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John's Corner: Away

John Marine | 4/12/2013 01:52:00 PM | | |
(UPDATED: May 2, 2013)

This "John's Corner" is about why I haven't been blogging lately. Now before any of you think I've somehow lost motivation to blog, think again. I've faced some computer and online troubles that have led me to blog less often. In fact, I haven't prepared many posts since facing these troubles. I will explain what has happened.

What happens is that at some random times while connected to a browser (or sometimes away from browsing), my PC would either randomly freeze or have my wireless connection switched off. The dropped connection then leads to temporary usage of my keyboard and mouse. Then eventually, the PC freezes for good, leaving me no other choice but to perform a hard reset to have everything running back to normal. I even had to do a System Restore last week just to be able to properly start my PC. I still haven't figured out what exactly is crippling my PC and my online issues.

Blogging is very much dependent on the Internet. Without a way to connect online, I am basically grounded. My issues surely have slowed down my blogging habits. I have basically stayed away from blogging (including commenting on other blogs) as I tried to attend to my PC issues. My connection online is fine- I am just trying to avoid having to deal with the threat of having my PC constantly freeze and disconnect from the Internet.

Among many things, I am thankful I have my Samsung Galaxy Player to do WiFi access of the Internet. I would otherwise have no real connection to the Internet and no real way to conduct my usual business online. So I have other ways to use the Internet. Only problem is just how to find other ways to blog more often in terms of not having to always worry about my PC connection to the Internet with little or no fail. As much as I love my Samsung Galaxy Player, using it isn't TOO practical in PC-like usage. So I have been thinking about maybe looking towards getting a tablet PC as an alternative form of online usage at home (and maybe on the road). Being a recent Samsung fan, I've been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablets.

So with these issues, I regret saying that I have faced multiple snags that have limited my enjoyment of blogging lately.

On a different note, I finally bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 from Amazon. I hope to review this device in my "John's Shop Space" blog. I still have the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 model, but the 4.2 is my new baby. It's what I have wanted all along.

--- A Description of my PC/Online Troubles ---

(ADDED: May 2, 2013)

I figured I would share what PC trouble I am facing. This is your chance to get an idea of what I am experiencing.

The PC trouble that has faced me in recent times has been times where my WiFi connection would randomly drop for some unusual reason. It will happen either browsing online or sometimes away from the Internet. I could simply browse files on my PC, and the WiFi would drop. So as long as I am connected online, I am liable for my WiFi connection to drop at a random moment. When the WiFi disconnects, it is followed by the sound card going out and the keyboard no longer being functional. If I attempt to get the connection going again, I will only have functionality of my mouse. And eventually, the PC will freeze... leaving me no other choice but to do a hard reboot of my computer to regain all of my PC's functionality. I can connect to the network and stay connected. The only problem is, there will be that moment when the WiFi on my computer will randomly disconnect from the Internet and crash my PC. It will either be at a moment where I am browsing files online or trying to surf the Internet through a browser.

I am given almost no idea of what actually happened when I check certain logs. All I get from Event Viewer in Windows XP is an Event 4202. Event 4202 basically states that the Internet connection was disconnected from the network. This is either because of the network adapter malfunctioning or because of something causing the network adapter to malfunction (like a virus or spyware). This issue has infuriated me to no end as I feel there are very few solutions or answers to how to resolve my PC/online issues.

Recently, I've gone from AT&T to Comcast Xfinity, thinking this was going to solve my problem. I thought it was something related to the 2Wire modem at first; and I thought going to this new service and new connection would solve matters. Nope. If anything, it just takes me back to the original problem I've started to face since mid-late March. This issue only affects my PC and not any other devices.

Because of the fear my WiFi will randomly switch off at an inopportune moment, I have limited (or even stopped) any and all online activity on my PC. Why take a chance hoping the PC and my connection will cooperate as I try to do my work? So that's why I've stayed away from almost any and all online activity on my PC. Most of my communication with others is done through Android. I am therefore thankful I have another way to communicate online as well as have another way to access the Internet to find answers to my PC/online problem.

That is what prevents me from really enjoying returning to online activity. I am sorry for the delays and lack of updates to my online material because of these issues.

If you think I've been a bad blogger just because I haven't been updating my material lately, I sincerely apologize. You at least know why I've been so down in blogging lately. Frankly, I've fallen on some hard times blogging lately. Since March 19, 2013; I have yet to get over 1K views to JBS in one day. I am facing an epic slump these days. Having these recent PC/Internet issues with my PC isn't making things better. This has not been a good year for me blogging except for the fact that I've reached 2M blog hits all-time for "John's Blog Space" back in January 2013. Some of my poorly-viewed blog posts will be deleted and/or replaced. I'm not giving up, though.

If you enjoy my work, PLEASE get social with me to keep up with all the different news and notes regarding yours truly. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Good luck with all your computer issues. What a drag!!

John Marine said...

I hope you get this sorted out ASAP! Looking forward to your posts.

John Marine said...

Oh no!!! Internet and computer problems are the worst! I hope its all sorted soon!

John Marine said...

oh sorry,try and fix them up

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