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The Samsung Galaxy Player Series

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(UPDATED: March 25, 2013)

The Samsung Galaxy Player series has really caught on to me recently. I seem more convinced about this range of dedicated music players than I have previously. I hope to shed some light on the current range of Galaxy Players in this blog post. Read on to learn my thoughts on these devices and what they have to offer. As much as I like to say I've used these before, I haven't. It isn't often I go to a Best Buy or some place to see these and use these. In fact, I think you have to go to a Best Buy to see these things. It's been a while since I've been to any Best Buy to be honest. I wish I had money and other resources to be able to do more product reviews on devices that actually interest me. However, unless I can actually make money or have someone truly generous provide me with some of the various items I am considering reviewing or testing, I have to simply rely on impressions and thoughts.

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MAR 25 2013 - added an update (below)

A Sad Update...

(added: March 25, 2013)
According to things I've read online, Samsung has reportedly discontinued the entire selling the entire Samsung Galaxy Player range in the United States. There hasn't been any word yet on if Samsung may probably replace the Samsung Galaxy Player models with something new. It probably isn't likely Samsung will replace the model range. I noticed this when Best Buy was no longer selling the SGP models on its website. Amazon's prices on the SGP range have also been higher than normal. This either means you're out of luck if you want a Samsung Galaxy Player, or be ready to pay a bit more if you want to get your own Samsung Galaxy Player. You may even have to shop for used or refurbished models.

--- The Samsung Galaxy Player Series at a Glance ---

You (or someone you may know) may have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone of some kind. Well, the Korean maker's Galaxy Player series is part of the phone-without-the-phone lineup of devices. My knowledge of smartphones is incredibly poor. I still have a mid-2000s cell phone that is in no way extremely fancy. Many people will immediately have thoughts conjured of the Samsung Galaxy phones when thinking about the Galaxy Player series. Only thing is that you aren't tied to a cellular phone contract or be able to make calls (except through Skype, Tango, Fring, or some other service) with the Galaxy Player devices. The Samsung Galaxy Player series is all about being devoted to music playing, gaming, web browsing, and more... just without the phone features. Think of the Galaxy Players more like the iPhone... only without the phone.

Anyhow, the Samsung Galaxy Player series currently offers four models in the United States. There is a Galaxy Player sold only in Samsung's native South Korea called the 70 Plus that is really the top-of-the-line model of the Galaxy Player series, and it offers a more powerful processor along with the ability to watch live TV in South Korea. Each model designation is named after the screen size of each. The base model is the 3.6 while the top model of the range is the 5.0 Galaxy Player. The two models in-between are the 4.0 and 4.2 Galaxy Players.

Internals and Features.

Here are some of the basics on all or most of the Samsung Galaxy Player models. I have broken them up into little sections for easier reading:

• Each of these currently-offered models run on the same 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. They all operate on the Android "Gingerbread" interface. Some people even wonder if Samsung would consider upgrading the OS to either "Ice Cream Sandwich" or even "Jelly Bean." All Galaxy Players can access the Internet through WiFi, as opposed to other mobile Internet packages. Bluetooth devices can be used with the Galaxy Players if you have any Bluetooth devices.

• All Samsung Galaxy Players come with a touch screen as well as plastic backing. While plastic may be cheap-looking (nobody said the Galaxy Players were sexy looking), this plastic backing makes it very tough to really scratch up or smudge up the back. The Galaxy Players all feature USB cables as well as a travel adapter, so you won't have to have this device connected to your PC all the time just to recharge it. The rechargeable battery must be installed for you use them. They also come with a set of earbud headphones that have both volume controls and a microphone. An extra set of earbud tips are offered as part of the package. Speaking of sound, SoundAlive helps make all music and videos sound impressive. Get the best audio experience by toying around with the full suite of different EQ settings for music using SoundAlive.

• Each Galaxy Player includes 8GB of storage, but each one can be upgraded to have more memory available for you via a microSD slot (microSD card capacities up to 32, but I have heard it's possible to have a 64GB microSD card installed).

