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John's Corner: Moving Forward

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John's Corner" this time around is a sad announcement for one of my blogs. I announced in one of my blogs that I will discontinue one of my four blogs. What is the purpose of this post, then? It is to announce what I plan to replace the void in my blogging universe with. I want to share with you what I hope to bring to all of you in the future. Welcome to another edition of...

Johns Corner
...John's Corner!

--- Remembering "John's Shop Space"... ---

Let me tell you the story of "John's Shop Space" before going any further.

"John's Shop Space" (JSS) was a blog that was developed to take some workload off of "John's Blog Space" for two reasons:

• The first reason was that in the earlier days of "John's Blog Space," I made the effort to try to offer both a decent blog post followed by linking to items on Amazon for my blog posts. The workload was especially high when I used to do my fashion blog posts here on JBS before the creation of "StyleSpace by JBM."

• The second reason was because I didn't want people to think I was only blogging for money. So for those who wanted to buy things based on relevant material in my blog posts, I established "John's Shop Space" for my shopping audience. I was too cheap to set up a proper store, so it was a blog AND a store- on the cheap.

I had the idea back then to make this shopping-exclusive blog based on certain fashion bloggers who have individual blogs where people could shop for clothes from certain fashion bloggers. This idea worked quite well for as long as it did. That blog even reached 100K views all-time. In typing up this post, "John's Shop Space" was currently at 119,622 views all-time.

There were two reasons why I started to feel bad for what is keeping "John's Shop Space" relevant. I linked to one company; and in trying to link to a representative of [this company], he wanted me to get rid of a link I posted to his site. So in essence, I felt like I was running a spam blog to him. I got rid of the link eventually to help (that site)'s ROI ("ROI" stands for "return on investment").

Now here is an exclusive idea I want to share. What has kept that blog relevant in recent times was my blog post on "John's Shop Space" about swimsuits. I should be happy it is getting views mostly for one topic. Key word- SHOULD. So why do I feel so negative? Here's why. While it's great any post gets a good amount of views, that's not the full story. I usually check what kind of traffic I get to my blog(s). Most of the ones only looked at my blog post only because I mentioned swimwear for children and teenagers. I did mention all kinds of swimwear on "John's Shop Space," but I feel guilty and bad simply because a majority of people only cared about swimwear for kids. I do stress that anything I express in my blog is done with professionalism. I don't post things just to gain unnecessary and unwanted attention. Nothing I post is to cater to weirdos and spammers. So I didn't just mention swimsuits for children just so I could fulfill the wet dreams of any sex-crazed idiots. Everything I post is either for educational, entertaining, or informative purposes.

I basically ended up feeling like I catered to an audience I did not want to cater to in trying to express certain things. Never do I want to feel like I am I am making anything enjoyable for the wrong reasons or for the wrong purposes. When I start to feel even the least bit suspicious, it means I have to make decisions others likely will not be proud of. Even if getting extra views for a blog and keeping blogs relevant were priorities in what I post, I at least want to do so knowing I've posted items of quality rather than something just to cater to certain audiences I didn't intend to get attention from.

These were just two examples proving my displeasure. They say "two wrongs don't make a right." At least in these perspectives, I really felt the need to move on.

Ending "John's Shop Space."

This was the text I typed up for "John's Shop Space" regarding my decision to discontinue that blog:

"John's Shop Space" will be discontinued. It was a tough decision for me to make, but I had long contemplated on how to make JSS more useful, but couldn't find any more ways to make it worth anything. So the sad news for me to report is that this blog will be deleted in the future. This blog will be discontinued- even this blog post itself. No new posts besides this one will be made for "John's Shop Space" any longer.

