up some trouble by stealing things!
• Columns - think of it as the anti-Tetris. Can be great fun to play!
• Comix Zone - try to survive in your own comic book with this graphically impressive game.
• Decap Attack - a very unusual platformer.
• Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - a fun puzzle game that can be frustrating later.
• Dynamite Headdy - use your head (literally!) to save the land in this weird platformer.
• Ecco the Dolphin - experience deep sea life as a dynamic and talented dolphin.
• Ecco: The Tides of Time - Ecco is back for more in this more graphically-intense sequel.
• E-SWAT - from human to futuristic crime stopper, save the city from despair.
• Fatal Labyrinth - go through a fortress to eventually battle a dragon on the top level.
• Flicky - rescue the Flicky birds in each stage while avoiding enemies and traps.
• Gain Ground - a top-down shooter which is honestly boring.
• Golden Axe - the Genesis version of the classic beat-em-up. Destroy the Death Adder!
• Golden Axe II - get ready to slay evil yet again!
• Golden Axe III - one more tour of duty including different routes to take.
• Kid Chameleon - can you beat this arcade game that seems too real?
• Phantasy Star II - a futuristic science-fiction RPG. One of the first of its kind.
• Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom - rescue your fianceé from evil!
• Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium - try to survive all the chaos!
• Ristar - a very fun platformer! Go intergalactic to save an enslaved universe from evil.
• Shining Force - a strategy-based RPG with some turn-based play.
• Shining Force 2 - an improved and enhanced sequel to the first Shining Force.
• Shining in the Darkness - a cinematic Shining Force with more traditional RPG elements.
• Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - put an end to Neo Zeed's madness once and for all.
• Sonic 3 - stop Dr. Robotnik, and what's up with Knuckles?
• Sonic 3D Blast - traverse through an isometric world while rescuing Flickies and beating Dr. Robotnik.
• Sonic Spinball - think Sonic games are tough? Imagine Sonic as a pinball!
• Sonic and Knuckles - play either as Sonic or Knuckles and stop Dr. Robotnik.
• Sonic the Hedgehog - the original Sonic game. Save the land from Dr. Robotnik.
• Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - save the land from Dr. Robotnik. Play as Sonic, Tails (his debut), or both.
• Streets of Rage - rid the city of crime as well as Mr. X's crime syndicate.
• Streets of Rage 2 - Mr. X is back for more as you must once again save the city.
• Streets of Rage 3 - Mr. X returns again in the most detailed SOR to date.
• Super Thunder Blade - pilot a powerful helicopter and destroy all evil- sea, air, and land!
• Vectorman - save the Earth and humanity from a vicious villain.
• Vectorman 2 - a much-more detailed platformer than the previous Vectorman.

In addition to these games, there are nine bonus games to unlock, including the arcade version of Shinobi among others. Here is a word of warning... if you do unlock arcade Shinobi, when you reach Mission 5, the game is automatically over if you are out of lives in Mission 5. So make sure to regularly save your progress to see the ending.

--- Overall Review ---
This game is a great opportunity for Genesis/Megadrive players to relive the good old days of Sega game. It is a chance to relive old memories for classic gamers, or introduce yourself to the Genesis/Megadrive experience if you are new to these games. There is a lot you can do with this game. This classics collection suits a wide variety of games ranging from simple arcade-type games to fully-detailed long (and much longer) games.

Unfortunately, a LOT more could have been done to provide more insight on these games than what basically shipped with this package. I would have liked to have seen more artwork, hearing the soundtrack to these games, maybe some hints on how to play these games. Otherwise... this is a lovely gaming package for Sega fans alike.

If you're trying to collect Trophies/Accomplishments, many of the goals don't seem incredibly hard. In just one weekend, I was able to get up to 30% or 40% of Trophy (PS3, obviously) somewhat easily. It doesn't take too much to rack up getting the goals reached.

Video Preview.

Here is a trailer for this game. Get psyched!

What Games Would I Have Added (Bonus Section!)

While it could only include so many games, there are a few I probably wouldn't mind seeing. These would include both Genesis/Megadrive games as well as games not on these systems. Here are some titles I would have liked to have seen included either as games or as extras:

• Hang-On (arcade only; there was never a Genesis version, but there was one for the Sega Master System)
• Super Hang-On (Genesis and/or arcade version)
• Galaxy Force 2 (Genesis and/or (especially) the arcade version)
• (the AfterBurner series, including arcade versions)
• (OutRun Genesis/Megadrive games, excluding the Genesis/Megadrive version of OutRunners)
• The Revenge of Shinobi
• E-SWAT (arcade version)

I guess I'm really surprised there isn't a single racing game in this collection. Considering Sega's history with racing games, that's sad there aren't any racing games in this collection of Genesis games.

So please honor the classics that have helped establish Sega as a competitor in the console wars. Many think of Sega like Nintendo- a shadow of its former self. Of course, between Nintendo and Sega, who's still in the console-making department?

Did you enjoy my review and look at this game? If so, you can get it on Amazon. Here you go:

^ "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection," available for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

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