• Many people discredit the Galaxy Players for their 800×480 screen resolution, which all the Galaxy Players (excluding the SGP 3.6, which features a resolution of 480×320) have. They also feature two cameras- a front-facing VGA camera and a rear-facing camera of certain megapixels depending on the Galaxy Player model. The front-facing camera is good for VoIP (voice-over Internet Protocol) applications mostly. If you are familiar with Facetime on Apple devices, you can use other programs like Android's Qik, Samsung's ChatON, or even programs like Skype or Tango. Remember that the Samsung Galaxy Player is NOT a smartphone, so you do not have such phone features as you'd expect on a smartphone. You are able to modify various settings regarding the lighting displays for taking pictures and videos. Unfortunately, I think you can only shoot 640×480 video with each of the Samsung Galaxy Players.

• While the iPod Touch (which is the main competitor of these devices) doesn't have it, the Galaxy Players allow you to listen to FM Radio without needing an app or some accessories. So you get a lot of bang for the buck with the Samsung Galaxy Player series compared to the iPod Touch series. Each Galaxy Player gives you a vast array of apps including access to the Samsung Apps market and (more importantly) Google Play (formerly Android Market). Among the many different apps included with each Samsung Galaxy Player include:

Alarm/Clock, AllShare, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Email, FM Radio, Gallery, Gmail, Google Search, Latitude, Maps, Market, Memo, Mini Diary, My Files, Navigator, Qik, Samsung Apps, Task Manager, ThinkFree Office (free version), Voice Recorder, YouTube

Of course, more can be added by visiting Google Play or through other sites offering Android apps.

Those are the basics of the Samsung Galaxy Player series.

Why the Recent Change of Heart?

I sort of convinced myself about the Samsung Galaxy Player series. Think about the iPod Touch I've so wanted in a past blog post. Some of the things you don't get in an iPod Touch from the box is what you do get with the Galaxy Player. Notably, you get an AC Adapter. The one thing I feared most about the iPod Touch is that I would end up having to pay MORE just to maintain and get rooted with the iPod Touch. But it seems like with the Galaxy Player, I wouldn't have to pay as much just to protect and use it.

Let's do a little math for a moment...

• An iPod Touch costs about $199 US Dollars (excluding sales tax) for the 8GB model. If you don't have any other Apple devices or accessories, you'll probably want to get an Apple Universal Dock or some other docking station. Something like an iHome dock will cost about $30 US Dollars, and an Apple Universal Dock costs almost $60 US Dollars. It is recommended you get a case to protect your iPod Touch from scratches and drops- those can range from under $10 US Dollars to almost $50+ US dollars. So assume that you get the iPod Touch (8GB model) and get the Apple Universal Dock and a $25 US Dollar case to protect it. You're paying about $284 US Dollars total just to maintain your iPod Touch!

• Now look at the Samsung Galaxy Player series. The base model Galaxy Player (3.6 model) costs almost $150 US Dollars. Even if not as pretty or as feature-packed out the box, you get an AC adapter and several other goodies to help you get started. You could buy a case if you like for the Galaxy Player, which may run you about $20 US Dollars or so. However, you don't need much else unless you really want to personalize and protect it. So you're looking at about $170 US Dollars compared to what you want to get for your iPod Touch.

The difference in price? Here's a review:

• 8GB iPod Touch: $199 USD (iPod Touch) + $60 USD (Apple Universal Dock) + $25 (case) = $284 USD (estimated)
• Galaxy Player 3.6: $150 USD (SGP 3.6) + $25 USD (case) = 175 USD
• Difference: $284 - $175 = $109

So you're looking at over $100 USD price difference if you want to buy and maintain using a Galaxy Player as your MP3 player of choice as opposed to an iPod Touch.

It is now time to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Player series based on what I've read and seen videos on.

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More to come!

--- The Samsung Galaxy Player Series ---

This part of the blog post introduces you to the four main models of the Galaxy Player range along with a look at the 70 Plus. Everything you see here is based on what I've read online and seen in videos. Maybe you're considering getting one of these devices for your own enjoyment. Perhaps I can help you with that as well. This entire section is the real heart of this blog post.

