Thursday, November 10, 2011

Personal Friends and Family Salute

John Marine | 11/10/2011 12:11:00 PM | |
I want to make this salute to any personal friends and family whom have been reading "John's Blog Space." As much as I try to make this blog as presentable as possible to people worldwide, I am also aware that friends and family of mine may be reading my material. I want to therefore thank friends and family whom read my blog. "John's Blog Space" is predicated on the concept of anything and everything, so there is a strong chance some of my "anything and everything" material will be grasped by any number of people.

This blog post is a salute to personal friends of mine and family members who read my blog. Whether it is your first time here or if you've been here before, welcome to this humble cyberspace abode of mine.

The Friends and Family Factor.

Nothing makes me feel happier than knowing there are personal friends and family members of mine whom read (and hopefully enjoy) my blogging work. When I was in college, I didn't have "John's Blog Space" or "JohnMarineTube" on YouTube to freely/cheaply promote to friends and classmates. So I feel like by not being around lots of people whom I love and respect, I am not as easily available to share my material freely to people whom I commonly encounter.

Another part of trying to discuss things on JBS from people I've personally met or known is in being careful choosing certain topics and saying certain things in posts. I sometimes get a bit uneasy talking about certain topics that may irk some people. I am also careful in discussing personal matters. Life issues are always influenced by past experiences in my life or deep thoughts I have. I do not want to give people the impression that I am falling on tough times with no place to turn. This is, after all, my own personal space. Anything goes here. So there are some topics I try to avoid discussing. However, people worldwide visit my blog. Part of trying to sell your content online is to offer content many people can enjoy or find interest in sharing. That includes talking about things I normally wouldn't discuss in real life with any degree of confidence.

I often note that at least 20 to 50 different countries and territories visit my blog daily. Google Analytics often tell me that over 100+ countries and territories visit my primary blog. Because so many people hit my blog, I have to make their visit worth their while. But no matter who all visits, my most important readers and fans are personal friends of mine (those whom I've personally met) and family members (including relatives).

New to John's Blog Space and a Personal Friend or Family Member of Mine?

What if you're a friend of mine or a former classmate of mine from school or college, and you're reading my blog for the first time? Well... welcome to my online home! This is where typing up stuff in a text file on my PC ultimately ends up being a blog post (after some HTML coding and stuff, of course). This is where after typing up something I am confident enough to release as is... I decide to add more stuff to it and make a post longer than it needs to be. This is where after editing stuff, I make an error and have to update it again and again until it is the post I REALLY tried to release before semi-foolishly released a post cold turkey.

In other words, welcome to my home! Enjoy your stay. :)

No matter who from around the world visits and shares my content, the biggest fans and most important readers are my friends and family. I am grateful to have so much support. This blog post was designed to honor and salute personal friends and family members who read my blog. If you enjoy reading my work, thank you so much! Loyal readers always make me happy, especially when those loyal readers are friends and family. This blog post was dedicated to every personal friend of mine whom have visited and read my material. Let me know that you appreciate my work if you do in fact care about my work! Thank you for reading!

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