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Fueling the Creative Spirit

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Blogging. Videos. Art. Music. Literature (sometimes). Most of what I do and enjoy evokes and expresses my creativity. I consider myself a creative person. I feel my greatest gift to society is to offer creative and expressive material to the greater public-at-large. So for this blog post, I want to talk about being creative and what creativity can do for someone.

--- Fueling the Creative Spirit ---

It pays to be creative. My life has mostly been predicated on having a vivid imagination and a love of the arts. A love of the arts has helped enrich me as a person. It helps me to better appreciate life and all the different aspects of life. It also makes me feel different ways about certain things.

Anyone who knows me knows I am driven by inspiration. It produces a stranglehold on my life that hardly anything else can match or better. At my best, I am in my sleep (or trying to sleep) planning my next sort of artistic expression. Only thing that has to happen next is actually executing what I've dreamt of. Now you know just how I am with a lot of my creative works.

--- Creative Expression ---

Here are some of the individual points I mentioned in my introduction of this blog post...

Creative Spirit: Blogging.

I expend most of my creative energy blogging. Even with some of the serious and negative topics I've discussed, I feel I am in a certain groove when I prepare posts. I am in a certain zone where I know I have a chance to make something great for the Internet. I often feel dialed in when I don't have "blogger's block" (my version of "writer's block"). There are some days where I am able to properly add to blog posts to help in getting them released online. There are some other times where I feel unable to add material that will eventually lead to a successful blog post I'm happy to release. Some posts just become works in progress through NoteTab (the program I use to type up blog posts as text files before releasing online). I do feel the creative flow in knowing that you can take typing up material to eventually make a unique blog post.

Creative Spirit: Videos.

For those of you who know of my YouTube channel- JohnMarineTube, I have plenty of experience in making and producing videos. Making a video and posting it online is a chance for people to see you and your craft at work. Video work is tricky. You will need to try to bring together both visual and audio elements seamlessly and effectively. In my past, I had no idea how to try to edit videos. So what ends up happening is that I have to get everything done properly in one take. One mistake too many means a video of mine will NOT be released or worked on any further. Some people always wonder why I take things so seriously. The fact is that I feel any video I create has to be of quality- just like my blog posts. I feel a certain responsibility and obligation to provide video material people can enjoy and that I can be proud to publish online.

My channel... in case you're interested: JohnMarineTube

Creative Spirit: Art.

Art has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can remember painting a picture of a Jack O' Lantern in my Kindergarten days. I drew a picture of my mother as well as make a model of my mother using a bunch of label stickers and a few markers. I would draw many more things as I grew older. Most of my art influence was drawn from my brother, who drew some incredible pictures.

One of the most significant times of my time as an artist was when I saw a 3D cartoon called "Reboot." This made me want to get into computer animation. This was what I set my sights on in terms of a future career. I probably thought of myself maybe making motion pictures for the likes of Disney Pixar. However, none of those dreams came true; and I've never made any true 3D model. That holds true even today. I never made a single polygon model.

These days, I have somewhat experienced a Renaissance of art as I've been making voxel models using Qubicle Constructor. While polygon models aren't possible with Qubicle Constructor, I have found variable amounts of success making voxel models with this program. I have all of a sudden become a bit more interested in making more models and such to share online.

Creative Spirit: Music.

You may have read my "John's Corner" post regarding my ambitions of possibly becoming my own music producer. I posted two YouTube videos where I made two simple loops with Linux MultiMedia Studio that lasted for about one minute. I have actually worked on some songs to hopefully share online. To make the most of my willingness to share my music, I'll have to join a certain community to share my music... and maybe even financially profit from my work.

Before making music based on trackers and sequencers, I was big on MIDI music from my keyboard. Most of the fortunate ones had Cakewalk. I've been using a program known as NoteWorthy Composer as my MIDI program. I was always into pianos and keyboards, and my brother has always been into guitars. I do try to mix up my style in music as much as I can. But sometimes, there is just something that you bring to music (or anything) that clearly defines you no matter how much you try to diversify your material.

Creative Spirit: Literature.

To be honest, I do not consider myself a good writer. I was never a good writer in grade school or college... or at least in the sense of formal writing. I actually don't consider myself a good reader either. That's why I love blogging- I express my own writing style through the means of typing. I don't actually "write" any of my blog posts. Most of what I do is mostly spontaneous and direct as I type.

Literature is something I sometimes take part in. While I am not as adept or indulged in writing or reading, I do find some great value in wanting to tell stories. But again, I am not any pro at this. I don't think I could ever come up with a book or anything to make myself any sort of celebrated author. With my Minecraft experience, I have been thinking of creating some sort of story-driven realm of Minecraft to where these stories are attached to the Minecraft worlds I'm playing in to bring some life to the Minecraft worlds. For example, the first Minecraft world I created through Minecraft Pocket Edition has a lot of structures unique to its storyline. Namely- a bunch of small shrines scattered across various biomes.

There have even been certain themed things that make me want to envision extra storylines. One of them involves a fighting game I thought of as well as recent thoughts on coming up with fictional sports teams.

No matter what, creativity drives me through anything I do. Anything to express and utilize my creative energy is enough for me to provide quality material for everyone. It is the best way I feel I can contribute positively to society among my abilities.

--- Fueling the Creative Spirit: Final Thoughts ---

Everyone has their own sort of ways to enhance and enrich their minds. My way is through creativity through arts and media. One should try to express creativity in a way he/she feels expressive and creative through arts and media. As with any hobby or interest, it pays to have love and dedication for what you do. I obviously have love and dedication for what I do- even to the point of wanting to start a new blog to showcase my work. So let your creativity shine!

John Asks...

This post is over. Here is a question for discussion:

How do you express your creativity? How do you fuel your creativity?

Have at it!

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Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

No doubt, you are a creative person John! Love this post! Happy Monday <3

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

No doubt, you are a creative person John! Love this post! Happy Monday <3

John Marine said...

Wow! Cool!

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