As you read about these models, you may notice that I am a bit unsure as to which model I really want to get if I had enough money to buy any of the models. So sort of keep this in mind as you read through this blog post. Also note that any listed prices are based on the prices offered from Samsung's website for each model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6
^ from: amazon.com - Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. This is the base model of the SGP range.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is the model I've wanted for its price and its simplicity. It is the base model of the Galaxy Player range. The 3.6 model features a single monaural speaker on the rear side. Its rear camera is capable of taking pictures at 2 megapixels. As I mentioned in the previous section, each model is designated by its screen size; and the 3.6 Galaxy Player has a 3.6-inch wide multi-touch screen. The front of the device features three capacitive buttons at the bottom. From left to right: there is a Menu button, a Home button, and a Back button. The SGP 3.6 model is the smallest model in the Samsung Galaxy Player range. It is also the only model in the Samsung Galaxy Player range that has a screen resolution of 480×320. Its dimensions are only about 0.2 inches taller and wider than an iPod Touch. So if you are used to the size of the iPod Touch, the SGP 3.6 model is only a little wider and taller. Its base price is about $149.99 US Dollars.

If you want to access the microSD slot, you will need to take apart the rear cover of the Galaxy Player 3.6 and install the microSD card into a slot around the battery. There is no external access to the microSD slot without needing to take off the back cover on the 3.6 model.

MY THOUGHTS: This Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 model is about the best way to enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Player range without having to pay too much. It has all the basics for you to simply enjoy the many media uses for this device. Its dimensions are only 0.2 inches wider and taller than the iPod Touch. So if you can imagine the size of the iPod Touch, it can be easy to understand what the SGP 3.6 will feel like in your hand and in your pocket. It is just a bit bigger than the iPod Touch. It is the only player in the series with the 480×320 resolution. Many of which, say is very poor for such a portable media player. Its colors are even not as good as I've heard and read.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0
^ from: amazon.com - The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 model. Unlike the 3.6 model, the SGP 4.0 offers a little more to make it more insatiable than the base 3.6 model.

While the 3.6 model offers a lot to establish itself, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 has just a little more. For one thing, the biggest difference between the 3.6 and the 4.0 is that the Galaxy Player 4.0 has stereo speakers on the back compared to the single mono speaker on the 3.6 model. The Galaxy Player 4.0 boasts a 4-inch wide screen with a screen resolution of 800×480 along with a 3.2 megapixel rear camera. You can insert the USB cable and the headphones at the top of the device. Like the other Galaxy Player models, it does feature a front-facing VGA camera. One video I saw on YouTube noted that this device is better for gaming than with the 3.6 or 4.2 (the next model I will highlight). This Galaxy Player is only sold in white. And for a price of around $229.99 US Dollars, it can be yours.

You will need to detach the back cover to access the microSD slot. Unlike the 3.6 model's configuration, the microSD slot is actually in a more convenient place as opposed to where it is on the 3.6 Galaxy Player. It is actually on the side near the left rear speaker. And again- up to a 32GB microSD card (or even with a 64GB card).

MY THOUGHTS: The fact the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 has stereo speakers on the back makes this portable media player more interesting to play media with than the 3.6 Galaxy Player. Its wider screen and screen resolution also means you can enjoy more higher quality videos without needing to letterbox the video image. So think of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 as a higher step up from the base model. It is better in layout and form than the base 3.6 SGP.

(ADDED: July 14, 2012) I am not sure of this, but I think the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 has been discontinued. I don't see it being sold from Best Buy or Samsung's website anymore. It's really a great shame because I would vastly favor the SGP 4.0 model to be my dream model. Then again, I first heard of the SGP 4.0 being discontinued when I read comments from a YouTube channel. So your options may now include the 3.6, the 4.2, and the 5.0 Samsung Galaxy Player models.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2
^ from: amazon.com - The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 model. It may be the best media package of the Galaxy Players considering its front-mounted speakers.

