Monday, June 27, 2011

Male Perspective on Female Fashion

John Marine | 6/27/2011 02:03:00 PM | |
The one thing I realize from fashion bloggers is that it's different to see a male try to conversate and interact with feminine fashion. I've always been fascinated with female fashion since the mid-1990s. Part of that reason is because fashion is much more versatile for females than it is for us males.

For most of my own guys, many guys don't care about female fashion. The only thing they do care about is that their girls look good for their men. :) I was semi-inspired by the popular fashion blog, Fashion by He, regarding a masculine perspective on female fashion. I was also inspired by a loyal reader who commented on my blog post regarding florals in fashion. She was interested in how I discussed florals in fashion. Many things are always more interesting when told from a different perspective.

I do see myself a bit unique in the blogosphere that I am a male actively discussing and critiquing feminine fashion. I can appreciate many elements of feminine fashion- cute, chic, sexy, fierce, tough, stuff like that. I have my own likes in fashion. Conversely, I have things I'm not really into or dislike. One of the first ones long ago was on tucking jeans into boots. I eventually got over that. Same went for gladiator sandals, but to an extent- got over that as well. I know this will probably offend some of my female readers, but I've never liked the combination of cut-off denim short-shorts with tights and pumps/boots/sandals. It's usually light-washed denim shorts paired with black tights with black shoes or pumps. I'm sorry- I've never liked this look. I have also never really liked denim shorts with the front pockets hanging down. I've always seen this as trashy. Just never liked this look even though so many other females do.

Regardless, I have a healthy like and healthy dislike of certain fashions and styles. You can name any style- rompers/playsuits, peep-toe boots, boyfriend fashions... whatever floats your boat. I have my own ideas and opinions on certain fashions. I've sometimes avoided discussing certain fashions in my blog even though my primary blog is my breakaway from a proper fashion forum. This is because I may say something I know would easily infuriate my fashionable friends. All because my thoughts would be much different from what mainstream thinking or popular culture says about such looks and fashions. It was my motivation to shy away from discussing fashion on a certain message board, primarily because I felt completely not qualified to discuss fashion there. You wonder why I don't have my own fashion blog? It's because I am just not qualified to discuss fashion professionally. So I moved my fashion discussions here. While it may sound strange speaking as a male, I feel more comfortable discussing feminine fashion than I do masculine fashion.

How do you feel about a male like myself mostly engaged in discussion of feminine fashions? By the way, if you are interested in feminine fashion from a masculine perspective according to Fashion by He, take a look at "Fashion by He" here on Blogspot. I salute all the many fashion blogs I follow. To see certain fashion blogs I pay tribute to, check out my other blog posts:

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Thank you for reading!

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