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Comcast SportsNet Houston

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"Your new home of your home teams."

-Comcast SportsNet Houston

Many Houston Rockets fans are currently disappointed at the lack of television coverage so far in the 2012 season. That is mainly because the television home of Rockets basketball and Astros baseball has gone from FOX Sports Houston to the new Comcast SportsNet Houston (or CSN Houston). This new CSN Houston network is essentially a network looking to deliver a lot more coverage of Houston-area sports as well as many new local shows devoted to sports here in the Houston area. It even is home to athletics from the University of Houston (go Cougars!). CSN Houston comprises a market of five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and parts of New Mexico. The network launched on October 1, 2012.

Comcast SportsNet Houston (or CSN Houston)
^ from: - CSN Houston is the new home of Houston sports. However, a lot of people are still tuned out of CSN Houston, since more cable and satellite providers still have yet to carry CSN Houston.

Sounds good if you're a Houston sports fan, doesn't it? Well, there are major problems that have had many Houston sports fans disappointed. The biggest problem is that many cable and satellite carriers have yet to carry Comcast SportsNet Houston. Some people were even considering going from carriers who have yet to carry CSN Houston over to Comcast just to see Rockets basketball and (eventually) Astros baseball. Despite the name of the network, Comcast is not needed to enjoy CSN Houston. The ones most disappointed about this new network are those of major carriers who have yet to carry the network. As of the initial date of this post, a lot of the major satellite providers have yet to carry CSN Houston- Dish, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, all among others. CSN Houston wants sports fans to demand networks carry CSN Houston through signing a petition at

If you think the hate and frustration of cable and satellite providers is bad enough, you should visit CSN Houston's Facebook fan page. Even as CSN Houston's Facebook fan page and Twitter feed announce certain things to be featured on the network, some people on Facebook vent their continued frustration of CSN Houston through posts and asking if deals have been agreed to in featuring CSN Houston on various cable and satellite providers. Many people think CSN Houston is money hungry and is charging too much for its network to be carried on certain cable and satellite providers.

I don't have CSN Houston as of the date of this initial blog post. However, I am not going on an epic rage online regarding the lack of CSN Houston. I am sad I have not seen a single live second of Houston Rockets basketball this season. All I've seen of the Rockets was highlight packages on NBA TV and certain other sports news outlets. It is sad how I haven't been able to see any Rockets action live on TV so far this season. I even signed the petition for CSN to be carried on Dish. If you're a Houston sports fan who love Rockets basketball and Astros baseball, you're still very upset that this network hasn't yet been carried to certain cable and satellite providers that haven't yet carried this new network. I don't know the specifics of everything and why or when this network will be carried on more providers. However, Rockets fans who want to enjoy watching Rockets basketball, as well as Astros fans who want to see Astros baseball, are all ailing until networks finally carry CSN Houston. I hope as a Houston sports fan that this matter is all resolved sooner rather than later. I also hope networks somehow can get a deal done so I can finally see my Rockets in action on CSN Houston rather than have to listen to the radio (not that I have a problem with radio) to follow my beloved teams. While I don't mind radio, I'd rather SEE my teams on TV rather than be relegated to radio coverage.

You can use the following links to learn more about Comcast SportsNet Houston and to connect with CSN Houston:

Comcast SportsNet Houston official site
Demand CSN Houston
CSN Houston on Facebook
Follow CSN Houston on Twitter (@CSNHouston)!

Once again- I hope more of the major carriers can carry CSN Houston so more people can enjoy Houston-area sports. I hope this gets sorted out quickly so this will no longer be an issue for Houston sports fans. This concludes my commentary piece regarding CSN Houston. Thank you for reading! Subscribe and Follow my blog(s), "like" me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, add me to your Google+ circles... just show a brother some love if you love my work!

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