Monday, December 19, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

John Marine | 12/19/2011 02:22:00 AM | | |
(UPDATED: January 11, 2015)

I couldn't care less for New Year's Resolutions because I basically have just learned to let each day run its course. Resolutions are more like, "what could I work towards to make the coming year better?" These involve things in and out of your control. They also involve your own expectations or forecasts of a year you haven't yet experienced. You never know what the new year will bring. Likewise, you hope the following year goes better than the previous one, especially if the current year has been unfulfilling.

If you read my "Disappointment" blog post, you may know that my 2011 has personally been disappointing. Most of it has been about things outside of my control that has made me feel not as personally happy or just not cheery enough to feel satisfied. Maybe it's focusing too much on doom and gloom for me that has helped me feel disappointed. Maybe too many things in sports and in life brought me down for 2011 that didn't make me enjoy it as much as I would like, like my Houston Astros finishing 56-106 (worst record in Major League Baseball) among other disappointing things. If you wanted to read about more disappointments for me, read "Disappointment" here on John's Blog Space.

The most usual resolutions most people are usually to lose weight, get a job (or maintain a current good job), and things like that. I haven't given a thought to resolutions because I have basically reached a mindset where no matter what I hope to have out of a year, my hopes either fall flat or that I don't get to fully accomplish whatever it is I want out of a year. So I basically just let a year come to me the way it wants to and adapt in real time. In a way, resolutions are like expectations; and some of you know I don't believe in expectations. So I just take the year as it is and just adapt quickly to new challenges.


JAN 11 2015 - simply updated the conclusion

If you have any realistic goals or hopes for the new year, I hope you can stick to them as best as you can. Good luck to you and hope next year is as promising and hopeful as you want it to be. And once again... if you wanted to read about more disappointments for me, read "Disappointment" here on John's Blog Space.

Thank you for reading! Have a great current year and an even better new year!

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