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Pole Dancing

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Many people readily associate pole dancing with adult entertainers. Pole dancing is usually associated with sleazy streetwalkers or adult entertainers. However, recent efforts have been made to promote pole dancing in a more positive way than how most people usually perceive it. It is because of its bad image that pole dancing will have a tough time being accepted by the general public-at-large. This blog post on pole dancing is more commentary than something informative on it.

WARNING: Because of a sensitive topic, there may be some material in this post that may not be suitable for all audiences. You are reading this post at your own discretion.

--- Pole Dancing ---

You know what I am discussing, but I need a picture to set the mood. So here you go:

pole dancing
^ from: - Work that pole! Depending on who you ask, pole dancing is either as enticing as any other form of dance, or is incredibly sleazy and uninteresting.

This blog post will contain a combination of general thoughts and some commentary in regards to pole dancing. Feel free to agree or disagree at will.

Pole Dancing in General.

It takes flexibility and skill to work the poles. The art of pole dancing can very much be sensual, especially if dancing in such a way that you're aroused by the pole and want to do some hot dancing with it. Some people who watch daytime TV may have seen the Jerry Springer Show as far as poles are concerned. People who watch Jerry Springer may have seen Jerry Springer himself and certain guests dance with or slide down the pole. Most people usually think of sleazy women in regards to pole dancing. Even though that perception is prevalent in regards to pole dancing, there are more tasteful and less sleazy qualities to pole dancing. Some people are even trying to change most peoples' perception of pole dancing- emphasizing qualities opposite of the negatively perceptions of it.

Which leads to my next point...

Changing Perceptions on Pole Dancing.

Because of pole dancing's negative image, there are people who will fail to accept pole dancing outside of its sleazy image. Most people conjure images of a submissive young woman being seduced by the pole, as if the pole were a sexy and handsome man that the woman encounters in thinking of pole dancing.

In Season 6 of the MTV reality TV competition "America's Best Dance Crew," one of the finalists of ABDC Season 6 was called Jag6ed (pronounced how you'd normally say "jagged," it is just styled "Jag6ed"). Jag6ed was a dance team that tried to promote pole dancing in a positive way. They were unfortunately the first crew to be eliminated in that season. This example I provided is what I immediately think of in regards to trying to make pole dancing less sleazy.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... Here is a video I found showcasing Jag6ed:

^ "JAG6ED - Week 2 - Sleazy - Kesha Challenge - ABDC6"

CAN Pole Dancing Be Acceptable?

I think pole dancing can very well be accepted. There is actually some skill and fitness involved in latching onto a pole and performing various gyrations or maneuvers. It is at least acceptable in the aspect of fitness. There is at least some incentive to pole dancing in that respect. I can see pole dancing as a good way of exercising the core and enhancing flexibility and balance. One can certainly look at pole dancing on these fronts.

So now that you have a little insight on making pole dancing, it's now time I try to offer my own thoughts on pole dancing.

--- Pole Dancing: Final Thoughts ---

Personally, I don't care about pole dancing. I don't like it or hate it; I just don't care about it or find any serious attraction to it. Since I don't really care for pole dancing, good luck trying to make it more acceptable. I do feel a lot needs to be done to make it more acceptable among more people. These efforts are helping, but pole dancing is still mostly taken negatively by the general public.

Even if this style of dancing is better accepted, I still don't care too much about pole dancing to accept it. I'd rather enjoy seeing go-go dancing or belly dancing instead. Good luck to those fighting the fight to clean up the image of pole dancing. Just don't expect me to care much about it or be awed about it any time soon.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

The only post I can offer related to this is my old blog post on ABDC. So check it out:

"America's Best Dance Crew" (John's Blog Space)
^ I mentioned ABDC. For more about this show, click on the above link.


Here are some questions I'd like to ask my audience:

• What are your thoughts about pole dancing?
• Can it be made more acceptable to people?
• Would you try pole dancing (if you've never tried it)?

That concludes this blog post on pole dancing.

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John Marine said...

I think pole dancing is really sensual and sexy. It just has to be done in a "non-sleazy" manner. It's also a fitness routine that engages every part of the body. I'd give pole dancing a try myself if I wasn't too afraid of falling on my head.

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Thank you for commenting on my blog! Interesting articles on here.

John Marine said...

I love pole dancing. I have a pole in my home that my Husband got me. He loves it!

John Marine said...

I just love to watch pole dance in movies! Great post John, hope your week is going beautifully.

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