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Repairing friendships. Repairing relationships. Rebuilding love lives. Reconciliation is what this blog post is all about. Can damage ever be repaired when a bond between one or more people is broken or severed? It really depends on what triggered the breakup and its aftermath. The desire to reconcile depends on the power of love between two or more people. If you are any frequent reader of "John's Blog Space," you know that any of my posts on topics like this isn't exclusively about love lives. So friendships as well as family issues are up for discussion on a topic like this. Having said this, let me talk about reconciling with friends, family, and loved ones in this blog post.

--- Reconciliation ---

When a past bond ends in separation, someone feels the desire to reconnect with a past friend or a former loved one. People do and say damaging and regretful things that end up breaking bonds with other people.

Reconciliation Among Friends.

I've gained and lost friends all of my life- just like anybody else. I usually tell people that I try not to forget people that I think are good. Some people want nothing to do with me anymore for some reason often times. A few incidents and such have resulted in me losing certain friends. Sometimes, I don't even know if people just somehow don't get interested in me anymore.

Reconciliation among friends results when two or more people used to be friends and want to come back together. One person may feel strongly towards regaining the respect of a former friend. It will be tough for some people to rebuild a past friendship based on a certain incident or incidents. One will have to be really convinced to try to rebuild a past friendship or start fresh.

But then again, what people say is true- certain people remain in your lives for a reason. So some people in your life that don't matter anymore... simply don't matter anymore no matter how hard you try to get back with someone.

Reconciliation Among Family.

Family members are your closest friends and know you better than anyone else. When a bond between family members is severed, it can be very personal and very tough to try to rebuild or restore a past family bond. Such past broken family bonds can be tough to rebuild often times. Some family members may seem too pushy and don't want anything to do with trying to get back with someone.

When can reconciliation among family members REALLY be tough? One example of severed family ties is when one family member steals another family member's lover. There is also a situation when someone may have cheated on one lover with another family member. These are two situations that could result in family members not being able to connect any longer.

Reconciliation Among Lovers.

Regardless of relationship status, conflict among lovers can be tough to rebuild. Any number of issues can bring a couple to a breakup. Can lovers reconcile? Sure- as long as the power of love between two or more people make it difficult for one to be completely done with somebody. Sometimes, no two people are completely done with someone because of the love they share. However, that love could all be one big lie or one wild dream if the weight of one's infidelity or actions is greater than the love a couple shares.

Some couples are willing to give love another chance; some couples just want nothing to do with each other after a certain situation. Does the power of love between two people overwhelm the weight of a certain situation that led to a breakup? Lovers can be taken back if the two can agree to stay together and not do silly things that lead to being broken up. Some other times, it may just be best for a couple just go their separate ways.

So no matter if you are friends, family, or lovers; reconciliation and the efforts to reconcile vary among various parties.

--- Reconciliation and Methods of Reconciliation ---

Should you reconcile? If you think somebody is too good to leave behind for a long time, then do your best to try to reconnect or rebuild a past bond. You have to try to find some sort of common bond or reach some sort of agreement to try to rebuild a broken bond. Reconciliation can range either from a short amount of time (like hours or days) to seemingly long periods of time (like weeks, months, and maybe years). Whatever the case, if a bond can be rebuilt, it will take a good amount of time for such progress to be made. At least know that reconciliation is VERY possible.

How do you feel towards trying to reconcile with others? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

What a great, in-depth post. I'm sure everyone can relate to this at one point in their lives. Thanks for sharing (:

John Marine said...

great post! especially with the year coming to an end.

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