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You're Welcome Here

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(UPDATED: June 17, 2014)

Ever feel unwanted sometimes? Ever feel like your presence means nothing to whatever party or people you are around? I created this blog post for a reason- to offer sweet words for all visitors- you ARE welcome here! Don't ever think your input and involvement mean nothing to me. Without you, this is just another blog or website that nobody truly cares about. As some of you may know, most of my opinions are based on actual experiences of mine or of personal opinions I share. I figure if I don't share my mind about things, nobody will truly know what I think about something. So please enjoy this post of mine.

By the way, I have not ruled out making a related blog post based on elements of this topic. So stay tuned for a future blog post from me with some related issues mentioned here.

As of March 19, 2012, "John's Blog Space" has reached 1.5 million views (Blogger/Blogspot stats)! So thanks to all of you for contributing to the view count for this blog!


JUN 17 2014 - updated ending

--- You ARE Welcome Here! ---

Sometimes, I admit to being too concerned about what other people think. None of what I post is to draw any kind of reaction unless I am adamant about expressing something nobody else will express. When I visit some other peoples' blogs, I sometimes wonder if my comments are actually appreciated by whomever I post comments on. Many people will usually say that all comments are appreciated. Some even may go as far as to say that they will try to visit others' blogs based on whomever posts comments.

I comment on a lot of feminine fashion blogs. Thing is, I mostly follow feminine fashion and comment on it. I sometimes think it's unusual for a feminine fashion blog to get comments from a male. To me, most feminine fashion bloggers probably think, "why is a GUY commenting on something made for GIRLS?" That even sometimes apply to YouTube videos of beauty gurus. So maybe that's why I don't feel too welcome with comments on certain blogs. I do, however, comment professionally and like I actually know what I'm talking about. The one thing I always wonder is if other people appreciate my presence and my comments. Some people respond to me; some people don't respond to me. I just want to be assured that my appearance and involvement aren't getting in the way of other peoples' business and other peoples' sites.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I go into further detail about a masculine perspective on feminine fashion in "Male Perspective on Female Fashion." Click on the link at the end of this sentence to read this post of mine: "Male Perspective on Female Fashion" - John's Blog Space.

--- What I Want My Readers to Know ---

I absolutely mean what I say here... your visiting of "John's Blog Space" (as well as my other blogs) is absolutely welcome. Not a lot of people really recognize what someone visiting a blog or a website means to that person. In my life, there have been times and places where I've felt unwanted. Because I know what being unwelcome and unwanted feels like, I don't want other people to feel disregarded. So I'm thankful of all people who even remotely care about any topic I post here. When you did a search for something and found it in my blog, that means I've garnered your attention. All I can hope for is that what I've posted will be to your liking and your enjoyment. I don't just post material just to draw a reaction or just to pull people into a spammy website. Everything I do and post bears some sort of importance or usefulness. It wouldn't be worth expending a search engine's capabilities to find my blog(s) if there was nothing of use to the general public-at-large. Long story short- I'm thankful you're here.

You are always welcome to my blog(s). As long as you are an loyal and respectful person, I sincerely care about your involvement of visiting my blog and its posts. I love it when someone actually clicks on links and even supports any sort of material I post. That is what I would like to have from all of my visitors. Sometimes, other peoples' blogs and sites remind me of what I wish more people would do with my own material. Some blogs/websites get many more comments and posts than mine. I usually have a select few comment. The feeling is just surreal that I can get so many hits to John's Blog Space, yet have a small percentage actually get involved in some sort of way. I want to improve that ratio of loyal visitors if I can.

Loyalty, Not Spam!

Of course, as much as I want people to share their opinions and thoughts, I am also trying to weed out any would-be spammers. There are some people who will perform spam searches and somehow find my blog(s), then will post something with some suspicious link. I have taken multiple measures to ensure that my blog(s) don't get poisoned with spam. Even if a comment even SEEMS like spam or something posted from a suspicious search, I will block that comment and the one who made it. Don't make me feel suspicious. For example- there are people who'll put in a certain search term and find a certain blog post of mine. Any blog post of mine that continually gets consistent spam comments ultimately have comments for that post disabled. It's a disservice to both me and my readers/visitors.

Spam does NOT equal loyalty. Spammers just latch onto certain keywords and don't particularly care about sharing your content. They just come on and post a suspicious link while sounding completely human. I will NOT allow my blog to be poisoned with suspicious comments from suspicious visitors. For those of you who read my John's Corner on "Hobby vs. Profession," I touched up on SEO in regards to websites. I've read an article about how certain "firms" have hired people on the cheap to post an innocent comment to a blog post while also supplementing a suspicious link. It's just spam to try to poison a website and hurt its ranking online. Sad world, isn't it? ANYTHING for money.

So that is just a little extra blogging insight for you all.

Above all else, you are always welcome here on John's Blog Space and my other blogs. Don't ever think you don't mean anything to my work. You made the effort to come here and interact with my work. The least you can do is show your continued support of my work. That is all I ask of my respected and respectful readers. I love and respect all of you who care about and actually enjoy being here.

One last time...

You are always welcome here on John's Blog Space. Thank you so much for visiting. Please come back (and hopefully keep coming back) any time.

Thank you for reading!

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Gabriella Cozza said...

Congratulations on the 1.5 million views! That's awesome! I personally really do appreciate everyone's comments on my blog posts, especially yours.  They're always so thoughtful and sweet. :)  You should comment on whatever blogs you wish, most people do appreciate or don't mind it.  If they don't like it...well, who cares, they're not worth your concern anyway! ;)  Nice post, I feel welcomed and always love reading your posts. :)

  ♥ Principessa

GlamChameleon said...

Congrats John, u deserve this and so much more!!! You blog is really nice place, and u're such a polite and warm person!!

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