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Visual Merchandising in Fashion

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When following certain fashion bloggers and those into fashion, I've heard of fashion visual merchandising. I had no idea was visual merchandising was until I saw a few YouTube videos. This specific post is about visual merchandising in fashion. Now to educate my audience on visual merchandising in fashion to my readers, I want to bring this to light and showcase what I've learned about fashion visual merchandising. You can thank me if you like if I somehow get you into fashion visual merchandising. ;)

A special hello to any of you who are into or working within the realm of fashion visual merchandising! Maybe I can do you proud with my blog post to my readers. Welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

NOTE: Everything here is based on my own understanding of this topic.

About the Label: "Careers"

The "Careers" label is a look at certain careers. A real positive I look to draw from this is to maybe get some people interested in certain careers. Everything is all based either on what I've learned or what I believe about certain fields people may be interested in. Regardless, I am hopeful to perhaps get people interested in certain careers if they find my posts inspiring. I don't expect people to be interested into certain fields when they visit my blog, but it would be nice to know I at least inspire people in some way.

--- Fashion Visual Merchandising at a Glance ---

Let's begin with an example of visual merchandising. It was this video where I felt like I learned the most about visual merchandising. This is a long video at nearly eight and a half minutes long. If you have the time, please take a look at this video:

I'm sure you female readers have been to the mall or to department stores and became attracted to items you see in the window. You see a cute outfit or some foxy shoes. Maybe you guys out there seen a cool suit or a nice casual outfit. No matter what the store- Hollister, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Pacsun, Hot Topic, Torrid, Saks Fifth Avenue, or whatever fashion store(s) you like- part of the attraction of these fashions is in how stores are arranged. Visual merchandising is the first step in drawing in visitors. The finest of fashions all mean nothing if you don't arrange a store properly to make the shopping experience fun.

The best way to set a store up with fashion is to arrange everything in a special way based on the clothes being sold. I've been to various stores with clothes nicely arranged. The character of a certain retailer can also help in its appeal. For example, I remember going to a Hollister store once. Since Hollister is marketed towards the teen and young adult set while also having beach/surf-influenced style, you can afford to be very casual with the clothes while still offering that beachy experience. What works for a Hollister store, however, won't work for a place like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. You don't want an upscale and classy retailer to have something better suited towards teenagers than those with money to burn or serious window shoppers (no disrespect to my younger audience).

Whether it is clothes, shoes, accessories, or whatever; it is very important to showcase everything in an appealing manner. It has to be appealing while also being completely marketable. So is the job of a visual merchandiser.

Fashion Visual Merchandising, as I Understand It.

To the best of my understanding, visual merchandising is an element of fashion involving properly showcasing clothing to the masses. In other words, this is like housekeeping. You are trying to market fashion to consumers by nicely decorating and arranging a clothing store properly. Fashion consumers likely are attracted to the fashions featured at a store. However, no one will want to visit any fashion store if you fail to arrange it properly.

Fashion Visual Merchandising Analogy.

Think about it for a moment. No one wants to go a store or certain section of a store for any special reason if you don't properly promote it. Think about when a holiday or any other special occasion is celebrated. As of this blog post, Mother's Day goods are offered at stores. How, as a merchandiser, do you promote your Mother's Day goods to your target audience? A well-arranged layout will make the shopping experience fun. A haphazardly set up store looks sloppy and uninspired, and no one person will want to shop at a store or a location that is arranged in a sloppy manner.

Therefore, visual merchandising is a VERY important element to those who are trying to sell and/or promote goods to others.

--- Fashion Visual Merchandising Blog Example ---

I usually feature multiple blogs whenever going around the blogosphere. However, I will feature the only blogger I best know as a visual merchandiser. This is a blogger named Christina, and her blog is called "Heart Made." She studied Visual Merchandising in college. I want to share with you two examples of her visual merchandising work. Here is your inspiration:

Visual Merchandising Windows - Part 1 - Heart Made « fashion example
Visual Merchandising Windows - Part 2 - Heart Made « non-fashion example

You now have a little insight from a blogger on visual merchandising. To see more of Christina's posts, visit Heart Made.

--- Want to Get Started in Fashion Visual Merchandising? ---

Want to get started with visual merchandising? As I like to do in my blog, I want my readers to get the full experience. Let me offer you these resources so you can get started considering getting into visual merchandising. All resources listed below are primarily for my United States audience, and maybe even Canada too. If it is a non-American or non-Canadian resource, I will make note of it. So have a look around:

America and Canada.

Merchandise Marketing - FIDM « FIDM = Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
The Art Institutes' Schools "fashion visual merchandising" search results « based on search results.
Visual Merchandising - Career Profile -
LIM College
Fashion Visual Merchandising Jobs - Job is Job « Fashion Visual Merchandising Jobs in Canada


Visual Merchandising - Fashion - Central Saint Martins (United Kingdom)
Visual Merchandiser - Creative Way (United Kingdom)
Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising - Domus Academy (Italy)
Fashion Visual Merchandising training course in Milan (Italy)
Professional course in fashion visual merchandising - Accademia del Lusso (Italy)
Visual Inspirations Australia (Australia)
Fashion Retailing, Marketing & Merchandising Part Time course - AIFD « AIFD = Australian Institute of Fashion Design (Australia)


Fashion Visual Merchandising | Fashion -

I hope I could spur your interest here. As always, more links could be added depending on if I can find some more resources for you all. Feel free to contact me with any more links if you can further assist my audience.

If any of you in fashion visual merchandising can offer any extra advice that may interest my readers, please be sure to contact me. I will update this post with more information in case this blog post becomes popular and useful. Thank you for reading!

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GlamKitten88 said...

I bet I would be a good visual merchandiser.  Is that a thing?  Did I just make up a word?  I can usually talk anyone into buying anything.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

GlamChameleon said...

I must to reply on B's comment, something doesn't let me to write my own comment again!:/
This is fantastic post John, as I said in the previous post- educational base is on the high level!! I enjoyed so much reading all informations, and now u'll excuse me- I'll go to check all links from here!:)


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