The biggest impression I would draw from the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 model is that this one has the best media experience of the Galaxy Player range. A big reason why can be seen up front. This is the only Galaxy Player with FRONT speakers, and there are two of them for stereo sound. So in other words, you can enjoy listening to music and videos with stereo sound blaring right at you. Speaking of videos, you can enjoy videos with a 4.2-inch wide screen. Its wider dimensions make it a bit better to view videos with. So you can properly enjoy (especially) 16:9 streaming movies and videos. The USB cable and headphones can be inserted at the bottom of the device. The rear camera is mounted in a different position compared to the other models. As opposed to near the top-left corner on the back, it is mounted in a more top-central position. Try not to get lost in decimals with this next sentence- the 4.2 Galaxy Player only comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera compared to the 3.2 megapixel camera on the 4.0 model. The Home button on the 4.2 model, unlike the other two models I've discussed so far, has a hard Home button along with two capacitive buttons on the side. So it's easy to find the Home button on the 4.2 Galaxy Player. From a YouTube video, this version is not really recommended for gaming, compared to the 4.0 Galaxy Player. That is even though you get "FIFA 12" and "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit" preloaded with this device. There is even a suite for more Electronic Arts games that you can try and buy. This device is priced at $199.99 US Dollars.

It is only available in black, but it is also offered in white with international versions of the 4.2 SGP; and I think you can get it in 8GB or 16GB and with a dual-core processor. You must take off the rear cover and the battery to access the microSD slot on this device. The SD card can be placed in a certain corner where the battery is located. And again- microSD cards up to 32GB can be installed for more space.

MY THOUGHTS: Without hesitation, this is the dream audio setup I'd want for a Samsung Galaxy Player. I would probably prefer to have the look and feel of the SGP 4.0 model but with the speaker setup of the 4.2 Galaxy Player. Overall, this seems to be the best top-to-bottom package for media and other uses. I wouldn't really do a lot of gaming with it. Had I the money, this wouldn't be a bad portable media player for me to consider getting. (ADDED: July 16, 2012) This is the model I would actually consider getting now that the 4.0 model is being phased out. My only issue is money. Also, pricing is screwy. The 4.2 is a great model for all of its specs excluding the 2.0 megapixel rear camera. Yet... the 4.0 is more expensive. The SGP 4.2 is about the same price as the 8GB model iPod Touch. Price-wise, you got an interesting choice to make- do you buy an iPod Touch or the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2? Now that I think about it, I actually like the layout of the 4.2 more than I do the ones on the 3.6 or 4.0 models.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
^ from: amazon.com - The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 model. It is the top-of-the-line model for the United States.

Samsung's ultimate Galaxy Player offering is the 5.0 Galaxy Player. It is the biggest and most expensive model of the US-sold Samsung Galaxy Players. Its 5-inch wide screen makes the Galaxy Player 5.0 seem borderline like an Internet tablet than an MP3 player. Better have deep enough pockets in a pair of non-tight bottoms if you intend to pocket this machine around! The USB cable and headphones both are inserted at the top of the device. Of the main Galaxy Players sold in the USA, the 5.0 is the only Galaxy Player that features a rear-facing camera with LED flash. That rear camera is good for 3.2 megapixel images. It is also the only Galaxy Player model that does not have a rechargeable battery that you could easily replace. So if you do need to replace the battery, it is going to be pretty risky trying to open up the back and take out the battery. $219.99 US Dollars is what you can expect to pay if you want to get this one.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is only offered in white. Installing a microSD card into it only requires you to load it at the top of the Galaxy Player 5.0 and not have to take apart the rear of the device. Remember that you can upload a microSD card of up to 32GB (or up to 64GB) in the microSD slot.

MY THOUGHTS: This is the ultimate of the Galaxy Player offerings. However, it's too bulky and too much for me and my needs. So I'd pass on the Galaxy Player 5.0 if I were shopping for any of the offered Samsung Galaxy Player models. I have nothing against the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0- it's just that it is outside of my needs.

Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus (Bonus!).

Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus
^ from: phonearena.com - The Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus. While not sold in America, you probably wished it did after you read what it is capable of.

This piece of bonus material is on the Samsung Galaxy Player 70. Consider this as my method of thanking you for reading this blog post and visiting my blog. The Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus is only sold in white and is pretty powerful. Unlike the four sold in the United States, the 70 Plus is powered by a dual-core 1 GHz processor. This is the first-ever dual core media player from the Korean consumer electronics manufacturer. It has a 5.0 megapixel camera and a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery. The device is offered either with 16GB of storage or up to 32GB of storage. The Korean-only model comes with a DMB TV tuner to enjoy watching TV on. All this media goodness can be enjoyed on its 5-inch screen. The 16GB model is told to be sold for 399K won (or about $350 US Dollars), and the 32GB model is sold for about 469K won (or about $410 US Dollars).

