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The Olympic Games

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The Olympics is the greatest showcase of talent worldwide in a variety of sporting events. It is the quest for excellence while also proudly representing your nation. The appeal of the Olympics is the same whether it is the Summer Games or Winter Games. To some people, I'm being politically correct in regards to the Olympics. However, I still consider the Olympic Games to be a showcase of excellence across a number of sports. There is also a number of rivalries (both international and cultural) and certain other issues that take away from the Olympics being about the sports and the games. You also may have certain controversies (like doping allegations or certain rules violations) that take away from the Olympics from being a showcase of athletic acumen.

This blog post is a casual post regarding the Olympic games.

--- The Olympics: Thoughts in General ---

Before I begin, let me say that I did not prepare this blog post to discuss the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games. This is more of an in general post regarding the Olympics. So read on and enjoy your time here on John's Blog Space!

Are you excited for the Olympics? If not, maybe this will get you going:

^ "John Williams - Olympic Fanfare and Theme The Original 1984 Recording.wmv" (YouTube) - These five rings mean only one thing- hundreds of countries, thousands of events, and many sports and opportunities to establish yourself and your country. Welcome to the Olympics.

Brief History.

(source: It is said that The Olympic Games dates back to 776 B.C. The first sporting events were devoted to the gods in Olympia in Greece. Olympia was also where the these sporting games were played. The games persisted until 393 A.D., as Emperor Theodosius banned all "pagan cults." The more modern Olympic events took form starting in 1896 starting in Athens, Greece.

You can read a lot more about The Olympics in ancient times by visiting this link: Ancient Olympic Games (

As a fact... the 2012 London Summer Games is not the first time London has hosted the Olympics. London is hosting the Olympic games for the first time since 1948.

The Rings.

Here is a little factoid section regarding the five Olympic rings...

(information provided by Wikipedia)
The Olympic rings consist of five interlocking rings- blue, black, red, yellow, and green. These rings were created in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. It would debut as an Olympic symbol starting with the 1920 Olympic games in Antwerp, Belgium. The rings all represent the five continents that compete in the Olympics. No one ring represents a single continent. However, before 1951, this was what each color represented:

• blue Olympic ring = Europe
• black Olympic ring = Africa
• red Olympic ring = Oceania
• yellow Olympic ring = Asia
• green Olympic ring = North and South America (as one continent)

Read more about the Olympic Rings (and other symbols) here: Olympic Symbols (links to the Olympic Rings) - Rings (Wikipedia).

My Biggest Draw to the Olympics.

What I love most about the Olympics is just the fact of you competing in any given sport while representing your country with pride. Every Olympic athlete has one goal- win the Gold medal for whatever sport(s) you take part in. You are taking on some of the world's best in any number of sports. Think about it for a moment- you've shown to be the best in a certain sport, and as you receive a Gold Medal, you hear the national anthem for your country play in the background. It means you won in a given sport, and so does your nation. The feeling is even greater when your country can win in multiple sports and rack up the gold medals. When you have more athletes compete in more events, that only improves your chances of getting those golds.

Hundreds of nations, thousands of athletes, many different sporting events held... what's not to love?

The Torch Relay.

You have to love the theme of carrying on an enduring flame going around the world. And of course, you have to love for the Olympic flame to ignite at the actual site of the Olympic Games to start a new Olympics. (According to Wikipedia) The torch relay has been a tradition of the Olympic Games since the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Olympics.

National Pride.

I mentioned earlier about national pride. How do you think it feels when you showcase your finest talent and represent your nation proudly? It means your country boasts the finest athletes for a given sport. And because you won, that gives you and your country a chance to brag a bit as you get your gold medal. If anything, that is the ultimate form of gratitude. You play for yourself and your team while also representing your country in Olympic events. This alone is usually the best motivator for wanting to make a statement in the Olympic Games.

That's basically my casual thoughts on the Olympics in general. These are always some of the finest sporting events of any kind.

--- The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) ---

In 2010, the first-ever Youth Olympic Games were played. This competition was held in Singapore and features some of the same pageantry and passion as the major Olympic Games. Competitors aged 14 through 18 can compete in these events. A lot of the major Olympic sporting events are included as part of the Youth Olympic Games.

Learn more about the YOG by visiting This link will appear again later in this blog post.

--- Special Olympics (Bonus Section!) ---

Part of reading my blog material is in being given bonus material. So I hope you get to enjoy this section!

While in no way associated with the main Olympic Games of the IOC (International Olympics Committee), the Special Olympics is a showcase of international athletic acumen with disabled athletes. It was founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver. The highlights of the Special Olympics are in the Special Olympics World Games. The first ever Summer Special Olympics World Games were held in Chicago, Illinois, USA; and the first Winter Special Olympics World Games were held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA in 1977. The Special Olympics World Games alternate between Summer and Winter games every two years. In 1993, the first Winter Special Olympics outside of the United States was held in Austria. The first non-American Summer Special Olympics World Games were held in Dublin, Ireland.

The same sort of passion and devotion is that is in the Special Olympics is the same passion and devotion in the real Olympic Games. It gives disabled athletes the opportunity to compete for their country and prove to be the best in the sport(s) they play. I would like to salute any and all disabled athletes who may be reading my blog and this post.

--- The Olympics: To My Own American Athletes... ---

If my fellow Americans in the Olympics or those looking to make future Olympic Games, and if you happen to be reading this blog post, here is my message:

Being an American, I especially cheer on all of my fellow Americans competing in all of the The Olympic Games. I want my own American athletes to do well whether it's the Olympic Summer Games or the Olympic Winter Games. Go compete hard and represent the USA with pride! Bring some medals back home (preferably Gold Medals)! :)

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Thank you for reading! Good luck to all nations and athletes who partake in The Olympic Games or are training for future Olympic Games. Equal wishes to Special Olympics athletes as well. Enjoyed my work? Get social with me!

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