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TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE is a quintet of five Japanese teenage girls. It is the first girl group under the Avex Trax label since dream and SweetS were formed seven years prior to the 2010 forming of TGS. They have singing talent and dancing talent to be one of today's brightest Japanese pop groups. I will introduce these kawaii cuties to my worldwide blog reading audience. It is a blog post mostly featuring the music of TGS. Whether it's your first time or you came back for more- welcome to John's Blog Space!

--- Tokyo Girls' Style: The Members ---

Why don't we begin by meeting the five ladies who make up Tokyo Girls' Style?

^ from: www.yumeki.org (best I could find) These five team up to form TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE. From left to right: Ayano, Miyu, Hitomi, Yuri, and Mei.

(thanks: Wikipedia and Generasia)
The five members who make up TGS are the following:

• Ayano Konishi (lead vocals)
• Miyu Yamabe (leader)
• Hitomi Arai (lead vocals)
• Yuri Nakae
• Mei Shyoji

The group formed on January 1, 2010 and are under the Avex Trax label. This is the first all-girl group under Avex in over seven years prior to TGS' forming. The previous two Avex girl groups were dream and SweetS. Many people often compare what TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE brings to JPOP compared to SweetS. While I am surely familiar with Avex, I am NOT familiar too much with dreams or SweetS. So I can't compare TGS to either of those two groups.

--- Tokyo Girls' Style: The Music ---

This section features some of their music. Links to each video are provided for you if you are unable to view Flash media.

Onnaji Kimochi.

The first song was one I heard when one of my YouTube friends was dancing to a great song. That great song is this one: "Onnaji Kimochi." Let me get you started... "Let's get together NOW!"

^ "Onnaji Kimochi"

(BONUS VIDEO!) This is my online friend, "Sunny Musikki" dancing to this song. Check it out:

^ "Onnaji Kimochi," danced to by SunnyMusikki

To see more of her dancing videos, visit youtube.com/SunnyMusiikki. Hello to her if she happens to be reading my blog post! :)

NOTE: I want to let you know that the rest of the songs I'll feature are songs and videos I'm seeing for the first time ever in preparing this post.

Limited Addiction.

This is "Limited Addiction" from TGS. The song is funky with great beats along with a huge dosage of rock guitar riffs. You might like this one:

^ "Limited Addiction"

This is certainly music to dance to. You were probably grooving to the beat listening to this song. Admit it.

Love Like Candy Floss.

The first two songs were upbeat dancing songs. Now, the same five girls perform this more mellow number. This a more mellow song that still keeps up the upbeat and peppy style of TGS.

^ "Love Like Candy Floss"

Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru.

If you want another cool track from TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, let me see if I can help you with another track. This is "Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru." See if TGS hit a home run with you with this song:

^ "Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru"

Himawari to Hoshikuzu.

Time to get funky! TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE is ready to get you moving with another cool track. Get ready:

^ "Himawari to Hoshikuzu"

You now have been introduced to TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE and their music. Did you enjoy the songs I've found for you here?

--- What I Would Tell TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE ---

Keep up the great work with all of your music! All five of you are cute! :)

To learn more about TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, visit tokyogirlsstyle.jp/. More ways to get social with TGS:

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE on Myspace Music
Follow TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE on Twitter (WARNING: Japanese language only)!

• YesAsia...
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE music and media on YesAsia

Thank you for reading!

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