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Simon's Cat

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Simon's Cat loves being fed. Or at least, he wants to be fed. This very popular animated kitty has some adventures in being fed. Doing so involves some wacky moments in these animated shorts. As a cat lover, the reasons are fairly obvious why I am even remotely into Simon's Cat. This blog post takes a look at this animated cat whom has been his own online sensation. If there are any fans of Simon's Cat visiting my blog, I'd like to welcome you here. Hope you enjoy your time here.

--- Simon's Cat ---

Let's get to know this animated kitty. Here he is:

Simons Cat
^ from: www.canidae.com (best I could find and best fitting) - Simon's Cat wants one thing more than anything else- to be fed. So feed him, already!

The Simon's Cat series dates back to 2008. This cool cat was created by Simon Tofield. Simon's Cat features a number of animated shorts whereas this cat gets into some sort of trouble in trying to get his owner to feed him. To get his way, he'll either break things around him or cause some other sort of mischief. While he may sound like a troublemaker, Simon's Cat is actually fairly humble and actually kind of cute. He exhibits curious and fairly innocent cat behavior. The cartoons of him are funny.

Video Preview.

Here is one of the many different episodes of Simon's Cat. I picked this one so you get a general idea of Simon's Cat and the adventures he goes through.

^ "Catnip - Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special!)"

Not too long ago, I profiled another famous cat. Because I love you readers and visitors, let me give you a unique little duel. Read the next section!

--- Simon's Cat vs. Pusheen (a JBS Exclusive!) ---

Since I've mentioned Simon's Cat, why not we make things interesting by mentioning another fictional cat I blogged about- Pusheen the Cat? This is what you'll get only here on John's Blog Space. So gosh darn it... be proud!


How do the two compare personality wise? To me, Simon's Cat is more of a mischief maker than Pusheen. That isn't to say Pusheen isn't innocently sweet, however. Simon Cat's mischief is more comical in how he either tries to get fed or deals with certain other characters. Pusheen's mischief is more silly cute- kind of like a baby who'll make a big mess and laugh afterwards. Neither Simon's Cat nor Pusheen are spoiled in any way. Neither regard themselves better than everybody else.

Simon's Cat seems more active while Pusheen loves to sleep. Simon's Cat does sleep and rest, but not as much as Pusheen. Pusheen is lazy in a comical sense. You can't help but laugh (even lightly) when she's resting. Where Pusheen sleeps is even cute. In one picture, there is a picture of Pusheen joking that "home is where my butt is."

Both cats have one thing in common- they both love food. Simon's Cat seeks almost every episode to be fed by his owner. He'll gladly cause some mayhem to get his way or to get fed. The mayhem, though, is not anything extreme. Pusheen will seemingly eat anything... except cat food or anything healthy. So if you're hosting Thanksgiving and Simon's Cat and Pusheen came along, you'd be best to keep your food away from both of these cats!


Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen exhibit typical cat behaviors portrayed in different ways. I've never owned a cat, so I can't speak from any experience. I mentioned that Simon's Cat and Pusheen don't treat themselves like either are above anyone else. In one sense, someone would think Simon's Cat loves being the center of attention. Or at least, seeming like a bratty child who hasn't worked for anything, yet wants to be treated like royalty. Someone else would talk about Pusheen like she is queen of the world, and all of us human beings just live in her world.

We don't know too much about Simon's Cat on the character front. But really, the bio on Pusheen notes that she wants to make friends with as many people as possible. So Pusheen is actually friendly even if it seems all she wants to do is eat and sleep.

Philanthropic Efforts and Other Applications.

Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen have been linked to taking their personalities to viable causes as well as showcase themselves elsewhere.

There was a special episode of Simon's Cat called "Off to the Vet." This was where Simon Tofield went out to a vet center and looked at taking care of cats. It was part of a

Pusheen loves to eat. One campaign involving Pusheen was that of Pusheen stickers featuring the World Food Programme (WFP). A variety of stickers were created using the WFP acronym. Even Pusheen's sister, Stormy, was featured in some of those stickers.

Both cats have a variety of merchandise available. Those who enjoy cycling can enjoy seeing Simon's Cat on a cycling jersey. There are various plush toys of both, lots of Pusheen plush toys showcased by many people online. The plush Pusheen toys have become quite popular.

Who Wins?

Whichever one you like more is your call. You wouldn't want either to make a big mess around your house, but both are engaging cats with their own unique personalities. I would personally have Pusheen as my cat if I were to choose between Simon's Cat and Pusheen.

This blog post, for the most part, is over. I hope you enjoyed my little look at Simon's Cat along with a small comparison between him and Pusheen the Cat.

--- For More Information... ---

Visit www.simonscat.com. Shop for Simon's Cat items by visiting Simon's Cat official web shop (all items in GBP Pounds, but currency can be converted to Euros or USD Dollars). More ways to get social with Simon's Cat:

Simon's Cat on Facebook
Simon's Cat on Twitter
Simon's Cat on Instagram
Simon's Cat on Google+
Simon's Cat Tumblog
Simon's Cat on YouTube and even Simon's Cat on YouTube (simonscatextra)

Simon's Cat has his own book. This book is among one of various books of Simon's Cat. If you want to learn more about it, I invite you to click on the item below:

or click here for more Simon's Cat merchandise on Amazon!

That's it for this one.

That's all for this post.

Are you a fan of Simon's Cat? What do you think about him and his adventures? How relatable do you think Simon's Cat is (if you're a cat owner)... or is he?

Please have yourself a great day/night. I am thankful for all of the visitors and readers I get, especially my loyal readers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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