Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Stop Doing What You Love!

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One of my most recent blogging friends received lots of poor comments regarding one's blog and its content. This person enjoys blogging and feels there is worth behind what is posted on it. The blogger wondered if the blog should continue or be closed. I, and others think the blog should continue regardless of what critics said of it. The blogger is a female, but I'll leave her name and her blog undisclosed. This is a blog post I want to quickly publish to express a message: don't stop doing what you love!

If I didn't care so much about getting attention and views from others, I wouldn't have done blogging or videos. Why do I blog? I love it. Why do I make videos? I love it. I love what I do and feel like I have an obligation to impress others with my content. If I didn't care one bit about attention or helping others, I wouldn't have engaged in any sort of work. My content and material bear too much importance to go forgotten or disregarded.

Fortunately, I haven't had too many critics in my blogging. I've mostly had to deal with spammers and suspicious visitors than people who would lash out at me for whatever reason. YouTube, however, is a much different story. I would commonly confront people who constantly make fun of my looks or talk about I sound like a robot or that I look mentally retarded.

So why do I keep doing what I do? Love. I have too much invested in what I do in wanting to give up at this point. If you have too many haters and critics, just remember that you have an audience that does love your work. So you need to keep up the good work for the people who care about your work. Keep your fans in your best interests and let your critics criticize. Remember- you posted your material to cyberspace because your material has value and that you want that material to be worth something to your fans. You have fans and readers that are devoted to your work and care deeply about seeing the latest and greatest material. WHY STOP NOW? Keep providing quality material to all of your fans and supporters. One last time...


And that's all, really. :)

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

Do more of what you love no matter what others say! She should by all means continue blogging!

John B. Marine said...

i totally agree with you

John B. Marine said...

I have a T-shirt that says, "Haters make me famous." Once you start getting trolls on your site, you know that you have hit the big time. I get a few anonymous hater comments occasionally, and it doesn't bother me. Let them hate. :) @GlamKitten88

John B. Marine said...

That's true, while there are still people who apreciate what you do and you love what you do, you have to continue doing what you know best. Great post John and thank you.

John B. Marine said...

Aw, this is so true! I don't understand people who take the time to read or watch something that they hate and then take more time to make negative comments. Just don't read or watch it! You keep being you! :)

xo, Yi-chia

John B. Marine said...

My dear blog friend, you always have something so beautiful and inspirational to say!! I can see you're so passionate about blogging and I wish you to achieve huge success, from the bottom of my heart!! I'm "copping" as well with this issue, but I'm trying to always remind myself how much I love what I'm doing!!
Happy Friday!

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