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John's Corner: Up and Running

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When I started "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine," I was reminded of what it really takes for a blog to be a success. This edition of "John's Corner" highlights on some of those unique challenges and what I've learned using Blogger/Blogspot. I think this may be a good read for anyone fairly new to blogging on the Blogger/Blogspot interface.

--- John's Corner: Up and Running ---

A new blog or website requires you to modify a lot of things and try some new things if you want it to be successful. I've been fortunate to have John's Blog Space and its traffic to hopefully go over and support my other material. I like to call the process of moving over resources from a flagship source to other sources as a "mother system." Like a [responsible] mother, she feeds and nurtures her offspring with various resources to help keep them fed and in good health. So is the way I treat my other blogs.

It eventually took some time when I made "John's Shop Space." People had to eventually find my second blog and find a reason to visit. I started making more posts while also giving it its appearance. Then came "John's Gran Turismo Space." Once again- I had to give that blog its own identity and offer reason for people to visit. I would later set up a fourth blog ONLY used for experimental purposes and only for me to view.

Neither of those two blogs are as successful or with nearly as many hits as "John's Blog Space." Not as many people visit whenever I make mention to my latest posts. So what do I do? Promote the heck out of my material via Facebook and Twitter. I've used to feature my latest posts as well as any updates to my latest posts. I allow my readers/visitors to check out related posts using nRelate. I have a number of resources for everyone to help make the blogging experience a satisfying one when visiting any of my blogs.

Now With a New Blog...

Now with my blog "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine", I have to try to drive my traffic from JBS to my new blog in hopes of getting that one more traffic. I picked up about 29 hits in one day for StyleSpace. StyleSpace is my fashion-focused blog. To make a layout for StyleSpace, I took and edited my John's Blog Space template and made various edits to suit StyleSpace.

I chose my topic accordingly and considered what all could be possible trying to work with StyleSpace. I wanted this to be a proper fashion blog and haven't strayed too far away from any fashion-related themes and topics. A new blog means you have new things to want to work with in making it a success. Your readers/visitors probably won't get into your new blog right away, but they will over time. So you never want to give up as you keep working to get more people to care about your new blog. That is, unless you feel you can do no more to make something you've worked hard for go towards any real success. One

Things I've Learned Over Time About Blogging.

Here were things that eventually helped me to make my blog(s) more successful here on Blogger/Blogspot:

• use labels
Some people just scatter across labels. Labels are there to help categorize your material. That's why so many people instantly follow certain labels based on topics they enjoy.

• try interesting subjects and topics
Certain topics can get you a great deal of visitors. But then again, some interesting topics may not exactly work out. You also need to make sure to type up something of quality so visitors can come back again and again.

• have patience!
Very few things have "overnight success," so to speak. You have to let people be able to check out your material. It also helps you make material of quality. Don't just type up something just to hope people eventually care.

• continually experiment new things and layouts
I usually look for new ways to get my blog(s) to be more enjoyable. I even change up the layout and template to make things more accessible and useful. A little goes a long way.

• it may take just one post!
Sometimes, one very interesting post helps drive traffic over to your blog. Some of my most-popular blog posts have to do with fashion. Whoever thought that blog posts regarding hair would be among my most popular posts?

• engagement is key
Giving a blog a lift sometimes involves other people sharing something. That's why when I blogged about my first impressions of Gran Turismo 5 from the kiosk demo, GTPlanet (which is a MASSIVE online community) linked to my blog post as I was getting traffic from all over the world. A major community that has people linking over to your blog can go a long way in getting crazy amounts of traffic. If you know you can draw a huge crowd that visits your site for one or few days, it gives you confidence that you can draw such huge crowds on a consistent basis. Question is- how do you make that happen? It varies for many people.

While "StyleSpace" is fairly new, I am still confident I can make it explode in popularity. I will do all I can to make it popular. Problem is, I need YOUR (yes, you) help to make it popular. I can only do so much. Everything else hinges on the public. If you love fashion, you can help by visiting my new blog here:

StyleSpace, by John B. Marine

Thanks to everyone who helped in trying to get my new blog more hits and comments. Keep it up becuase I want my new blog to be every bit as successful as my others.

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

Good luck with the new blog! You are always so supportive, so I'll do my best to support yours, heading over there now to check it out! :)

xo, Yi-chia
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