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Pilotwings took SNES gamers to the skies. Released in 1990 and 1991 for the Super Nintendo, the original Pilotwings made aerial sports cool. Clearing the various lessons takes practice to become a master. So are you ready to take to the skies and prove your worth? If you answered "yes," then this blog post offers my thoughts on one of Nintendo's classic franchises. and ones of the SNES' most respected games- Pilotwings.

--- Pilotwings ---

Pilotwings was released in 1991. The game consists of a number of aerial challenges for you to try and clear. The various flight mechanics and aerial mechanics helped make Pilotwings such a well-loved game among many gamers. The series would garner subsequent sequels including Pilotwings 64 and Pilotwings Resort. But before those came along, there was the classic Pilotwings for the Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom). This game took advantage of the Mode 7 graphics that made SNES games look so great. You actually feel like you are flying and landing on realistic terrain instead of some boring-looking 2D flat land. Being able to engage in a number of aerial activities lends itself to the success of this game.

Now on to the finer points of Pilotwings.

The Aircraft.

Pilotwings has four different kinds of ways to enjoy taking to the skies. Here are the four main ones:

• Fly in a Light Plane. Exercises here consist of various aerial maneuvers as well as learning to land the plane.

• From way above, take part in Skydiving. Clear various gates and then properly engage your parachute to make a solid landing. Where you land will earn you a good number of points.

• Try flying with the Rocketbelt. Here, you must clear a set of items and then land in the finish run to complete your run. Points will be deducted if you touch the ground while flying. When all checkpoints are cleared, return to the landing zone to complete the run.

• In Hangglider, your goal is to fly into a certain zone and land safely at the landing zone.

Those are the four main flight exercises. You take on different other aerial missions in other kinds of craft, especially helicopter missions. It is also possible to take on bonus challenges. Once you get certified through each set of missions, you will be given a number. That six-digit number is your Password so you can continue your career in Pilotwings. Remember those passwords!

The Zones and Gameplay.

Pilotwings consists of four basic exercise zones and an individual mission. What you want to do is clear each mission with as high of a score as possible. The combined score from all of the different exercises will determine whether or not you will advance to the next level. If you fail to score enough points, you will have to try that level again until you score enough points to advance to the next level. Even if you fail to score enough points, you can still try any other exercises mainly for practice. But of course, you can simply opt out and try again if you fail to score enough points in your previous run.

Not every zone has every kind of flying exercise. It is important to know what it is you have to do and to note the various landing zones for each exercise. You will need to practice each exercise if you are not as adept on each one.

When you clear all the missions, you will be granted the opportunity to play Pilotwings Extra- featuring all of the original missions, but in more difficult settings than the original set of missions (for example, trying to land a Light Plane on an icy runway or in heavy winds).

--- Pilotwings: Final Thoughts ---

Pilotwings for the Super Nintendo is a classic for a reason. This was a game that made aerial maneuvers fun. The individual challenges provide a good amount of replay value. While you can't go back to them after completing them, there is still plenty of enjoy for this classic SNES title. Even if you are not a dedicated classic gamer, you owe it to yourself to play and experience "Pilotwings" and what all made it as one of Nintendo's fine franchises.

Video Preview.

Here is video insight on this classic game:

^ "Pilotwings - SNES Gameplay"

This is either a new experience or old memories for some of you.

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