This blog was always an alternative blog to a lot of my usual content from my other blogs. That's why I didn't promote this one as much as I do my other blogs. I didn't want my main blog to be some kind of cash cow or think that people only thought I blog for money. So that's why I made "John's Shop Space." Also as an alternative blog, I wanted it to strictly be about getting people to buy things online based on relevant topics I mention. That's why I didn't allow for comments to be posted here. Not one post on "John's Shop Space" has a comment. And to be honest, I didn't feel very happy making some posts for this blog. Maybe not unhappiness, but not as confident my posts would sell. Most of them didn't. I stayed with this blog because I wanted to make it work as well as my main blog. Unfortunately, I couldn't happily work on material to make it relevant; I also couldn't come up with any bunch of topics to keep it interesting.

So in the end and at long last, I decided to discontinue "John's Shop Space." It's time for me to move on from this experience.

There lies my reasons for discontinuing that blog.

What's Next?

As someone with multiple blogs, I obviously will have to redirect traffic who may be coming to an old blog so they can see some of my other content. You know the little table that is at the end of my blog posts? I have to edit my footers to get rid of my links to "John's Shop Space." A lot of my old posts linked to John's Shop Space will have to removed as well.

Blogging is hard work, people. Especially for those who put so much effort into it like I do. It is all about efficiency. This is no different from any hard blogging work I've done previously. Most of my editing will come with my more popular posts followed by a lot of the posts that have been lost in time.

All is not lost. In fact, there are plans I have for the future. Read the next section!

--- Moving Forward: New Plans ---

The death of one blog means the birth of a possible new blog. I want to share something I am considering in adding to my blogging universe.

A New Space?

To all of my blog readers, most of you may know that I have made my material with a theme of stars and space. So I used terms like "universe" just now. That universe of blogging content will have a new space. Allow me to introduce you to my next blogging project.

I want to introduce a new blog that fills a void I don't think I can fill here on "John's Blog Space" or any other blog. Since my childhood, I have always had a love of art. I have always felt the need and the desire to express myself through various arts. Fueling the creative spirit is what I've always fallen on and believed in. Believe me when I mention that I always have topics that I haven't yet covered or haven't yet mentioned. Providing material for the Internet that people can enjoy is something I take pride in and proudly want to do for my audience. I recently had ambitions to add being an amateur music producer to my lineup of things I publish online. Many people who are on YouTube may know of my YouTube channel, JohnMarineTube. Some of my past blog posts here on "John's Blog Space" have been personal showcases of my art and my literature. But for as much as "John's Blog Space" is an "anything and everything" paradise, it never really allowed me to really express my own imaginative and expressive space. This blog isn't really going to be a showcase of my own artistic and imaginative style. What should I do instead? Simple- create an environment which allows me to showcase my fantasy realm. Enter my latest project...

I am announcing that a new blog will be created in the future showcasing a lot of my own personal content. It will feature insights on my own art, music, videos, and more. I also may feature certain literature of mine. This new blog will basically be a creative space showcasing a lot of my own personal material for your entertainment. This will be a space for me to express various forms of entertainment from me. When that new blog is created, I will work to try to make things interesting with a variety of posts. Many of them, like usual, will be old posts from "John's Blog Space" re-made specifically for that blog.

Contents of the New Blog.

Here is what the new blog will feature:

• Art - my art skills have been subpar over time. Despite this, don't expect anything from me like you'd see on deviantART, for example.

• Music - You will get to hear some of the many songs I've created on my computer. Some of you may have heard the sample tracks I created when I announced my ambitions at becoming a music producer. You'll be hearing some more music I've created as they will be featured in that blog.

• Videos - A lot of my videos on YouTube will be featured in my blog.

• Literature - Some people say I'm a great writer. I personally don't consider myself a good writer, especially not if you're referring to formal writing. I type up a lot of my posts from the top of my head rather than write them down somewhere and type them up. Therefore, I am not a "writer." My own literature to be featured in the new blog will mostly be literary pieces I just share that are mostly short stories.

These are among the many things I want to share in this new future blog. I have a name for the new blog, but I will not announce it until I make my first post with that new blog. Most of you new to my blogging work know that the element of surprise and randomness are key factors in my appeal of my work.

People whom have supported "John's Shop Space" earn my full and total thanks. I need to move on, however. Thanks to all of you for reading this edition of "John's Corner." More topics for JBS will come in the future. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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