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Burger Cat (Flash Version)

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"Iz it om nom nom time?" Sure! Burger Cat is a casual puzzle game. Lead the cat to the hamburger waiting at another point of the level. Doing so isn't easy, as you will need to modify levels to safely reach the burgers. Oh, and enjoy all the Internet memes- there's PLENTY of them here. This blog post is my own review of "Burger Cat." Meow!

NOTE: There are two Burger Cat games- one by Ravenous Games and one by Woblyware. This blog post pertains to the Flash version developed by Woblyware.

--- Burger Cat (Flash Version) ---

I am discussing the Flash version of Burger Cat. Here is a picture of the Flash version of this game:

Burger Cat Flash Woblyware
^ from: - I can haz cheezburger? Help the cat reach that delicious hamburger in each level while avoiding certain obstacles and modifying the level.

There is no real story to the Flash version. According to the iOS version, this is the would-be story to Burger Cat:


A cat was going to prepare hamburgers while also using a certain ingredient- nitroglycerin. Yep... not a good idea, because the Burger Cat's burgers went all across the land. It is up to you to help Burger Cat get back his burgers.

According to what I read, Woblyware made the first game while Ravenous Games made the iOS-exclusive overhaul of Burger Cat. The Flash version has 40 levels, and the iOS version has 85 levels. So I'm reviewing the original here.


Burger Cat requires you to try to recover a hamburger in each level. Here is how Burger Cat works:

Each level begins with Burger Cat expressing his hunger. You will find the cat and the hamburger. Your job is to help the cat reach the hamburger by modifying parts of the level to help him safely reach the burger. You will have to either add or delete certain items to help the cat safely reach the hamburger. Doing so will have you to utilize certain resources, which you have only a set number of. Think about how you want to attack the course before trying to set up the path. When you have an idea of what the safest path will be, release the cat. Once the cat is released, he will cutely scour the land to try to reach the hamburger. Modify the level so that the cat reaches the hamburger. If you can successfully get the cat to the hamburger, you won the level and will advance to the next level. If the cat touches a dangerous object or falls off, you failed the level and you must try again. Can you complete all 40 of this game's puzzles?

There are a lot of items at your disposal to modify levels. You have only a set amount of certain items to help you along the way. Among others:

• Magic Wand - adds terrain blocks to the level. Useful as platforms or stairs.

• Pickaxe - deletes terrain blocks.

• Spring - allows the cat to jump to reach high points or clear chasms.

• Rubber Mouse - allows the cat to change direction, especially to avoid certain obstacles while navigating the land.

• Dog Bone - in later levels, allows the cat to avoid being attacked by the dog. It works like the Rubber Mouse in that it will change the direction of the dog in case the dog is nearing the cat. Place it in the direction opposite of where the dog is pacing.

• Umbrella - projects the cat from being doused by toxic water drops. Limited usage.

Some later levels also have features such as keys and doors to unlock. Later levels also are longer. So you will need to really think about how to help the cat get to the burger in each of the different levels.

Now that you have an idea of how the game works, it's time I offer a review of "Burger Cat." Head over to the next section.

--- Burger Cat (Flash): Review ---

Burger Cat is nothing too intense as a puzzle game. Despite the various Internet memes uttered by the cat, this is a very fun puzzle game to play. It is challenging without being overly difficult. The most fun part of the game is simply watching the cat go across the terrain and won't stop until he gets to the hamburger in each level. Then after that, it's feeding time! It's such a cool game and not a bad way to waste some time online. Only thing you could probably complain against "Burger Cat" is a lack of variety in environments. Other than that, this is a very cool game to play.

Normally, I would share a video with you to show you what the game is like. However, and in fear of spoiling some of the game's puzzles, I decided not to feature a video. Do you want to play "Burger Cat?" Here is a link to the game for you to play in your browser:

"Burger Cat" on FOG

For more information on Woblyware and their other games, please visit

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you are interested in the iOS version of Burger Cat, find it on iTunes here: "Burger Cat" on iTunes.

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