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Jelena Karleuša

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@karleusastar can be thought of as Serbia's Madonna. Jelena Karleuša is a recording artist I first learned of through LOOKBOOK. Kim Kardashian infamously stole style from Jelena Karleuša back in March 2015. Jelena is a music veteran, having performed for quite a long time. This blog post is sort of my look at this most fascinating personality.

A Special Hello...

I commonly get blog hits from Serbia, so I want to welcome by Serbian audience to "John's Blog Space!"

--- Jelena Karleuša ---

Jelena Karleuša. Get to know her...

Jelena Karleuša
^ from: www.glammonitor.com - Serbian singing superstar Jelena Karleuša.

Prior to learning of Jelena Karleuša, the only other person I know named Jelena is the beautiful Jelena Zivanovic of the fashion blog "Glam Fab Happy." The (born: August 17, 1978)-year old Serbian from Serbia's capital city of Belgrade is vastly known for her great music. She is also a quite daring fashion model. Her style and personality are fierce.

Jelena Karleuša: The Style Star.

Jelena Karleuša incorporates many bold and daring modeling cues. Outfits with deep necklines, skirts/dresses with high slits, and various other bold cues are featured in many of Jelena's modeling shoots. She is also never afraid or apologetic for a few bad girl-type poses and actions. She even "flipped the bird" in a photo or two I recall. She is a superstar, so she is a trendsetter rather than someone who gives into trends. Many of her outfits are ladylike and sexy. She does so without being trashy. So in a way, she can be a stylish "bad girl," kind of like the late Marilyn Monroe. In addition to her hot style, she's quite fit with a great-looking body. Among the highlights of Jelena's body are her lean legs and sculpted midsection. That's saying a lot even considering she's a mother in addition to being a vastly successful recording artist and model.

What about the whole deal back in March 2015 regarding Kim Kardashian "stealing" style from Jelena Karleuša? On Facebook and Instagram, people were constantly hounding on her in stealing style. Who stole from who depends on who you ask. Many people think Kim Kardashian stole Jelena Karleuša's looks. Others think Jelena stole from Kim. The usual mindset of most American types in something like this is that the American is an established star and that someone from another nation is usually the copycat or trying to "jock the swag" of some of our American celebrities. Almost as if to say, "who does this person (whom is from a nation I probably can't find on a map) think he/she is?" I'm sorry if this makes me less of a person or if it doesn't make me cool, but I don't really care about the Kardashians. I've seen only a few episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." I do think Kim Kardashian is beautiful, but I just don't care all that much about the Kardashians like most other people. I am just not crazy over those who are famous just for being famous. There's just little to no appeal to make me care to be honest. Having said this, I sort of have been on the "Kim stole from Jelena" side of the fence. But in all honestly, I'm just tired and not really into almost anything Kardashian.

Jelena Karleuša: The Singing Star.

Many know Jelena Karleuša better for her music. I will feature a few of her songs so you can see what she brings to the table. So take a look at these videos and get to see and hear Jelena in action. All material here is provided for entertainment and educational purposes. Thank you to the ones who allowed these videos to be embedded. Click on the links below the videos to view on YouTube if you are unable to view embedded media.

^ "Jelena Karleuša - Slatka mala"


Too bad my Serbian is extremely poor. So I am pretty sure I don't understand a single word spoken by Jelena Karleuša.

This gives you a basic look at Jelena Karleuša and her music. I learned to properly pronounce her name after watching a few YouTube videos. I just needed to see if I was pronouncing correctly so I could not be guilty of butchering a name.

--- What I Would Tell Jelena Karleuša (if she read this) ---

I have full respect for your work. This includes your most interesting modeling photos and your many songs. I only wish you continued success with all that you do and in all of your endeavors. You are quite amazing and unique.

Would I Want to Meet Jelena Karleuša (if given the chance)?

I think it would be great to meet Jelena if we somehow met. So absolutely I'd want to meet her.

For More Information...

Learn more about Jelena Karleuša by following these links:

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