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John's Corner - Thanks for Caring!

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One of the most underrated aspects of blogging is simply getting people to actually care about your work. I always feel material I post have to be of some value. Posts that lack value or relevance have no place in my blog or my blogging. This said, thank you for even remotely caring about my blog, my YouTube channel, my Facebook fan page... any online profile of mine. There is a loyal audience that actually does read my material and comment accordingly. As a blogger, I love it when a loyal someone provides non-spam, non-suspicious reactions to my content.

It goes like this... if you care anything about any of my online content, thank you. I am thankful to receive compliments from others and earn the respect of others worldwide. You can be from anywhere in the world. As long as you love my content and/or love me and my work, I'm happy. Winning the respect of people worldwide is what keeps me going even in my lowest times. As long as you care even one iota about my work, I'm happy. It means people care about me and my work so much to where I motivate myself to keep going regardless of ups and downs in blogging. I've had my critics, but the most I can do is please the audience that actually cares about my work and won't go on a hating tirade someplace online randomly hating on me.

The biggest joy I partake in providing material to the masses is in trying to win the respect of people worldwide. I don't care about just people in Houston, in Texas, or even in the United States. I'm happiest knowing my work has touched people in various other nations. As I've mentioned in my "International Appeal" post, I feel the most accomplished when I hate a vast international audience who cares about my work. It means people outside the United States have something to appreciate about my work. It may also mean I've earned the respect of others outside of various cultures and cultural differences. Not as many people comment on my material, but I am certainly thankful of the attention I do get (excluding spam hits to any of my blogs).

I admit to being a bit too concerned about what others think of me- wanting a reaction from others. Wanting to know what other people think about me as I try to make myself presentable and likable to others. The one thing I would feel bad about is the feeling that my presence isn't appreciated or welcomed as much as I try to meet new bloggers and communicate with bloggers. You know- the feeling of your presence not being welcomed or appreciated. That's why I created a blog post called "You're Welcome Here," and I stress to my readers that everyone who visits my blog is welcome here and shouldn't feel bad or regretful to be here. I value everyone's loyalty and respect in finding any of my blogs. Now that you're here, how can I help make your time here worthwhile? Have I done enough to where I've earned your respect and attention? Don't answer these questions directly to me- just think about these things as you're reading any of my blogs, because these are the same questions I wonder to real people who visit my blogs.

You didn't have to come to my blog(s). Because you DID visit, however, I appreciate the fact you even cared to visit my blog and either read or communicate with me. It feels great when people actually care about you and want to share their support any way they so choose. Can't say it enough or any more convincingly- thank you very much for supporting me and my work.

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Thanks for your support!

The main point of this blog post was simply to offer thanks to all of my readers the world over. Thanks for noticing. Thanks for caring. And most of all- thanks for reading!

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John Marine said...

You know I love you. It's all about supporting each other and spreading the positivity! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

John Marine said...

You are such a sweet person John! I love that your blog is such a positive space. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

John Marine said...

Hi John!!!!! Hope you're doing well :)))) I reallly LOVED this post and enjoyed every word!!!! It indeed feels great when people actually show genuine interest. And I personally find it so annoying when I get comments that say, "Cute outfit! I'd be glad to follow you if you follow back!" One shouldn't view blogging as 'give& take', some kind of trade.

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