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Everything in reality has potential. Reality is what currently is there. Potential is what we perceive someone or something is capable of. The goal in life is to turn potential into reality. Doing so requires hard work, determination, and sometimes- luck. How can full potential be reached if you don't believe it has real potential? Think about everything you've worked towards. It was because you knew you had it in you that you would go as far as you've gone. It was your courage and determination that you could make something happen. And if you believe in somebody or something for his/her/its potential, then you know you've done your best to help someone or something realize its full potential.

Potential, however, only goes so far; and it all means nothing if that potential can't be harnessed. You will need a good amount of faith and belief that what you see within something can actually be realized and recognized. You then have to work to make something's potential be realized. Even the ugliest patch of grass can be transformed into a beautiful garden (metaphorically speaking). As long as one sees the potential for that patch of grass to become a beautiful garden, and if one works to realize that patch of grass' full potential, ANYTHING is possible.

Even I must say I see potential in all of my online work- blogging and YouTube. What I want is for my online work to profit in various phases and arenas of life and media. I stay with my online work because I feel my work merits great value in all that I do. So therefore, I work to make all of my material great because I still enjoy what I do, and my readers/subscribers/fans deserve to see my best material. I have an obligation to service everyone with class and honor. Why screw that up? If I didn't see any potential in what my work COULD provide, I wouldn't work so hard to make it all worthwhile. None of my blogs would be of any use if I didn't continually try to find new ways to make them better. I see potential in my own work as well as in the work of blogging friends and YouTube friends. I can only affect my own material, but I do wish others the best with their material as well.

I would like to salute anyone and everyone who help people to realize the full potential of anyone or anything. Even more salute going to people who help work to bring out the best in people and things. "John's Blog Space" is a positive place, and I do hope posts like this one helped encourage you. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

So true John!! Everyday I see the potential that my blog has and I diligently work to get as much exposure as I can so that I can make my dreams a reality. -Style4Curves

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