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5 Years of JBS

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On January 23, 2009; I posted my first blog post in a blog I ultimately named "John's Blog Space." Five years and over 1K posts later, I am celebrating this blog's fifth year of existence. It has been a long journey with JBS. Meeting people worldwide and enduring good and bad times have helped shape the story of my blog. Almost anyone can make a blog; very few can keep committing to it and keep contributing. My blog is also one of a few blogs that I know of on the Blogger/Blogspot interface that have 2M views or more (according to Blogger/Blogspot statistics). I didn't start getting serious about blogging until I joined Google Adsense and until I wanted to blog about more than just the Gran Turismo series (which was the original basis of this blog). There is a lot for me to be happy about and honor as this blog is now five years old. But as the one not content with only modest success, I have to keep evolving and finding new ways to remain relevant while also trying to rediscover my past glory. Here are more thoughts of mine that I want my readers/visitors to know...

Message(s) for Fans.

I appreciate any and all views and visits I get. Even if you come here only once, I'm thankful to get at least some sort of support. There are people the world over whom have visited JBS over the years. All over the world- from the Western Hemisphere, to across Europe, through Africa, around Asia, Oceania, and the South Pacific... I've been more than grateful to receive views and support from many people worldwide and of various communities. This support ranges from people here in the Houston/Galveston area to all around the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Mexico to all over the world, across various nationalities and cultures, and even the LGBT community.

I do provide entertaining material, but my main focus is primarily on informative material. I don't discuss certain topics without the intention of offering useful material. I guess what is important to me is in letting people be able to find any factual and useful material rather than look endlessly and tirelessly for material people want to see. While this is important, I also provide a lot of my own commentary that people may agree or disagree with. I am not known for making controversial statements, but I do offer thoughts in my own way. I am not going to make bold statements just to draw attention to people. You either enjoy my material or not.

Rest assured that I have a lot of topics in mind to expand this blog. There are some topics I've long wanted to discuss but haven't yet put together a quality post sharing my thoughts. I want my fans to message me on Facebook (or elsewhere) if there are any topics you'd like to see me discuss in any of my blogs- let alone "John's Blog Space." For example, you may like my fashion blog ("StyleSpace by JBM") and want to see me blog about a certain trend or about a certain designer. You love my work and my commentary- please message me if there's a topic you want me to discuss! I may use your idea if I like it and if I can make a good enough post about that topic.

The initials of my blog spell J-B-S, but I don't BS about much anything. So thanks to everyone whom have supported my work. I hope you can continue to support me as long as you can.

Most importantly- thank you. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life after getting my Associate's in the Arts in 2008. What I ended up doing was joining the ranks of YouTube and also blogging. I am happy where I am, but always know I can be in a much better place than where I am at present. All one can do is just keep on going strong. Which is what I intend to do.

This concludes my 5th Anniversary post of John's Blog Space. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

You have a really nice blog and I follow you :)
I hope you can follow me back :)

nAiLee cHic said...



Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Congrats John. It's really a great achievement and you deserve it <3

John Marine said...

Wow, congratulations and well done!
Lovely post John :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Dusana :-)

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