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World's Worst Tenants

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"World's Worst Tenants" on Spike TV is a show that I have been watching a lot of lately. I usually watch Spike only for watching wrestling, but I've recently been seeing this show a lot lately. Allow me to review this show based on various episodes I've seen. This will be my chance to share a review of this show here in my personal blog. Thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space!"

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--- World's Worst Tenants at a Glance ---

Even though the show is called "World's Worst Tenants," this show features mostly properties within the greater Los Angeles area. The premise of this show is to showcase incidents involving unruly tenants and various complaints thereof made by residents and citizens regarding certain residences and commercial properties. A three-person team is responsible for working with various landlords in handling certain incidents. Here is the trio:

• Todd Howard - former United States Marine and eviction specialist of 20+ years.
• Randye Howard - Todd's wife, licensed process server
• Rick Moore - partner of Todd and Randye, eviction specialist.

So what is this team paid to do? The team is responsible for protecting the property owner(s) and the various properties involved. Sometimes, that protection may involve getting physical with the suspected tenants. You may see the crew get involved in takedowns, fights, and even dealing with armed people. "World's Worst Tenants" is not a police show. The eviction team is not trying to solve crimes. They aren't out to make arrests (though they do make citizen's arrests at times). They are responsible for investigating properties and responding to certain incidents regarding certain properties. To give you some insight on their job and what they do, brief scenes showcase certain laws and certain notes regarding the work of evicting others. So this show also offers some educational insight on property management.

The various incidents can range from some simple to outrageous. For example, a few simple cases can range from tenants not paying rent to complaints of loud noise. More outrageous incidents can relate to poorly-maintained buildings to illegal businesses run at residential properties. Whatever the case, the trio of Todd, Randye, and Rick are all in to try to help to protect the landlord(s) and the properties they own- at any cost. Usually, notices are handed out for tenants and suspects to clean up certain violations or move off of the property. Some people may even face jail time, be given fines, and/or get evicted from properties. The properties may be re-rented or converted to other spaces.

--- "World's Worst Tenants" Review ---

Needless to say, "World's Wildest Tenants" will make you think twice about being around people you can't stand. You think people you are around are bad enough? Think about people who run illegal businesses (usually sexually-oriented businesses), cut off electricity and gas to other apartment rooms, and things like that. The show offers some intense and dramatic moments while also being completely real. You have no idea just how insane the action can be on this show.

Video Preview.

I say you should see at least one episode to see just how insane this job is and how Todd, Randye, and Rick handle things. To prove this point, here is a little sample episode for you all to give you some insight on this show (WARNING: This video may not be suitable for all audiences):

^ "World's Worst Tenants: Video Game Meltdown"

To learn more about "World's Worst Tenants" or any other on Spike TV, visit www.spike.com/shows.

Even though I posted this blog entry, I am still trying to work out my PC issues. I have now mostly nailed them down to some sort of kernel issue involving my PC. My regular blogging habits will resume once I get those issues sorted out. For now, my blogging is limited. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Take care of ur PC issues john and hope to see you soon in blogworld!!!!

the show looks freaky!!


John Marine said...

Interesting show



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John Marine said...

great review! :)

John Marine said...

Haven't seen the show, but I can definitely believe that the eviction specialists see some crazy stuff!!!


John Marine said...

I've actually seen this show and it totally intrigues me. My husband likes it so sometimes I end up watching it with him!

xo, Yi-chia
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