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Pixel Sword

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Homeworld Arts' "Pixel Sword" is an action platformer where you enter a castle and kill off several monsters. It can be played via Flash, Android, iOS, and on the OUYA. I first learned of this title playing on the OUYA. I will be sure to tell you about this game and perhaps interest you enough to where you might like this game if you agree with my review. This is "John's Blog Space," and this is another game review of mine. Welcome to my blogging universe! :)

--- Pixel Sword ---

The game "Pixel Sword" was made by Homeworld Arts, a Vermont-based independent gaming studio. This game features 10 levels and is as basic as you can get. There is nothing in this game that suggests anything truly fancy. "Pixel Sword" is all about simply traversing a level and wiping out all the enemies.

I actually think this game was meant to provide quick action and old-school game play without consuming a whole lot of your time. The entire game can be completed in one sit-through for about half an hour (or 30 minutes in case you're not good at Math). You can find some certain treasure in the game along with some characters to unlock. Though unfortunately, there isn't much difference in unlocking the characters. They don't have any sort of different capabilities or powers that make them different. So you're basically unlocking and using them on personal preference. Even the OUYA profile on Pixel Sword mentions the characters as skins rather than any full-blown characters.

Now on to my own review of this title.

Review/Thoughts of "Pixel Sword."

Pixel Sword will likely be considered boring to a lot of reviewers, especially a lot of big-name reviewers or reviewers working for major companies. There just isn't anything to Pixel Sword which will make many Triple-A gaming types happy- No engaging storyline, fancy voice acting, no spectacular graphics, no fancy musical score, the whacking of enemies can be repetitive and dull, and... it's fairly short for a lot of people.

But once you consider what this game DOESN'T have, for its purpose and its appeal, Pixel Sword is a great basic action platformer. This game still delivers plenty of polish and gameplay for what it provides. This game will only be disappointing to people who are expecting a Triple-A style gaming experience and want to see features befitting of such quality games. Pixel Sword is a simple action platformer that is a very good time killer (if you want to call it a "time killer"). At least you're getting to enjoy a nicely-structured game that rarely has any frustrating moments or anything annoying. Oh, and I love the song that plays at all moments of the game! I've played certain platformers that are poorly made and offer nothing in the way of anything fun or engaging. "Pixel Sword" is a well-structured game sure to deliver classic action platform action.

This game is simple and fun. If I were to offer suggestions or if I were to re-create this game, I probably would make the game a bit longer and offer some interesting perks and some newer monsters. I would also maybe add some obstacles and diversity in level design. Maybe even add in some mid-level bosses or mid-bosses just for some extra challenge. As for the different characters, I maybe would make them seem more like unique characters with their own abilities and powers. Since you're using swords, I'd even be open to see upgraded weapons or even upgraded abilities just to have that extra special touch when battling monsters. Otherwise, this game is not a bad way to waste some time while also wasting enemies who dare threaten you.

Video Preview.

What game was I talking about all along? Take a look at this video:

^ Pixel Sword - Indie Game

For More Information...

Learn more about Homeworld Arts by visiting More ways to play this game:

Pixel Sword (Flash)
Pixel Sword (Android)
Pixel Sword (iOS)
Pixel Sword (OUYA)

That concludes this blog post on "Pixel Sword." If Homeworld Arts themselves is reading this blog post, I offered my own personal opinions on this game, and I hope you can respect these opinions of mine.

As a note in all of this, I keep saying "the game" as far as Pixel Sword goes so that I don't confuse people with a gaming studio called Pixel Sword. I also didn't want to confuse people simply about pixel art swords. What you read in this post is about Pixel Sword from Homeworld Arts. Thank you for visiting John's Blog Space and for reading this post! Take care and be well.

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