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Gangnam Style!

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The latest craze is Gangnam Style. This is the musical and dancing phenomenon started by the entertainer PSY. You are going to get a full course of Korean loving here in this "John's Blog Space" post. Most of you know I love Japan. However, Koreans can be just as entertaining (or weird) and awesome. So I got to give the Korean crowd some love. Most of the time, I don't give into trends or immediately want to get my voice across based on some of the latest trends and phenomena in social media. Usually, my involvement in some trend or phenomena just means I am just another voice or entity trying to get my contribution. I figure if I'm going to be part of something, I'll have to be original and distinctive. So that's why I don't take part in things like Internet memes, certain online trends, certain trends in the news, etc. But in a rare exception, I decided to show some Gangnam Style here.

So what the heck is Gangnam style? Watch the video, learn the moves, and see for yourself:

^ "PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V"

This video has 740M YouTube hits for a reason. Let me say this- "Gangnam Style" is one catchy song. It's something to latch onto and enjoy, unlike the unspeakably annoying "Friday" song from Rebecca Black. And come on now- how can you not get into the groove watching PSY go to work Gangnam Style. Even typing up this blog post, I was doing the Gangnam Style dance myself sitting on my bed! :) Hey- just because I'm a blogger doesn't mean I can't have fun blogging, okay!? But really can't really help but doing those horse riding moves. That even includes Texans like myself. We're used to horse and cattle here in Texas. So imagine doing the Gangnam Style in a place so used to horses and cattle.

But like I said earlier- Gangnam Style is immensely catchy.

[Briefly] About PSY.

(Born: December 31, 1977)-year old Park Jae-Sang is the South Korean fellow known by the stage name of PSY. He has been active on the music scene since 1999. The single "Gangnam Style" marked the sixth album by PSY. This song was CLEARLY the hottest song of Summer 2012. To learn more about PSY, you are invited to view the Wikipedia (English) page on PSY.

How you loving Gangnam Style? If you want more PSY, or more Gangnam Style; here are some more links for you:

PSY's official home page
PSY's official Facebook Fan Page
PSY's official YouTube channel
"Gangnam Style" videos on YouTube « in case you want more Gangnam Style on YouTube...
Follow PSY on Twitter!
PSY on iTunes

Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I agree! It is one catchy tune even here in The Bahamas.

John Marine said...

It's amazing how quickly this took off and became a phenomenon. I love it!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

John Marine said...

Dear John thank you for teaching me one new thing from the early morning!:) I already told you how much I respect educational tone of your posts!!! Happy Tuesday, have a lovely day my dear friend!!!

John Marine said...

It's funny that every party I go to does an instant mob dance of Gangnam style - it's so fun!

What a great blog, fantastic photos, great topics chosen for the fashion colums and fab event coverage!





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John Marine said...

gangnam style song and dance move is certainly catching!!!

I wondered what all the hullaboo was about and then saw the song..and really liked it :)

John Marine said...

I think the song is definitely catchy and so much fun! My bf likes to turn up the volume when it comes on haha

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