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John Marine | 1/22/2014 02:46:00 PM |
(UPDATED: April 13, 2014)

Self-pictures. Selfies. Social media's latest trend has been the "selfie." A selfie is simply where someone takes a photo of himself/herself usually with a smartphone, some mobile device, or something like that. And really... I don't know what is so appealing about snapping a picture of yourself. Not to say that these "selfies" don't have any appeal; it's just that I don't see what the big deal about glorifying or romanticizing simply taking a picture of yourself. The only way I've seen the "selfie" to be anything worth romanticizing is if one takes any sexy, cute, or (dare I say it) swagger-licious pictures of himself/herself. But other than that, I just don't really see the big deal about taking these "selfies."

Maybe it's just the old-fashioned person in me that feels this way. I don't think anyone takes a picture of himself/herself without feeling confident or cool about doing so. I have no problem with someone just wants to take a picture of himself/herself. I just don't understand what makes these "selfies" so appealing or trendy- almost like all the "cool kids" are doing these (and subsequently... for you to be "cool" or maintain your "coolness," you HAVE to do what the cool kids do). I mean, they are just pictures of you taken by yourself. Maybe some of those pictures may call lots of attention to oneself, but I don't see too much into what makes such "selfies" to be so appealing or trendy.

So to all of you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and all those other services that allow you to take and share photos... keep doing those selfies if you love doing them.

Video Insight on Selfies.

(ADDED: April 13, 2014)

This video below provides insight on selfies. Here is some professional opinion in regards to selfies from psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini:

The Fascination with Selfies

This is, at least, one person's opinion in regards to "selfies."

My question to you:

What do you think about "selfies" and those who take them?

Feel free to comment if you wish. Thank you for reading!

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