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John's Corner: Android

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I am now an Android user! This past Sunday, I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 and familiarized myself with the Android interface. I am learning about Android and getting adjusted with apps little by little. As a blogger, I did some mobile browsing of certain blogs in Android. Using mobile devices is a new experience for me. I am still learning a number of things using Android as well as using a mobile device. Now let me let you in- the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is NOT a phone, unlike many of the other Samsung Galaxy devices. So while I did review the Samsung Galaxy S III here on "John's Blog Space," I will not have any sort of phone features for my SGP 3.6; but I'm okay with that. I still have my old flip-up LG phone from 2006 that I still use as my cellular phone. Why would I need two phones? Why would I need to have worries with mobile data charges? So I'm happy with my SGP 3.6 portable media player.

What I WILL let you in on is that I plan to eventually review the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 on "John's Shop Space." I am also considering opening my blog topics to topics related to mobile devices as well as apps for mobile devices. As ever, my obligation is to service my visiting and reading audience with quality material. So I am hoping my material will be of great value to all of you.

About the Label: "Mobile"

This is a blog label concerning mobile devices. They include mobile devices themselves, apps for mobile devices, mobile gaming, mobile browsing, and more. The topics are all in an effort to discuss mobile electronics and more.

My Android App Experience So Far.

Just to give you an idea of my Android experience so far, I've mostly downloaded certain apps that I thought would be cool to start me off. I went ahead and got Android apps for Facebook and Twitter. Most of the apps I have so far are mostly music-related. I have the apps for WinAmp, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, and more. The most recent app I've downloaded was Podcast Addict. It's about as best as I can do to port over my iTunes podcasts to Android. So I can still listen to some of my iTunes subscribed podcasts (like "Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond," for example). As a sports fan, I have the ESPN ScoreCenter app. I have it to keep up with various sports scores to the sports I care about.

New Opportunities?

I think using Android opens myself up to new opportunities to enhance my blogging content. A considerate audience does visit my blog(s) using mobile browsers. It makes me wonder how I could make my content more fun for mobile visitors. Also, I wonder if I could do more to make my blog enjoyable even on mobile devices. Nonetheless, this gives me possible hope to expand and enhance my content for all of my audiences.

To all of my fellow bloggers, ALWAYS look for new ways to enhance your blogging content- even including making quality material for your mobile visitors (among other things). Never stop improving or improvising!

As of the date of this blog post, I had actually planned on making a video or two this week or last week. Unfortunately, I've been a bit sick. I am coming up on four years since joining YouTube and posting my first video on YouTube. My channel- "JohnMarineTube"- debuted on YouTube in November 2008.

Anyhow, thank you for reading another installment of "John's Corner!" Go have a good day/night or something. And please- don't forget to get social with me if you love my work!

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John Marine said...

Well, I hope you will love your new Android but most importantly,

I hope you get better very soon!




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