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Samsung Galaxy Player Series - First Impressions

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(UPDATED: September 9, 2012)

For the first time ever, I got to finally see and use the Samsung Galaxy Player range I've so become fond of. It was also the first-ever time I've used Android devices. I'm here to share first impressions with these devices. However, the majority of this post is on the 3.6 Galaxy Player from the Korean consumer electronics giant, Samsung.


SEP 9 2012 - added a section on the SGP 5.0

--- Samsung Galaxy Player Series: First Impressions ---

I went to a Best Buy store to try out the Samsung Galaxy Player series. The SGP 3.6, 4.2, and 5.0 models were on display; but only the 3.6 model was working. The 4.2 and 5.0 models probably did not have their batteries installed. The 5.0 SGP's battery can not be replace (for what I know). So I didn't get to play-test the other models. I still was able to try out the 3.6 model, which I will base most of my first impressions on.

--- First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 at a Glance ---

This is the model I will make the most mention to in my first impressions:

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6
^ from: - the Samsung Galaxy Player (3.6 model).

The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 model is the base model of the SGP range. Part of that base model persona means you have to deal with lesser-spec characteristics. That said, I don't think the 3.6 is as bad as what most people make it out to be. Some people talk about the SGP 3.6 like it is a bootleg iPod Touch.

Trying Out the Apps.

I tried out some of the different features.

• First off, I tried out the Music player. Preloaded are five songs from Samsung basically meant to give you your first songs on the device. Among the five songs is Samsung's theme song- "Over the Horizon." Functionality overall was smooth. You could skip ahead through songs easily. Most other players, you have to hold down the fast-forward or rewind keys/buttons to get to what you want to do. And half the time, you may accidentally end up restarting the original song or skipping ahead to another track.

• I later tried out the Video player. While I was able to load the video, I was somehow unable to play the video. The 3.6 Galaxy Player is not known for having impressive video-viewing quality. Even with this said, I was sadly unable to see the preloaded video on the device.

• Though the network connection was down at Best Buy, I used the Internet browser on the 3.6 Galaxy Player to see what that was like. The stock browser landed me on Samsung's Mobile home page. Text came in pretty nicely even for a 400 × 300 screen resolution. Text was clear to me. Since it was a mobile site, I felt that was the reason why I didn't get any results attempting to pinch-to-zoom using the browser. The downed network access disallowed me from seeing how other sites loaded.

• I used the Android App Drawer to see many of the other apps preloaded on the SGP 3.6 model. I attempted to play "Angry Birds" on the device. It was my first time ever playing Angry Birds. I tried out the very first level in the very first game. Funny enough, on my very first try, I cleared the level completely while having no idea what I was actually aiming at! More like beginner's luck. Controls seemed smooth as I played that game.

• One thing the Samsung Galaxy Player range has over the iPod Touch is FM Radio. The FM Radio requires you to have headphones in for you to utilize using it. Someone thought it was a good idea to jack up the volume to a ridiculously high volume. I eventually found a way to lower the volume as I put in my own headphones to listen to the device. The FM Radio app for the Samsung Galaxy Players ran smoothly and works very well. I was pretty impressed with its operation. A fellow named Ricky ("AskTheAndroidGuy" on YouTube) did a video on YouTube explaining the FM Radio feature. He mentioned that you had to have headphones put into the device to use the FM Radio. Otherwise, it wouldn't work. You could either listen to the FM Radio music with your headphones or with the external speakers. I did not attempt to use the 3.6's external speaker to listen to the FM Radio.

• The currently-available SGP models run on Android "Gingerbread." I used the pinch-to-zoom feature to see the other home screens at a glance. It was very interesting to see the other home screens and be able to choose one. I attempted to use the Google Voice Search, but because of the network being down, I was unable to get any results using it. You can set up a maximum of seven home screens for any of the Samsung Galaxy Players. I did not, however, attempt to add any widgets, folders, or apps.

• Unknown to me, I somehow accessed the camera feature. With a 2.0-megapixel camera with no flash, I know this camera was not going to be the replacement to my Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5. Should I happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Player and have access to WiFi connections, I would primarily use the camera for video chatting and for quickly sharing pictures on Facebook. I did not take a picture with the SGP 3.6, but I did toy around with trying to shoot a picture.

Holding and Touching the Galaxy Players.

So what about the other models? I tried to put the SGPs in my hand. The 3.6 model fit perfectly into my hand. The 3.6 is only about 0.2 of an inch both taller and wider than the iPod Touch. I was not at all offended on the plastic feel of the device overall. In fact, I fear I'd smudge and scratch up the device had it the same aluminum backing of the iPod Touch. It does feel very manageable and composed as you hold it in your hand. I even made a half-hearted attempt to slide the 3.6 into my pocket. It accidentally fell into my pocket disconnected. So I made sure to keep the device plugged in so that I didn't get arrested or kicked out of the store. Otherwise, it was a joy holding onto the 3.6 Samsung Galaxy Player.