This device comes in white. It boasts dimensions of (height × width × depth) 5.56 × 3.08 × 0.47. It probably isn't as pocket friendly as most other MP3 players. Like the other Galaxy Players, it runs on the Android "Gingerbread" interface. I think if the United States does eventually get the Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus, it probably won't have all the bells and whistles that makes this beast be the true top-of-the-line beast like this Korean version. Here is a preview of the Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus:

^ "Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Official Commercial"

MY THOUGHTS: This Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus may be TOO good for the United States! So many features in such a massive portable media player would make this just the ultimate offering from Samsung, trumping the 5.0 like it's child's play. I'd CERTAINLY want to play-test this device if I were faced with the Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus.

So those are all four Samsung Galaxy Player models including a look at the 70 Plus.

--- Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 ---

(ADDED: August 30, 2012)

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8
^ from: ubergizmo.com - The new 5.8 Samsung Galaxy Player boasts the looks of the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III) smartphone.

Announced at IFA 2012 in Berlin (and even before then in South Korea), Samsung has added a new addition to the range of Samsung Galaxy Players with the SGP 5.8 model. The SGP 5.8 has a beautiful appearance that vastly mimics the beautiful Galaxy S3 smartphone. Its specifications are larger than (believe it or not) the Galaxy Note! The 5.8 Samsung Galaxy Player boasts a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen. It packs a resolution of 960 × 640- just like the iPod Touch. In addition, it has a 2500 mAh battery along with microSD support. Unlike the other SGP models, this one runs on Android 4.0 (compared to the "Gingerbread" models of the previous SGP models. [I think] it runs on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich." It boasts 16GB of onboard storage. As of this post (Aug. 30, 2012), I have no idea of its price. I do assume it could cost somewhere between $200 USD and $250 USD, and I do think it may cost somewhere around $250 USD.

I mentioned this SGP 5.8 is larger than the Galaxy Note. And for comparison, I included the recently-unveiled Galaxy Note 2. Here is a comparison (all measurements in inches and rounded to the nearest hundreth):

--- Dimensions ---
• Samsung Galaxy Note: 5.8-in. high, 3.3-in. wide, 0.4-in. deep
• Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 6.0-in. high, 3.2-in. wide, 0.4-in deep
• Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8: 6.5-in. high, 3.4-in. wide, 0.4-in. deep

The joke made is that this big SGP is not recommended for those who don't have deep pockets or wear skinny bottoms. Essentially, this is like a portable HDTV with amazing sound and video quality.

MY THOUGHTS: I considered the 5.0 to be too big for me. Well, the 5.8 is even bigger! I wouldn't see myself owning this as far as a media player in my pockets outside the house. I think it would be perfect for me around the house.

The only other thing I wonder is if the current Samsung Galaxy Players will begin to take on looks and cues from the Galaxy S3.

--- What Would Be My Dream Samsung Galaxy Player? ---

What would be the dream Samsung Galaxy Player for me? Based on what you've read in this blog post, here is my dream model based on the specifications of the four sold in the United States:

My dream Samsung Galaxy Player would...
• ...have the front-facing stereo speakers of the SGP 4.2 model.
• ...have the 3.2 megapixel camera with flash of the SGP 5.0 model.
• ...have the overall layout of buttons on the 3.6 and 4.0 models.
• ...be sized no larger than the 4.0 model (or maybe the SGP 4.2).
• ...be colored in black. Either that, or maybe offer a nice Sapphire Blue color similar to the blues in my blog. Offering a color other than black or white would be more along the lines of having custom-made devices.

And last, but not least, my dream Samsung Galaxy Player...
• ...would be VERY cool of Samsung if they made this dream model just for me! :)

So there you go.

(ADDED: July 14, 2012) If the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 is discontinued, I really think Samsung should come up with something in-between the 3.6 and 4.2 models; or they should probably offer something in-between the 3.6 and 4.0 models and make that the new entry-level Samsung Galaxy Player. They should also make the resolution 800×480. The SGP 4.0 was just right in many aspects. My only issue was price. I don't think the SGP 4.0 should be more expensive than the 4.2, which has a weaker rear camera than the 4.0 model.

