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John's Corner: A Fourth Blog?

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My blogging "universe" may expand to include a new blog! John's Blog Space (which you're reading now) is my main blog. I decided once to open a shopping-oriented blog (John's Shop Space). I decided to start a Gran Turismo blog (John's Gran Turismo Space). Well... a fourth blog may be in the future! I have four already- one is an experimental blog in testing blog layouts and features. So if you did the math, this would really be my fifth blog. But now, I'd like to share my thoughts on starting a fourth blog and what it is all about.

"John's Corner" this time around is about a possible addition to my universe of blog topics.

--- John's Corner: A Fourth Blog? ---

Starting a blog is NOT an easy proposition or something you do half-hearted. You don't devote an entire blog to something unless you can honestly and truly can contribute to it. You don't waste value bandwidth and resources just to make something you aren't going to effectively contribute to. That is, unless you truly care about and are dedicated to the task at hand. I began thinking about possibly starting a fourth major blog to expand my appeal of blogging. Let me offer you some history before I share what I want to actually share...

Brief History.

To set up the story of setting up another blog, let me take you back in time for a moment.

• January 26, 2009 - I made my first real blog post on "John's Blog Space." I regard it as my first ever blog post using Blogger/Blogspot after some years blogging on Myspace.

• June 4, 2010 - I start "John's Shop Space," a blog devoted to shopping. I used it as a way to decrease the workload doing blog posts. I used to come up with a post featuring my content along with Amazon content. I then started to move over Amazon material from JBS to JSS for two reasons- (1) my fear that people think I blog for money, and (2) I want to offer updated material in case people are interested in shopping. As sad as things are, I've actually struggled trying to make John's Shop Space as relevant as JBS. It does have a great deal of views and support. So what I tried to do to enhance material was to add product reviews in hopes of getting more views.

• November 16, 2010 - "John's Gran Turismo Space" was created as my first "niche" blog. At first, Gran Turismo was something I wanted to specialize in for "John's Blog Space." I then decided to finally make a Gran Turismo-themed blog and move over some of my existing GT material to JGTS. I also wanted to include unique content for JGTS apart from what I've shared on JBS.

So what's next? I may consider doing a second "niche" blog. And remember- it has to be a blog about something I can actually devote my energy towards and that my audience can actually engage in. So what will this fourth be about?

If you're not reading the full blog post, click on "Read More" to find out more of what I'm trying to discuss here! Or of course, disregard this little paragraph if you are reading the full post. You think I'd give something like this away on my main page or in an archive? :P

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So anyhow, a possible fourth blog of mine will be about...

...Fashion and style!

Reasoning Behind Fourth Blog.

Maybe what I've learned from blogging is that you have to diversify your audience. Perhaps an admittance is that blogging about "anything and everything" leads to me not knowing what actually catches on. Fact is- my most-popular and most-viewed posts on John's Blog Space are fashion-themed. So while I enjoy the views, I am starting to finally believe that more niche-oriented material leads to more successful blogs. I will take this to heart and try my luck making this blog a success. You could say that JBS is sort of a "mother" blog with many different topics offered. Yet, while I am happy with such a massive blog about various topics, I feel the need to better sort my material online and provide more dedicated material to better service my audience. So one of those measures I'm taking is considering making another blog.

In its initial stages, my fourth blog would include poorly-viewed fashion posts on John's Blog Space. They will be deleted from JBS and replaced with newer versions on my fourth blog. This is in hopes that But over time, I will include some more exclusive content. All of the popular blog posts regarding fashion will remain on John's Blog Space. I still will post fashion-themed material on JBS, but a more dedicated fashion blog is what I'm considering for this new blog.

I have no problem with such a massive blog. However, I feel my material would be better suited with a proper environment in a more proper blog. So rather than just let certain poorly-viewed posts just lay here on John's Blog Space, they'd be better off in a more active environment. So I am considering this deal carefully.

--- What I Hope to Accomplish ---

Let's take a look at some of what I hope to accomplish for this possible extra blog:

Greater Focus on Fashion.

As a niche blog, the focus is on fashion and only fashion. So it is possible that you won't see any sort of unusual topic mixed in with what is only devoted to fashion.

New Life to Old Posts.

Some of my poorly-viewed fashion posts on John's Blog Space will be moved over to the new blog so I can make better use of these posts. I will decide which posts will get the treatment based on the poorest-viewed content.

Insight and Inspiration From Other Bloggers.

Bloggers appreciate when I mention them and their blogs. That isn't going to change. I will mention certain bloggers who wear certain looks in my posts. It is this sort of networking that I hope will generate more respect and help me to get more attention.

Insight and Inspiration From Other Sources.

Here, I'm talking about services like Lookbook, Chictopia, Polyvore, and more. I also tend to focus on linking to various other fashion-devoted services to better service my audience. That will not change with the new fashion-themed blog.

Guest Blogging?

I feel like I need help from others to help make my possible discussions better. Since I am not as qualified to discuss fashion on an acceptable level, I may look for people to offer more insight into fashion than what I can provide. The main goal is to help make my own blog better for the Internet and all who visit. All who Guest Blog on any of my blogs (including my possible future blog) will have proper credit paid back to them for their work.

Support from Readers.

I am open for new ideas for all of my blog posts. Sadly, not many people even care to contact me with ideas for blog posts. I hope my fourth blog will help get more people to care about my work.

These are among most of the simple goals for the new blog. If I think of anything else, I'll update this "John's Corner" post.

--- A Few Things to Note... ---

While this will be a fashion blog, I will not share my own fashion outfits or anything. I am not very fashionable myself to want to make any blog showcasing my style. Don't expect any giveaways from me. I don't have anything real interesting to share or give away. I am not going to really focus on fashion shows. I don't know really anything about beauty (there is a difference between fashion and beauty), so I don't think I will focus much on beauty. Beauty-related topics relate mostly to things like makeup or caring for your skin among others. I am more focused on fashion than I am beauty to be honest.

Now some people will probably say that my fashion-themed blog will not be a proper fashion blog just because it doesn't focus on what most other fashion blogs are about. Fact is, there are some fashion blogs that don't make posts on certain fashion shows. This blog is about as casual about fashion as some others. Casual, yet professional. It is one man blogging about fashion the way he sees it and perceives it. You can kind of say that I'm inspired by fellow male fashion bloggers as "Fashion by He" and "The Sartorialist." I will have my own inspirations and my own beliefs in helping shape my own blog. So my views will be different. I may be unbiased, or even biased at times. I will surely put my own thought and input into everything I type about.

Remember that almost anything regarding clothing will be featured. For example, my topics regarding fashion can range from school uniforms to what to wear for a casual night out. I could discuss what is hot among teenage girls now compared to teenage girls in the 1960s. I could discuss what doctors and nurses wear up to what nightclub dancers wear. I will also discuss certain popular looks. For example, I've discussed the look of tunics with leggings and ballet flats. I may dedicate some posts about certain looks rather than just blog about a certain article of clothing. Fashion and style means fashion and style across many different applications. So if you are aware of what material I discuss here on John's Blog Space regarding fashion, not much will be different with my fourth blog.

So now you know about what project I may hope to launch in the future. I have a name set up for the possible fourth blog, but I will not reveal anything until I have properly created the new blog. You'll have to wait if I actually do launch this blog online. I think you'll enjoy it if you are into fashion. It will not be the best or any definitive fashion blog, but it will be one of my own quality.

Thank you for your reading! I hope you can support my work further if and when I launch this new blog.

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