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Teaching and Mentoring

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People who serve as teachers and mentors help us to be better. Learning from someone and gaining inspiration from such people help us to mold our lives for the better. So many things that mold our thinking and personality can be attributed to people we look up to as teachers and mentors. People are not dumb or have to rely on other people to live. We are all as good as we think we are. It takes certain people to help make us better. Having someone else try to challenge us doesn't mean we are weak; it just means people want to make other people better. Any opportunity to try to improve who we are and enhance our worth is great enough to help mold ourselves into being better individuals.

This blog post is all about teaching and mentoring others. It also features insight on simply being a teacher and a mentor to others. Note that teachers and mentors don't necessarily have to be from school or college/university. I am talking about average people, family members, friends, coaches, life coaches, motivational speakers, pastors, priests, and basically anybody of importance. So nobody has to be extremely qualified to be any sort of teacher or mentor- one just has to inspire and encourage others.

Teaching, Mentoring, and Potential.

As a racing game fan, think of teaching and mentoring kind of like taking a car in games like the Gran Turismo series or Forza Motorsport series and upgrading it fully. Think about it for a moment- you see potential in something and try to upgrade it as best as you can. Or think about a coach trying to fire up his/her team and make them realize a team can still win a game. A coach may also simply try to get people to realize just how talented and capable they can be. A teacher and/or a mentor sees potential in something and wants to try to extract as much out of something as possible. It is also possible that something or someone with potential can find something even someone didn't know they have. Can you imagine someone seeing something in you that you don't even know you have or take advantage of? Potential can be beautiful! Realizing and utilizing that potential is even more beautiful. Someone can really help in making potential happen.

Being Taught and Mentored Myself.

Personally, I have to say I wouldn't have been the kind of person I am and think the way I do had it not been for my older brother. Part of me understanding just how sad life and society can be mostly goes to things my brother talked to me about. While there were moments where I was rebellious and resentful, I still had lots to learn or be exposed to. Most of you may know me for trying to be positive and spread positivity. Well, one example of understanding positive thinking was when my brother often wonder why television news usually begin with something bad. Or maybe wonder why you don't hear many stories of people doing GOOD to others as opposed to committing crimes and doing stupid things. It was my brother's thoughts paired with my own train of thought that helped me to understand the world better and learn to be a better person in this society. Ultimately, it was his concepts and his own thoughts that helped me want to try to help other people and spread positivity. I didn't have to take his advice. I didn't have to learn from my brother. I could have just have a view of people and the world that people would think I'd be absurd. However, I took and utilized the advice and therefore became a better person than I probably would have been without such advice.

Remember I said this blog post is not exclusively about actual teachers and professors. On the other hand, there have been certain teachers and professors whom were like family to me, almost as if they were like extensions of my family, looking out for my best interests and wanting me to be at my best. I can't even begin to tell you how my life would have been had I not had teachers and professors who didn't care about me. Some people have been so caring and so respectful that I would feel broken and disappointing without their support.

Takeaways from This Post.

If you take anything away from this blog post, remember these things:

• You are not a bad person because you seek a teacher or mentor. You are not even at risk of not being the very best just because someone is looking out for your best interests. You are already a great person. You can be even better with help from a teacher or mentor. If you want to be your best, you should be able to use and utilize every available resource to you. That includes having the teaching and mentoring from someone who thinks you can be better.

• Learn as much as you can from a teacher or a mentor. Even if there are times where you can't seem to get along with someone, at least try to feel in some way connected. Remember- another person simply wants you to be at your best and may try to challenge you to ensure you are at your best to handle almost any situation presented to you.

• If you yourself are a teacher or mentor to others, do your best to try to connect with others and work with others to be at their best. Your insight will help positively shape the future of whatever arena of life your pupils take part in. You can only hope the people you inspire can take your mentoring and apply it to proper applications and proper situations. Work with people as best as you can and try to maintain as strong a bond with others as you can.

And there you have it.

Special Salute...

I want to salute people whom teach and mentor others in helping shape lives for the better. In this negative society, it is great to know people actually care about others thriving and succeeding. At least those who are among the ones trying to shape peoples' lives should be fully commended and respected for their work. You all have my full respect for being teachers, mentors, and inspirations to others.

From explaining teaching and mentoring to offering salutes, the main points of this blog post have been made.

That concludes this blog post about teachers and mentors.

Do you have teachers or mentors in your life (don't have to be specific)? What were some lessons you learned from such people in shaping your life and your thinking?

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