My best bet is that the 3.6 will surely be the real entry-level model even if it doesn't offer stereo rear speakers like the 4.0 does. Samsung just needs to make a more attractive entry-level model than the SGP 3.6 model. I'm not totally knocing the 3.6, but I'm sad the 4.0 is discontinued (or is it?).

--- Which Samsung Galaxy Player Would I Want? ---

This is where things get tricky. I've long wanted the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 because I don't want too much to carry around with me on the go. The other SGP models feature stereo speakers. If I wanted a full media experience, the 4.2 is my hands-down favorite. The SGP 5.0 has the best camera package if I wanted to take pictures.

Despite the advantages of each, there are glaring disadvantages for me on each device. The 5.0 is too massive for me. Not that I have small hands or anything, but it's just that it would be cumbersome to have such a big portable media player in my pocket and walk around with it. I'm not real fond of the button layout for both the 4.2 and the 5.0 models. I don't really see myself gaming much with the Samsung Galaxy Player series. However, and if I was; my heart is telling me to go with the 3.6 or the 4.0 models, because I heard the 4.2 is not really recommended for gaming with the specs of the SGP 4.2.

So my biggest determining factor is price. I would want either the SGP 3.6 or the SGP 4.0 as the Samsung Galaxy Player I would want to buy and use. The 4.0 Galaxy Player model would be the one I'd choose if I had to pick just one between the 3.6 and the 4.0 models. But of course, if I could have a dream model Samsung Galaxy Player, I would love for it to have a little of all the other SGP models in one fabulous device that I specified in the previous section. Pricing is a bit screwy with certain stores offering the devices at different prices. The base 3.6 model comes out to about $149 USD. There are sometimes price drops that make each of the other models a bit more desirable. The only place I've heard of these being offered at physical stores is Best Buy stores. However, they can also be had online through certain other retailers including (of course) the likes of Amazon and eBay among others.

(ADDED: July 16, 2012) With the phasing out of the 4.0 SGP, I am now starting to lean more towards the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 of all the Samsung Galaxy Player models. But again- price is a factor. Pricing is strange anyways. The 4.2 has somewhat cheaper specs than the 4.0, yet the 4.0 is priced higher than the 4.2 SGP. I'd now love to get the 4.2 Samsung Galaxy Player. But who knows? I may decide to get the 3.6 or 4.0 model if the 4.2 gets phased out or something.

I find it quite interesting that I have been more drawn towards the Samsung Galaxy Player series (especially recently) as much as I've wanted to get an iPod Touch. You know something sticks to you when you become interested in something to where you want that object more than what you've long wanted. So I must applaud Samsung for coming up with a competitive portable media player to rival the iPod Touch. Whether you like Samsung or not, there is no denying this Galaxy Player lineup is a solid lineup to challenge the iPod Touch. Apple will still be king, but Samsung has created a truly competent contender to give consumers something to think about before plunking down the money for an iPod Touch.

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Player series, please visit www.samsung.com/Galaxy_Player. And visit www.samsung.com for all things Samsung.

If interested, you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy Player through Amazon. Click on any of these to learn more about them as well as buy them on Amazon. I would gladly appreciate your business if you were to buy from Amazon. So please help support my work any way you can:

THIS LINE (from left to right):
• Samsung Galaxy Player (3.6 model).
• Samsung Galaxy Player (4.0 model).
• Samsung Galaxy Player (4.2 model).
• Samsung Galaxy Player (5.0 model).

Availablity of each item may depend. More Samsung Galaxy Player items on Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Player items on Amazon.

Other Sites.

If you want to buy your own Samsung Galaxy Player, there are more places than just Amazon where you can get your own! So be sure to give these sites a visit. These links may also include other items besides the Galaxy Players themselves, and they may even include items other than the Galaxy Player:

Samsung Galaxy Player (eBay)
Samsung Galaxy Player (Best Buy)
Samsung Galaxy Player (Newegg.com)
Samsung Galaxy Player (TigerDirect)

Hope this helps you all out some. Please help support my work any way you can.

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