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Plantronics .Audio 478 USB Headset

The Plantronics .Audio 478 is a USB headset allowing you to enjoy voice chatting and hear clear sounds. I was compelled to get this semi-randomly at Wal-Mart instead of a Logitech headset I originally wanted to get. This blog post is a review of the Plantronics .Audio 478 headset with my thoughts and opinions of it.

--- Plantronics .Audio 478 ---

Here is a look at this headset:

Plantronics .Audio 478
^ from: - This is the Plantronics .Audio 478 USB headset.

Here is a back story before I begin with the review. I have long wanted to get a new USB headset after having broken my old Logitech USB Headset. I saw the Plantronics .Audio 478 headset even as I was going to get the Logitech H390 USB Headset. I had no previous experience with Plantronics products, so this was a first from me to try out this headset. Could a little more money and a company's products you aren't familiar with make that much of a difference?

The .Audio 478 from Plantronics offers great sound quality with a comfortable USB headset. You can actually fold up these headphones comfortably and nicely. It comes with a pouch that you can easily fold the headset into. Attached to the cord of this USB headset is a piece that includes buttons to adjust volume, mute, and even a button to chat doing calls. This USB headset was designed for PC and Mac for voice chatting as well as to serve as an alternate sound card. You could even use this for voice chatting with gaming consoles.

My Thoughts and Review.

This USB headset offers a very comfortable package with great sound quality. It is unobtrusive in its design and is in no way bulky. Sound is clear and wonderful.

However, I've had serious problems with this headset that made me want to return it to the store I got it from. The biggest issue I've had was just how poor the microphone is. When I used this on my PC, the sound reception was very weak. Even with microphone recording volume set to max, the sound quality appeared very weak.

My disappointment was really magnified when I tried using this with my PlayStation 3- which is what I initially intended to buy a USB headset for. I have been infinitely unsuccessful trying to speak into the microphone when I hooked it into my PlayStation 3. I was testing out the microphone watching an online race in Gran Turismo 6. At first, I realized I had to activate it and enable it for sound. The PS3 will recognize the headset, but its microphone was basically useless, as I was unable to have ANYTHING be picked up by the microphone. I could be singing in soprano or doing one of those screaming rock performances, and this microphone was unable to pick up my voice. I even have the microphone settings on my PS3 at the maximum level- 5, and my Plantronics .Audio 478 STILL could not pick up my voice. So in other words... this USB headset can be recognized by the PlayStation 3, but its microphone input is almost nonexistent. It is not entirely compatible with the PS3.

Just so you know... you are not going to be able to hear in-game audio with this USB headset. You are only going to hear voice chatting, and you're going to be able to clearly chat with others. I'm okay with this. My old Logitech USB headset also allowed you to only hear just voice chatting as well as be able to chat with others online. This Plantronics .Audio 478 is just poor. The .Audio 478 retails for about $49.99 US Dollars at Wal-Mart, and the Logitech H390 USB Headset I wanted to get originally cost about $39.99 US Dollars. Proof positive that spending a little more money doesn't always mean a better product or a better experience. I was vastly disappointed with this headset for what I wanted to use this headset for. I took a chance on trying a different product hoping for a better experience, and I ended up feeling like I wasted my money.

I would NOT recommend this headset. I'm sorry.

Even though I don't recommend this headset, maybe you will disagree with me. Maybe you want to give these USB headphones more of a chance than I've given them. So it is only natural for argument's sake that I allow for my disagreeing audience to get this product if you disagreed with my review of the Plantronics .Audio 478 USB headset. So you can get this online by clicking on this item online:

Now a quick announcement before my closing. A lot of my past posts from my soon-to-be-defunct "John's Shop Space" blog will be coming over to "John's Blog Space." Product reviews will return to JBS. Expect to see more reviews like this one (and more) here in the future.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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