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Heelless Shoes

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Different is what makes fashion unique. As I always say, different doesn't always mean better. Many others will say "the higher the heel, the hotter the girl." What happens when there is a high heel... just with the heel missing? Welcome to heelless shoes. So this blog post is all about those heelless shoes that have become popular as of late. It's a look at these heels along with my own thoughts on them.

--- Heelless Shoes at a Glance ---

What does a heelless shoe look like? Here is a popular one:

heelless shoes
^ from: (best I could find) - Heelless mary janes from Jeffrey Campbell. These are the "Night Walk" shoes, I believe.

It is truly avant-garde to have such shoes with an unusual base. Some know Lady Gaga best for wearing heelless shoes. A platform base for these shoes offers some sort of support. The true deterrent is in being able to wear such defiant shoes. The ability to wear something defiant and different is usually grounds for respect. A daring diva is a hot one. However, how many are daring enough to try on and wear shoes... that lack a distinct and well-defined heel? Does being a fashion diva come at the expense of trying something like this? For those who are turned on by these style shoes... why not, right?

Some others who oppose such shoes would deem to be fetish-type shoes that would look horrid on any celebrity, or even would see these as streetwalker shoes. The shoe itself may look hot. However, when you note something missing (like the heels), it makes you question if the shoes are truly hot in their design and in their style. Some like heelless shoes just because they are different. But as I've said before- different doesn't always mean better. That's like saying that a pair of Converses are better to wear than a pair of flip-flop/thong sandals... because Converses are different. There is different-good and different-bad. I'll share my own thoughts on these heelless shoes later in this post.

--- Curved Heels: A Better Option? ---

AMIClubwear made a video regarding gravity-defying heels and mentioned curved heels. Rather than the heelless shoes you've seen in this post, AMIClubwear has a different sort of alternative for those who still want to sport the heelless shoe look. The biggest point is that these are much more affordable than most heelless shoes Have a look:

^ "AntiGravity Heels"

For more information on AMIClubwear, visit You can see more of their YouTube videos at AMIClubwear on YouTube.

--- Heel-Less Shoes: My Thoughts ---

There is a reason why I don't have a fashion blog and why "John's Blog Space" is not a "fashion blog." I feel my thoughts on fashion are completely the opposite of what most properly-trained fashion types think about fashion. Having said this... I honestly don't understand these heelless shoes. Call them hot just because of their style. But to me, I don't understand what makes them desirable or chic. I just don't. They are the perfect shoes to wear if you intentionally want to fall on your backside and maybe break something trying to walk backwards or something.

These are surely some hot shoes. However, they can be a hot mess knowing you're wearing such shoes that lack heels. I actually wanted to do a post a long time ago on some of the ugliest shoes ever made. I may still want to do that post, but I just don't understand or find anything serious appealing about heel-less shoes. I wouldn't even recommend these kinds of shoes if I were asked to pick a certain kind of shoe for a certain outfit. I'm sorry- I'm not feeling these. However, I don't overly loathe these, like I have with thigh-high/over-the-knee boots. And there are some shoes I've eventually grown to accept and like, such as gladiator sandals (to an extent). I'm just not sure I'll accept these heelless shoes any time soon. I just don't.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I may have an edition of "John's Corner" that may include something I may consider in the future. So as of this blog post, there's a little rumor I'd like to share in a future "John's Corner," and it involves my fashion-themed posts. Stay tuned for any future material I may share. Let's just say... I may expand my "universe" a little more. How can I expand my "universe" of blogging? A possible fourth blog!

Again- more information in a future "John's Corner!"

So what do you think about these heelless shoes? Do you think the curved heels shown from AMIClubwear are any better an alternative for those wanting a heelless shoe look? Get a discussion going with your commentary! If you do like these kinds of shoes, rock them with pride. And until next time... Thank you for reading!

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