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A Happy Getaway

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Imagine if there was a time where your day-to-day worries are all put aside, and you experience something that brings you joy and happiness. Maybe you have money issues and have a day to enjoy going to fun places and checking out fun things. Maybe you have problems getting along with your family and have a day to enjoy being together and sharing happiness. Current times may disallow you from having fun or enjoying yourself. However, what if you could experience or give someone an experience of happiness and joy outside from your average life? This happy period could last anywhere from a few seconds to a day (or even a week). What would you want as your happy moment? Would you want one of these happy moments for yourself, or would you want to give someone the opportunity to live happily and freely even if for a limited time?

This blog post was inspired by my popular "A Day With Unlimited Money" post. Yes- even my own blog posts inspire me sometimes! I am asking you this time about if you could give yourself (or someone else) something for some period of time to help someone feel better and free... even if only temporarily.

I had trouble trying to name this blog post, so I named it with getaways in mind.

--- A Happy Getaway ---

I need to find a picture to help set the mood of this blog post so, this was the best I could find:

happy getaway
^ from: - Wanna get away? Some people (including yourself) who have day-to-day struggles and could use some happy times can surely use a happy getaway.

You may have heard of certain contests on television and radio where vacations are offered. Well, these getaways are kind of what I am discussing for this blog post. What I am discussing here is about what sort of getaway you could provide for someone (or yourself) to feel better and happier, even if only temporarily. These are times where people can feel free and happy for some amount of time. These are times where pleasant surprises happen and where certain desirable moments are experienced to help people feel better about themselves. It is a break from certain day-to-day worries and a chance to enjoy yourself for once. Vacations and getaways don't generally mean going to places- it is merely about providing some kind of reinforcement to help provide happiness.

When I think of others offering someone something very happy and fun, I usually think of people dealing with illnesses or financial hardships (or even both). I am reminded of children who may have life-threatening illnesses, and children who have heroes in their lives (often celebrities and athletes) are granted a chance to meet their heroes. Families that can't financially support themselves would get shopping sprees for their children. The financially-strapped parents may receive (or even win) some money to help them get through their day-to-day struggles. It may be temporary or just enough to get through the upcoming week, but at least some stability is provided. Someone who may have lost a lover due to breaking up or the lover's death would like an opportunity to meet someone new or do some fun things to help someone cope. What about someone who is on their own? A getaway for a lone individual would be to give him/her the opportunity to do something he/she has longed to do.

Honest-to-goodness people shouldn't have to struggle with anything. However, not everyone has all the resources and all the necessities to help get through life. Not as many people feel as positive to get out of bed and live another day. Some people honestly think each day is just another chance to hope for the absolute best... either to not get that "absolute best" or have the same nagging problems as the day before. We all have influences within and outside of our control.

That's why we should be thankful there are positive times and positive experiences to help ease our minds when faced with certain uneasy times. I always believe such happy getaways are there because they give us a glimpse at what is out there to be proud of as opposed to just having another down-in-the-dumps kind of life. Everyone has some kind of experience or dream that one would love to take part in. Usually, a certain experience that is a vacation from whatever bothers people

--- Giving Happy Getaways To People ---

If you could provide any sort of experience or provide some sort of temporary relief for someone...

• Who would you give a getaway to?
• What would you provide to temporarily help someone be happy and free?
• Where would you take someone?
• What would make the recipient happy?
• Can this getaway possibly change someone's life at present?

...those are just things to think about if you could offer a getaway for someone dealing with some sort of issue(s). One has to remember that certain getaways are not permanent fixes for certain issues. So for example, a getaway where you take someone on a shopping spree will not help that person over dealing with certain illnesses or relationship problems. These getaways I am discussing are basically reprieves and vacations from having to deal with the same problems and issues one is facing right now.

Having the ability to offer these getaways is something to appreciate and cherish. Times may be tough, and money (among other factors) may prevent you from living life better than how you could be living life; but it doesn't mean that certain enjoyable moments can't still be had. There are times I wish I could offer certain people getaways to help them feel better and be free. I even imagine a certain getaway for myself. Or at least, imagining a time where I can do and have certain things to be confident and happy. I don't make sufficient money or have some traditional 9-to-5 job to where I could support myself. So for some things, I often imagine my own getaways.

So who would you give a happy getaway to, and what do you think will make someone purely happy with these getaways?

--- Final Thoughts ---

Just like when I discussed a day with unlimited money, life unfortunately doesn't offer you to do such things to help others out. Offering these reprieves takes generosity and heart. We all still live lives which usually don't allow ourselves to fully enjoy life and fully enjoy what all is possible when we have resources to help us live the best lives we can. Sometimes, we need getaways to help spark happiness and provide more reasons to smile. Some getaway moments even help provide some momentum towards (hopefully) solving certain problems we face. If we could, we wished there were times where someone could help provide a reprieve that helps us feel more confident and happy about living rather than constantly deal with certain issues that really take away from living happier than how we could be living.

There is a reason why I put together blog posts like this. Most of what I discuss relate to certain life issues or personal experiences of mine. I want people to feel better about themselves. I want to express some of my own matters in hopes of others learning from me and living better from my own experiences. I may not boldly express what all I am going through, but I do just enough in hopes to inspire others. If life was easier and simpler, there would be no need to offer advice because we would already live trouble-free lives. Since life is unfair, though, we sometimes need some kind of reinforcement and some look at happier times to help remind us what life has to offer outside of day-to-day issues.

One other important thing I want to note is that I actually love and respect people who visit my blog. Showing my appreciation to visitors is done by offering things like this post to others. You loyal readers make me happy because I want to offer quality material to everyone to enjoy. If I honestly didn't care about making people happy and positive, I wouldn't have put this much effort into putting together such posts. Having dealt with life issues (including depression) makes me want to help others in hopes of helping myself. I want to generate that sort of confidence to others. I may exist only online to most people, but at least I am an online entity that cares.

So what do you think about giving or being the recipient of happy getaways? Can you put together something to get people away (even if temporarily) from their day-to-day struggles and let them live happily and carefree? Is there a getaway you want for yourself? Please be sure to comment away, and thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

It is so fun to think about the perfect getaway. I don't even know what mine would be, but Mr. A would have to be with me. Duh! Anywhere that we would go together would be perfect, though.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

John B. Marine said...

I just wrote something today- that we must to find happy place inside of ourselves so we can be happy in any other place! There are moments we should change our environment in order to get some fresh point of view and to recharge our batteries. That's why I love to change the place from time to time, and to travel. And that's why perfect gateway for me would be traveling around the world!:Dlol
Happy Tuesday John!

John B. Marine said...

i would love to have a getaway to korea, alone! well, with a tour guide who can speak english though ;D xx

To Juliet

John B. Marine said...

I would love to give my parents a very well-deserved vacation! They haven't taken one in years mostly because my dad works ALL the time and he also has to take care of my grandma. They deserve some nice R&R! :)

xo, Yi-chia

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