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Quick rise, quick(er) fall. The spikes in this blog post are about reaching a climax before eventually falling off. Spiking is natural for everyone in extra such situation. At some point at the height of something, we fall off. As an example, think of YouTube videos that go viral. They become the most popular material online, and after a while, they fall off as if they don't exist anymore. This nature of videos is why I basically don't care about making the next viral video hit. I made a video once in 2009 that got to 4K views in only two days... but then took almost nine months to reach 5K views.

Do bloggers experience spikes? Absolutely. I reached the climax of my blogging on "John's Blog Space" when I blogged about my experience playing the Gran Turismo 5 kiosk demo. Of course then, I got more regular blog hits then. These days, I'm fortunate I make it above 10K views a month. In my more popular days, I would regularly get about 30K views a month. It then was down to getting 20K hits regularly a month. And of course now... down to 10K views a month. Spikes even come down to blog posts. I often wonder what it takes for some of my past blog posts to reach some sort of spike in popularity. Usually, a certain search term or something determines the popularity of a post. When I often check posts becoming popular, I either become proud or not so proud. A not-so-proud deal is if a post becomes popular for reasons I am not proud of. That was the case from my old "John's Shop Space" blog, when I felt people only cared about my post on swimsuits because I mentioned children's swimsuits. I provided everything for educational purposes. Considering the seedy nature of the Internet and people who make all kinds of searches, I wasn't proud of my post being popular mostly because of such searches.

So how do you deal with spikes? You would normally feel bad if a spike in popularity is the result of something being great until people stop caring about it. I am afraid to say that some of my blogging has spiked in popularity. Almost as if it isn't as popular anymore as it could be. I do still have loyal readers and fans, but it seems tough to generate more interest from others in my work. If you get a feeling that I am considering stepping down from blogging, think again. I don't give up on any of my material unless I feel it no longer serves a general purpose to others. Spikes are purely natural. Unless something really becomes so popular that it withstands the test of time even a long time after it is released, you then have something legendary. It is unlikely something will sustain its high attention for months and years on end. And besides, people have other interests and what is considered popular or loved changes with the times. For all intents and purposes, almost anything of yours that gets viewed and loved are almost treated basically as fads. If one avenue fails or isn't faring so well, try something new. Take myself, for example. As much as I try to keep my blogs active, I am also trying to get into the realm of making eBooks. It doesn't mean I've given up on blogging; it just means I am exploring more options to increase my exposure and popularity. Everyone will experience spikes in almost anything. Just be sure to look for ways to stay relevant and active when things spike.

In Case You're Wondering...

I am still working on my first eBook and will be sure to announce my work online when it is completed and where you can get my work. I will announce either here on "John's Blog Space," "John's Creative Space," and any other outlets.

Glad you got to check out my post. So let me ask you all...

How do you deal with spikes?

I normally don't discuss many current events in my posts often, but my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent mass shooting in San Bernadino, CA. It's really sad how people can be so cruel towards each other for whatever reason(s). Regardless, I will do what I can to keep positivity going strong. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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