Friday, March 22, 2013

Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

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Too much? Too little? Or just right? We never know if we have prepared or carried too much or too little for anything in life. You may be going on a trip, and you don't have enough with you for your trip. You may engage in something, but may not have enough to make the experience great. One never knows if he/she ever has enough to get through a certain experience.

The challenge of having too much or too little for something is a very common problem we all face. How do we know if what we have available is just enough to do a certain task or go through the day ahead? How do we know if what we bring along is just enough in our travels? These factors all depend on what we are doing and how we prepare for them. Sometimes, you need more than what you have; and other times, you may have more than enough. Part of our decision to carry or prepare more than we really need is mostly based on instinct and what we think a certain task or journey requires. You may bring a certain textbook to your backpack and may not even need to use it for the day. I'm pretty sure my female audience can attest to this- a girl may or may not bring a certain piece of makeup with them when out and about. No matter what the case, wondering if you have too much or too little really depends on what actually happens for what you've prepared for.

Wondering if you have too much or too little, however, isn't always a problem. You may bring too little or too much just to challenge yourself. You probably have a lot of money and decide to take only so much to try to curb your spending habits. You may leave behind a few items to challenge yourself to go through the day without certain things you normally use.

We want to have or feel like we have just enough to get through whatever is in our way. Sometimes, though, even having too little or too much is just right for any sort of task that comes our way. Whether we under-prepared or over-prepared for something is its own challenge. Whatever the case, prepare properly for what lies ahead- even if you have too much or too little.

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John Marine said...

I'd rather be over-prepared than under-prepared, but I usually feel like I'm underprepared!! :-)


John Marine said...

Have A Great Weekend,


John Marine said...

great post! :)

John Marine said...


John Marine said...

I definitely prefer to be over-prepared than under-prepared! But sometimes that takes the spontaneity out of the experience. :)

xo, Yi-chia

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