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As a classic gamer, I felt like there were many classic games I've missed out on. I was very tempted to join when GOG had a holiday promotion. GOG (formerly "Good Old Games") is an online store offering digital downloads of DRM-free (Digital Rights Management free) PC games. So I took advantage of this and picked up a few games I was interested in. And here on John's Blog Space, I will be sure to offer some reviews of these titles in the future.


The opinions expressed in this blog post are all personal opinion. I am not paid to express any opinions the way I am in this post or in any of my other posts. This is not any sponsored post.

--- GOG at a Glance ---

GOG is a site that offers DRM-free games meant to work on today's modern computers. When you join GOG, you are given 10 free games. Any games you get upon signing up or buy are yours to download. All you need to do is download the installer to put the game on your computer. Since a lot of these are DOS games or old-style Windows games, you will be given DOSbox (which I've blogged about before) to play certain old games.

The beauty of these older games is that many of these packages feature absolutely packed versions of classic games. For example, you don't get just full games. Some games offered feature full games as well as expansion packs. This is basically a chance for you to enjoy the full versions of games with the full experience. You can play certain games with all the bells and whistles, even if you weren't able to have this kind of experience in the past when certain games were popular. These are sort of like dream packages that you can enjoy today.

The games themselves are various popular games from famous companies. These are not just games made by a bunch of independent developers. They are not just casual games. I'm talking about games the likes of Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Total Annihilation, Theme Hospital, Syndicate, and games like that. You have yourself some options if there are games you love or want to play. So be sure to look around on the site for some classics.

Final Thoughts on GOG.

I really recommend you join GOG if you love classic PC games and want to relive some classics. My hope is that they can pick up some more games- mainly some more racing games (speaking as a racing game fan). I may even be hoping they get some more obscure or little-known first-person shooters. Perhaps even more popular first-person shooters from the '90s. Their collection of digital downloadable games is very diverse. I think you'll enjoy GOG if you are seeking some old PC games to download.

If you found this review of mine to be helpful, you are invited to visit and join GOG to enjoy some classic gaming.

Remember that I will possibly review certain classic games I picked up on GOG. One of those games is a game I got for free just for joining GOG. So stay tuned for that review. For more information on this site and to check out their lineup of games, visit Thank you for reading!

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