I then tried to hold onto the 4.2 Galaxy Player. The 4.2 actually felt just right into my hands. It was big enough to fit in my hand for easy operation. However, it wasn't too big to where I felt like I had a handheld tablet in my hands (as opposed to a portable media player or a smartphone). Pressing the physical Home button felt good and responsive. I would not have much trouble trying to find the Home button compared to the two capacitive buttons. When I tried to pretend putting the 4.2 in my jean pocket, it seemed like I would have no problem using and carrying this device if I eventually get the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 model. My only disappointment with the 4.2 was that the model at the store was non-functioning. I would have had a field day trying to demo the 4.2 SGP.

Lastly, I tried to go with the 5.0 Samsung Galaxy Player. I feared the 5.0 SGP would be big in my hands, and I was absolutely right. I just don't see myself getting the 5.0 as my PORTABLE media player. Its size is too much for me. The physical buttons were responsive, and I was a bit surprised about the ease of trying to install a microSD card into the SGP 5.0's slot. It wasn't too much of a problem. The plastic feel of the 5.0 didn't disappoint me. Even if at the expense of not being as pretty as some other MP3 players, this one still does the job at being functional and more than enough for anyone wanting to enjoy various forms of media. I still don't see myself owning the 5.0 Samsung Galaxy Player even if money was a factor.

(OFF-TOPIC) If the 5.0 Samsung Galaxy Player was big, the 5.8 Samsung Galaxy Player- revealed at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany- is even bigger. The 5.8 looks more like a much larger Samsung Galaxy S III (or Samsung Galaxy Player S3) with a pair of front-mounted grill speakers like the 4.2 SGP has. I could only imagine trying to work with this device. And unlike the other SGP models, the 5.8 runs on Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" as opposed to "Gingerbread."

--- First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 ---

(ADDED: September 9, 2012)

Meet the SGP 5.0:

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
^ from: - The 5.0 Samsung Galaxy Player is the biggest of the US-available SGP models.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 was operational when I went to Best Buy recently. I figured the 5.0 would be massive in my hands. That's what I said previously in my initial post. While the 5.0 is big, it is actually not massive in your hands as you operate it. My only issue with the 5.0 is that it's too much for me as a PORTABLE media player. Its sound quality and picture quality are both top-notch. I just think it's too big for me to try to carry it around.

When I tried out some of the apps, I had a bit more luck and fortune using some of the other features. I used Google Voice Search to look around online. I was pleased that my voice was clear and that it was fairly accurate what I was trying to say.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 I used had some pictures and videos taken from the device's camera. I figured using the camera was going to be very good considering the SGP 5.0 has LCD flash while the other Galaxy Players don't. Some of the pictures and videos taken were of great quality. Just don't look at this to be your camera replacement, though.

This model is the top-of-the-line for a reason. Or in fact, many reasons. The device is really the top offering if you want a phone without a phone from Samsung. I don't hate the 5.0 in any such way- all I'm saying is that it's just too much for my media needs and for my portability.

--- First Impressions: Final Thoughts ---

Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 upon initial impressions. I have very limited experience with the iPod Touch. So using the SGP 3.6 was something pretty welcome and interesting. I could really see myself using and enjoying the 3.6 and/or the 4.2 Samsung Galaxy Players. Please note that I want to try to get the 4.2 SGP; but as you've read earlier, the model at the Best Buy was not functioning. I would revel at the opportunity to play-test the 4.2 (and maybe even the 5.0) model Samsung Galaxy Players. However, my limited sampling of the 3.6 was more than adequate.

There is a reason why I've slowly become more fond of the Samsung Galaxy Player series now than I have in the past. I would always be in the Electronics section at WalMart (or Wal-Mart, as I've always known it) looking at and pretending I had an iPod Touch. I have absolutely nothing against the iPod Touch. However, the more I thought about the Samsung Galaxy Player and all it has to offer, I started to lean more towards Samsung and its range. I just seem more comfortable with all the SGP models have to offer as opposed to what Apple has long established with their iPod range (let alone the iPod Touch). The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 costs $50 US Dollars less than the base model iPod Touch, and it gives up loads of features that the iPod Touch has over the SGP 3.6 model. However, the 3.6 gives you just about all you need to enjoy media and other features without having to feel like you're paying more just to maintain the device rather than enjoy media (the primary purpose of such portable media players). That is one big reason why I started becoming more fond of the Samsung Galaxy Players rather than the iPod Touch.

I actually would see myself owning and being satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Player series as my next portable media player. I would be happy if I had the 3.6 SGP, but I'd be even happier if I got the 4.2 Samsung Galaxy Player since the 4.2 meets more of my media needs than the other SGP models. The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is not really as bad as most people make it out to be. Some just see the SGP 3.6 more like a poor man's iPod Touch. Like you are getting much less than you'd get with even a base model iPod Touch. While it is true you're giving up lots to the iPod Touch, you aren't giving up too much to where you feel cheated out of your money by buying a Samsung Galaxy Player as opposed to an iPod Touch. Also... why is it that hardly anyone complains about the iPod Touch as lacking the iPhone's features while most other people hate on Samsung's Galaxy Player range for lacking phone features?

So on first impressions alone, I would REALLY love to use and own any of Samsung's Galaxy Players- mainly the 4.2, but I wouldn't mind the 3.6 either. The 5.0 is also a tremendous model.

I am very thankful to have the opportunity back on September 1, 2012 to go to a Best Buy and use and see the Samsung Galaxy Player range. I wish I could use the 4.2 and 5.0 models, but I was more than impressed with the 3.6 SGP.

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