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Tyrian 2000

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Tyrian 2000 is a vertical scrolling shooter released by Eclipse Productions in 1999. It was one of ten games I got for free when I joined (that I blogged about before). I was tempted to try this game out after seeing a YouTube video on it. Tyrian 2000 will be reviewed in this blog post on JBS. I want to let you in on whether or not this is a good classic game or a game you should pass on. This is one of a few games I hope to review on John's Blog Space based on what I bought recently from GOG.

I learned through Wikipedia that this was simply Tyrian, but it was later renamed to Tyrian 2000 to include an additional fifth episode and make some bug fixes. The blog post concerns the Tyrian 2000 package.

--- Tyrian 2000 ---

Here is your first look at Tyrian 2000:

^ "Tyrian 2000 - Level 1"

Tyrian 2000 tells the story of a pilot named Trent Hawkins. He is the fellow you will use in trying to restore order in deep space. Planets and other parts of deep space are under attack from evil forces. Do you have what it takes to suppress enemy forces?

You can play a number of different modes. The Full Game takes you through the game's main storyline. The Arcade Mode can be played either in one-player or two-player modes. You can also take part in the Timed Attack, where you must complete a certain level within a certain time limit and with a certain amount of power.

The real fun is in the Full Game. You find your way going through five episodes. Some of the different episodes feature different routes as well as certain Secret Levels where you can earn more credits to upgrade your ship.

Upgrading Your Ship.

The game allows you to upgrade your ship as you try to clear the game as best as you can. It is best that you buy as many upgrades as your credits will allow when playing the full game. You won't earn random powerups like in the Arcade or the Timed Attack modes. Here are the key things to be concerned with when playing Tyrian 2000:

• Ship Type - More powerful ships offer stronger shields.

• Front Gun - Configure the front weapons of your ship. Weapons can be upgradeable to up to 10 levels.

• Rear Gun - Configure the rear weapons of your ship. Some rear weapons have a second mode offering a different mode of fire. Weapons can be upgradeable to up to 10 levels.

• Shield - More powerful shields allows you to take more damage. Your shield actually recharges as long as you aren't taking damage. Once the shield's power has been fully exhausted, damage to your armor takes form. Your armor's energy can not be recovered unless facing a danger situation.

• Generator - No matter how powerful your weapons and shields are, they mean nothing without a powerful generator to power everything. Certain weapons seriously impact your ship's power.

• Left Sidekick and Right Sidekick - Sidekicks are external weapons that give you a little edge in combat. They may be items attached to your ship, companion ships, or whatever. You are not required to have sidekicks, but they can help give you a little extra edge. Sidekicks are good for experimentation.

Upgrading your ship only happens in the Full Game.

--- Basic Review of Tyrian 2000 ---

Tyrian 2000 is a very fun and engaging game. It has a good deal of action and is very classic in its design and execution. The levels can be a bit frustrating sometimes. However, the game remains fun. It has a good number of surprises and secret levels to keep the game interesting. This game has amazing graphics as well as some great music. It is a very good game. Got to love the modern old school feel of this game.

Learn more about this game from GOG here (sign up for GOG if you aren't a member): Tyrian 2000 on Thank you for reading!

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